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  1. Can you leave Phuket though before the no quarantine October 1st kicks in?
  2. Can't see farang getting the jab before end of year while these numbers continue to soar!
  3. So those those that booked flights are now back 10 days lock up?
  4. You must be 100% acclimatized. No way I would attempt to sleep in a tin box in the relentless Thailand humidity
  5. That's the whole point. Agent takes you through and you tell agent, " I don't want to spend anymore time here"
  6. Will still be bus. How else when no money no car?
  7. Owner passed away. They had it since 4 months old pup. He was attacked in his sleep, a True nightmare
  8. Perfect description. Had a look at a room to buy and I could here the people next door talking like they were standing right next to me. I was out in 2 minutes. What a dump, if you like to associate with the lowest class farangs and hookers then it's fine
  9. No thai name, in English because they export it. I think the chemist is called fasciano or something but it towards the end of South Pattaya Rd towards second Rd accross from the temple they have it assuming your In Pattaya but Bangkok sells them as well
  10. 1st of July Guinea pigs better have full refunds available on hotels and flights
  11. What about hotel reception taking photocopy of visa? I don't know what they might do if they notice
  12. Depends if flight bookings decline which they will with the airport formally announcing no international flights except thais. Right now the borders are open especially for business men, and long term tourists
  13. Thailand will have border closure eventually, it's how they do things a little bad news at a time not to freak out the natives My advice IMO only is anyone who needs to get out they should do so immediately.
  14. There have been 100k exits since last may. They are the letting ozzies out if you tick the gone more than three months box, that's it. I don't have the link but I read it in article summarizing reasons for leaving and tips to get out Getting back won't be easy. If you wait for an Ozzie vac it may be easier to get back but that just a guess
  15. Bueta superba. It's made here in Thailand and some chemist's stock it , can't speak highly enough It's a herbal supplement but open the bottle and the pungent odor let's you know it's good <deleted>.
  16. Don't self medicate for serious issues
  17. Big Bwana here don't like It when the natives get lazy. Back in the day they would be flogged...
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