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  1. Standard around the world Same in Oz, stay home. Nothing the hospital can do in early stage and the chance of transmission is way to high by traveling and exposing hospital staff
  2. Nope. That would cater to family's and that resort idea failed.
  3. I have found that guys bashing sexually active dirty old men to have sexual problems themselves or a disinterested wife that would freak out if you pulled out the maids outfit
  4. Ya reckon? Bet you a slab of beer that when Pattaya does open this year or next that beach Rd will be back to 200 whores! Not swapping body fluids? So lonely punters are going to stay in their bedsit in some freezing corner of the globe paying for a tug, or are you referring to something else?
  5. July 1 is still on: Phuket Governor The headline can not be any clearer. The date coincides with 7days If you want to discuss current 14 day quarantine for all of Thailand from today's date then start another thread.
  6. Read the article! It's 7 days we know that already. this is a thread about THE 1ST OF JULY PHUKET SANDBOX
  7. Ok so what is the Phuket arrangement? Xylophone?
  8. ?? This thread is about Phuket. My questions are about Phuket.
  9. Incorrect . It's a sandbox for vaccinated tourists only 14 days quarantine can go anywhere no need for a vaccine.
  10. Can anyone here translate? 7days where, in hotel grounds or in air bnb? Is hotel to beach a "sealed route"…? After 7 days can fly to Bangkok?
  11. Topless hookers fleeing from the authorities. That to me is a party!
  12. No new infections yesterday. Interesting to watch this sandbox with 14 day quarantine and attempt to vax everyone. Still not game to book a flight 1st July yet
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