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  1. I know it's poor form to keep your kid here. In the west with 1st world education the sky is the limit. But even if the kid fails there are still big opportunities. What are the opportunities here? Factory, 7/11 and the ability to make" quick " money on the side would be hard to resist for the girls
  2. As someone who had the lump and chemo and survived I don't even know where to start with your post. Being active never stopped cancer Switching to vegetables never stopped cancer except unless it was to warn off cancer before it starts so your mate was dead with bad advice before he died. I wish you health and happiness mate.
  3. So you can beat it or die a nasty death in nappies? Nor really a choice. Don't make the mistake of not getting that lump checked
  4. They will spend the 14 days in quarantine anything better than - 1c and 6 months of Pornhub and lube and then stay 3 to 6 months Unfortunately there are some total morons that keep banging on about 2week tourists when it's pretty clear that was never the goal but hey you can't fix stupid
  5. I know 2 guys relocated from Thailand mostly for the availability of pot and coke. Both were heavy users
  6. Screams of joy in Isaan Well done Thailand! the PM has already indicated he is all for it
  7. Most of the bashing here happens with a handful of very vocal posters. Mostly tricked into living on a farm or near a jungle. They hate their life here so of course they will lash out! It amuses me no end
  8. Another lazy farang.. Read the article. Who should get their act together, what are you talking about?
  9. You will have proof of sale and can't see why you can't use the same funds . Ask at the land office and or a lawyer as anyone hear unless they have done exactly that will be only guessing
  10. Your scamming the system. Tourists are tourists they not going to screw around with multiple phones or leave it in the room. They don't give a <deleted> about it. There is deep paranoia amongst TV posters as if the authorities care about a bunch of white old farts.
  11. They ar going to trial it with GPS tracking. If it blows up they go into a long lock down. They have no choice, missing this high season is not an option
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