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  1. SO if I buy a Condo that I own for B10 Mil, I am entitled to a visa ? or do I need to spend extra per annum to hold said visa, can I come and go with it ? What's this visa called ? How long does it last for ? What hoops are there to go through ? does it include my parter or just me ?
  2. Isn't this what ASEAN is supposed to be for ? negotiate trade deals and facilitate less friction in trade between the member nations etc
  3. I guess they will have a taste of what it's like being a foreigner in Thailand
  4. While you might know of no one, people have died from the AZ jab, its extremely rare though. Also the J&J version. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=astrazeneca+covid+deaths&t=ffab&atb=v228-1&ia=web
  5. Anywhere in say View Talay 6 going for a reasonable price (not the Hliton side) and up high or something similar
  6. Same here, for a little exercise, we used to walk from about Soi 11 up Beach Rd , up the hill with the big Buddah, down the back of the hill to the main road, flag down a h a Baht Bus to the beach, swim at Dongtan Beach , have Breakfast at a Cafe there, then Baht Bus back home. Never had an issue, did that about twice a week and enjoyed it. This was about 2 or 3 years ago though when there were tourists everywhere.
  7. No it wont; the only disease ever eradicated via vaccination is Small Pox and that took over a century. We will have to decide at some stage how many deaths we will live with, just like we do with every other disease we haven't eradicated via vaccination eg Influenza. On a side note, I see that in the Australian state of NSW, the number of hospitalisations for Influenze dropped to 32 from the average of 4800, mostly because of the same reasons Covid was contained, (social distancing, hand washing, masks and no one, including Australians, allowed into the country). So far the Aust
  8. Super large followings on various social media apps or as the rest of the world calls them, business people. You do know why Nike etc pays big money to people yeah ? To influence what they buy ? Same here, how they manipulate people to stay on their channels is my interest eg deliberate spelling mistakes and slips of language to get heated debate going etc but how is that any different to paying a few suffragettes way back in the day to smoke cigarettes to get them to influence other women to smoke, as it was frowned upon for women to smoke way back then.
  9. Yes it is new. I had WeChat installed a couple years ago, uninstalled and then tried to install again recently and ran into the issue .. I approached it the same way I normally do, and gave up
  10. Southpark had this covered, it's the "Underpants Gnome" business model 1. Announce you will begin mass vaccinations 2. ?? 3. Success
  11. I just want to say thanks to everyone for commenting in these threads. I am looking at what to do post Covid (2023 ?) As an Aussie I have only spent years off and on in SE Asia (Cambo, Thailand, Philippines) and NZ, mainly because its easy. Just fly north Sunny Beach in Bulgaria seems interesting, Portugal and Georgia does as well. There are two of us, my Aussie (f) parter and myself. She's a little crazier then me (she loves Pattaya). I also want to spend more time in Laos and take it slow, I liked Myanmar but that''s out for who knows how long. I think living from a suitcase
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