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  1. Wait , what ? What if they are having a noisy party, practising the drums, bbqing a crocodile, or just being generally rowdy at 3AM ? The point is with condos, you are in close proximity and "giving consideration when you are disturbing others" should be the default. If people struggle with that concept and think their rights are being usurped, condo living isn't for them becasue there will be hostility, as the OP has discovered. Sure, old mate the smoker is put out, but then so is old mate with the barking dog, old mate hosting loud parties etc etc
  2. The issue for me in this regard is it he inability to open a bank account unless I go down "less then scrupulous roots": ie an agent, which I have zero interest in. Last time I tired on a tourist visa (3 years ago or so), I went to about 5 banks, I was told I "cannot open a bank account unless you get retirement visa" so I reply, "I cannot get a retirement visa unless I open a bank account to transfer money into" I I mean in terms of entry as a tourist and then conversion to non-o. Getting one in my home country of Australia also seemed like a lot of bureaucracy, involving police checks etc
  3. and yet no where in the world does this happen. If I could, I would move to the EU, on a "permanently extendable 1 year Visa", I would love to spend a few years in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy etc. Currently they kill people trying to get in https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/may/05/revealed-2000-refugee-deaths-linked-to-eu-pushbacks from the article, they killed 2000 last year and employed illegal tactics, I wonder who's gone to jail over that "murderous rampage" ? Certainly Australia doesn't allow it, does your home country ?
  4. I really don't understand why they don't leverage their size to create their own service, start by Delivering Macs, then as you develop, deliver for everyone, that's a massive extra income stream for Maccs or KFC or Burger King HQ, or whomever leads the charge, just doing deliveries for others (and their own franchisees)
  5. How would one go about starting this ? Bank accounts share trading accounts etc and the tax implications. Asking for a friend
  6. They have zero chance of getting in this year, I'd suggest not next year either an d maybe not until 2023. We're so far behind in vaccinations its estimated we wont; have finished vaccinations before 2023. So many don't wants one as there is no community transmission and you can't leave the country without a special reason. Hell, if you try and get back from India they will literally jail you ! My Aussie friend is still stuck in Poland, he says if he can't get back to Aus. by Christmas, this year he will just give up and throw himself under a train. If they want to up the vaccinat
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