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  1. Those article are funny enough for me to laugh, no gas needed. I can't walk down a touristy walking street without being proposed many type of illegal drugs and those cops always act like they didn't even know this type of things could take place in Thailand.
  2. They set the price people can pay, nothing to do with the actual cost. I went there and was disappointed: - You can't enter with a drink but they sell 200baht water up there - You're dropped in a literal maze of luxury shops when you try to exit - Their green-screened photo-shoot is crap and super expensive. PS: I visited the Grand Canyon's Skywalk, the ticket is packaged with other stuff and more expensive but it's a much better tourist attraction.
  3. Because otherwise no money would be moving, it's easier to take money from money than no money.
  4. That's a crazy amount of sugar to have in a single serving, especially since bubble tea can be downed very quickly. BUT this is not very far from what you get in your average 500ml soda bottle.
  5. I don't understand the meaning of this part. He cannot possibly have stacked up 8 new decorations in about a year so what does 'retroactively' mean here ? Did those decorations grant him some privileges and they will take back anything he got after/before April 3 ?
  6. Not finding paper traces doesn't mean no money was exchanged, I heard that's actually quite standard around here.
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