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  1. So is the final final nail in the pattaya coffin?
  2. Can you message me his details ? Having unknown cause of hip pain last few months e
  3. Got the email and its enticing and the Brisbane leg is perfect as going to the gold coast., I need to go for a number of reasons BUT how do I get back? They are talking no citizen can leave until next year and my home is in Bangkok. 2021 is a long way off
  4. Did mine a few days back, immigration was deserted. Much easier than worrying if the IO I get after amnesty is having a bad hair day
  5. Damn that bottle of oz wine a day and 6pack of real beer is almost worth it!
  6. What strength gaba tablets? That plays a huge part. Sounds like you have neurological issues. They are supposed to slowly titrate up until pain is controlled.
  7. Australia doing the same soon and the China's are number 1 their as well. Good work Thailand , great job so far and time to open borders a bit!! Will they let in the UK and USA ? Absolutely no chance And rightly so !
  8. Its due soon, am I ok until July 31st? Extensions such a grey area
  9. Yes the Thai bashers like to pretend killing a love rival only happens here and they have a fancy term for it.. Fragile Thai male ago .. But in every other country they are simply killers.
  10. I think its interesting that many expats have totally trashed Thailand on just about every aspect. Hardly a thread goes by here without Thailand getting a severe bashing or a barstool bashing to anyone that will listen So now they are begging to be treated basically like a Thai. Ironic. Whilst I'm fully aware it's not everyone and please don't tell me the Thais are not aware. I know married guys that consistently tell there wives how STUPID Thais are and govt officials are also aware because its no secret. Perhaps its time to make a change and start showing respect for the land that YOU all CHOSE to live in or forever be banished to the dark side and live like outcasts Just sayin
  11. USA loans for airfares UK loans for living OZ. SWEET <DELETED>
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