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  1. Your right soi 7 is probably the quietest soi lower sukhumvit. Im soi 13 which is looking great with a new rd and drains installed and the 5 star hyatt regency on the corner. The old German beer house relocating there from soi 11 is a nice addition But here is the thing. I bought 13 years ago off the plan for just shy of 5 million baht for 80 sqm. I just rented it out on air bnb for 4 months while I traveled at 45k / month ! thats 5million investment for 45k return ! 40 k for long term not a problem. Im tempted o sell and buy back oz dollars as Im 20% to 30 % profit on exchange rate alone and at current value 8 m baht thats a nice payday but dont really want to as the real estate scene lower sukhumvit has exploded in the last 5 years. Take a look at the Q condo connecting to Nana Bts 1 to 5 million USA dollars ! and its in a red light district. But there are big changes happening lower sukhumvit and just like any red light district in the world they eventually get built out due to expanding populations wanting a home as close as possible to the city center I feel sorry for the dummy shoe box renters throwing out the old " never buy real estate in thailand" chestnut. Must be a bitch living in a crappy 6k room with a squeaky ceiling fan, cement mattress and vinyl sofa with a tv from the 80"s
  2. Poor little shoe box renters giving financial advise on condo purchases
  3. Wouldn't have helped being fully clothed. Ive seen them at the beach swimming in jeans
  4. She has already been recruited to immigration to scare off those pesky retirees
  5. here is a idea. How about have someone his build with a hat and glasses walk in and have JA walk out in the same cloths. Are cops really standing at all exits 24/7? what a waste of tax payers money !
  6. Quite a few people with mental health issues on lower suk and Im not talking just farang but specifically thais. something about the buzz of the city or in fact any big city in the world that draws the mentally ill to them
  7. He could have slid right under the radar, just another old fart chasing young pussy
  8. Hope he will adapt to being a waiter. Still need money to live and eat
  9. Not all dark chocolate are the same. True dark chocolate has a very high % of cacao around 70 + most supermarkets sell sugary low percentage crap I herb have a good selection https://th.iherb.com/pr/Valor-Intense-Dark-Chocolate-70-Cacao-3-5-oz-100-g/66579
  10. You let all the small stuff build until you have a mountain and its all to hard and you get angry? Dude if your bank refuses to give you a letter stating the payments are international then get one that will !!! This is a one off hoop and then you are set for life. Ive noticed the same recurring theme in all your posts being either your to lazy or you just cant be bothered with even the small stuff and your post about your bank confirms this. Im really surprised to see your a vet but some how your determination to succeed in a war zone hasn't carried over into your personal life. Hope you get what Im saying and for sure the US is best for you as Im not sure you will succeed as an expat in any country, they all need work to make it and $$$
  11. leaving your GF who you miss is a bad decision IMO. Real love is hard to find and I wonder why you didn't make plans to take her with you or you could have stayed as there are currently a few work arounds regarding immigration
  12. yawn zzzzzzzzzzzz lets forget about the other one million condos completed successfully and focus on bali high. you think flops are Thailand only . check out this condo in Sydney Australia 5 star emergency evacuation while the whole building starts to crack . Money gone..can never resell and its first world !! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-29/opal-tower-crack-sparks-calls-for-broad-inquiry/10673134
  13. Your forgetting Asians have access to bank loans. Sure there will always be fools that didn't think it through but its only a small percent. Most that sell are testing their luck at flipping especially if the development was a quick sell out
  14. Not the case with opening day at a quality development. Went with the GF to buy hers and it was like a Christmas sale at walmart. All the studios sold out one month later when we went back on an unrelated matter
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