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  1. Vewy quite in here. Even the hard core jungle dwelling Pattaya bashers are giving their arms a rest from beating this horse
  2. They are to scared to step down as they are no longer immune to charges of corruption . Fatty time keeper will be a prime target and better watch his back
  3. Huge win for Thailand who has production rights. Im guessing there will be a no jab no fly order for farangs at some ridiculous price
  4. Me to I never cough or anything else. The problem is some people have underlying health issues and would be worthwhile to get a full medical IMO
  5. Why do so many TV posters assume everyone must live on the outskirts of Bangkok and must get cheap housing? There are plenty of expats who have money and want a lifestyle in the heart of the action . I've been lower suk 14 years and like my buddies here would never contemplate living on the outskirts of Bangkok especially with the overcrowded BTS system which are full of English teachers heading into Asoke Nana for happy hour
  6. That cost is fairly reasonable compared to numbers thrown around the forums
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