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  1. Considering that Marx was dead around 50 years before Lenin lead the revolution that implemented Communism (not Marxism) I fail to see why he should be the subject of vandalism (another ism) And Lenin was long dead before Stalin. I suspect that some neo nazis who no all that educated or intelligent are responsible for the vandalism. Your post lacks education too. Marx wrote a manifesto in England and in it he reported the horrendous conditions of the poor (there was no middle class, The industrial revolution was just beginning. He did not write the communist manifesto and had no idea that his musings would be perverted by Lenin or Mao. You might care to at least read google before you make false posts and accusations.
  2. yes, yes, enuf I was trying to be sarcastic. But well done, but you are number to to point out you do not understand sarcasm
  3. Umm. It is a royal decree. Also pythons. Most dogs (soi dogs) do not have owners. The dogs breed without having an owner. So most of your post is irrelevant. No one should be cruel to animals or humans. My wife has a few rai of land and chickens. Wild dogs got in and killed 38. I took it up with the headman. I have not seen that roaming pack of feral dogs since. You have to go about it the right way. Loosing off a pistol in a public area is at least dangerous if not stupid. Thailand has an overabundance of ownerless dogs and it is a good idea to cull some from time to time in a humane way. IMHO
  4. I agree with you. There is no doubt that czarist Russia needed a severe make over. And China from extremist capitalist policies and oppression. Both revolutions occurred after extreme capitalist wars and the population suffered. But the communist idyll was false. It was as you stated a ruthless dictatorial tyranny. And still exists in a different form now. Interesting to see other western democracies are under threat from potential dictators who declare false national emergencies.
  5. I think the word you were meant to use was annuls. But anals is probably the right word for these bum bashing paedos. Defrocked is another laugh. The nasty bugger should be in jail.
  6. The under reported facts in this graph show how many suicides are occurring due to gun ownership. An interesting stat occurred in Australia after stricter gun laws were enforced about 20 years ago. Suicides dropped. Mostly men were able to sober up and reflect when no gun was available. And hopefully seek treatment.
  7. Gun control is "unlikely to happen" said a representative of the undertakers guild. "We would be up in arms about it"
  8. Mass shootings in US is hardly news anymore. It is like seeing dog <deleted> on someones lawn. So common. And most US citizens see it as something you need to get used to. Like flies or mosquitoes. They cannot sense that anyone may still be able to own a weapon After proper checks are done to determine sanity and needs. Ask any other person from a country that has gun laws and little gun violence. But it is a form of expensive population control.
  9. The small payouts given to very poor subsistence workers was around for a long time before Prayut and will continue long after him. It has been a sort of old age pension but on a miniscule scale.. The north was a hot bed for the redshirts and many poor do not want to see a return to violence and corruption that existed before. Prayut at least stopped most of the violence, even though he increased corruption. It should be noted that the foot plodders in police and army receive a lousy pay. Out of their pay are many expenses. Their seniors turn a blind eye to petty corruption as long as they get their cut. It is endemic. That is how it has always been in the whole of SE Asia.
  10. This silly teen said she had no regrets. She lives in a refugee camp, no doubt with other ISIS losers. If she said she had regrets, those losers would kill her. Can anyone else see that. She cannot talk publicly now.
  11. Meth is a national threat to every country. Cruise missiles have been fired at countries that have threats, but not a complete threat to the whole community that meth poses. The labs must be seen by satellite. Time to lob a few in.
  12. Maybe the only way for Europe to pay more for their own defense is for US to quit the hundreds of bases they forced on Europe - and GO HOME.
  13. What, make Mexico pay for the wall, the big beautiful wall that will look like a garden trellis IF attempted to complete. What a joke and what a sad jokester.
  14. I live in a very small poor village in the central area. He is laughed at, no one takes any notice of him. Despite some small handouts by way of long overdue infrastructure like new roads etc. People who can afford tv turn it off on a Friday when he comes on and crank up the Thai party music. I think IF there is a vote, he will still control Thailand whether he accepts an official post or not. He still has the politicians stymied.
  15. All I can say is that in my old R and R location, the population had a very small western population 49 years ago. The locals dressed like locals of their race. There were some Christian and muslims but they did not outnumber the local population. There were no bars and no loudmouthed rude and drunk "foreigners" There was no easy young girls, everyone was a traditional person. Now, it looks like another country. Everyone wears cheap western casual clothes or sexy outfits that would have had the original population outraged. Now Pattaya is full of bigoted and racist yobbo's and a traditional local would stick out like a sore thumb.
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