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  1. @ 150 TO 200K Per 7 day tourist package you won't need any of the above .. Just stupidly deep pockets
  2. Still no embassy listing Phuket as an option. Currently its a no go
  3. He will need to have deep pockets an that will be the only certainty in this scheme.
  4. I would like to come forward. It was nothing more than a misunderstanding
  5. They did release a list a while ago and quite specific on the brands and must be 14 days after second shot before arrival allowed
  6. Says it all really. My guess is they will wait to see if they can vaccine the whole island before releasing whatever extortion packages they have planned.
  7. Can you share what he booked, was it just a flight or hotel as well? They haven't announced any details yet sounds like he jumped in a bit early
  8. 3 vice governors, really? For a tiny little island. Gonna be an expensive trip, skimming have to go 4 ways
  9. Fruit and veges great as long as left in a bucket of paint thinners for 48 hours to remove poisons banned in the west.
  10. It's not just education but opportunities. Let's face it you can fail in these west and still get a six figure salary. Failure in Thailand will be probably only lead to a gig at 7/11 and for girls the allure of a side gig can be hard to resist
  11. Most of the guys that trash Thailand give some excuse that absolutely blocks them leaving so having validated their status they continue to bash. I don't believe that nonsense. Anybody can relocate their spouse, family, dog, parrot, ladyboy back to their home country. where there is a will there is a way. I feel sorry for the children who's dad refuses to relocate them to first world life and opportunity usually BECAUSE he likes the cruisy life in LOS to much to leave.
  12. Borax or boric acid from lazada pour into drain and sprinkle everywhere in condo where cockroaches crawl They eat it and die in the the nest where others eat it and die Takes about a month to work and I can confirm it works!
  13. Return or onward ticket? What are people doing now to satisfy immigration? Return ticket is not cheap and I'm heading back to LOS in the next few months
  14. Agreed. With a pension card and rent assistance it's doable if you don't smoke $50 per 100 gram of tobacco and don't drink beer $50 for a case of 24 bottles. I'm on the gold coast right near the beach and Cavill Ave paying $800 /month rent minus $280 rent assistance but I have to share with 2 others! I'm looking forward to heading back though to my condo and for me Thailand is a better lifestyle and never boring in Bangkok
  15. Yes Not just Thailand EVERYWHERE was better 20 years ago
  16. Please do that. I'm one year in one of the best places on the earth without Covid and it's as boring as <deleted> and the only time a young lady looks at me it's to offer her bus seat
  17. You didn't Google? Type "clothing donation in Chiang Mai"
  18. Haha deleted it, I was typing in a trance or something
  19. Really? They bought from Nigerians and smoked it.
  20. Google this as link not allowed. Anyhow both procedures are invasive with a bit of pain involved so why no swabs? Siriraj Hospital has introduced a "new normal" for blood testing patients who can now book drive-through appointments via the hospital's "Siriraj Connect" application.
  21. A lot if guys in denial. If you married a dark skinned girl with home made tattoos and perfect non university English then it's 99.9% a BG and NOT worked in a shop or as a cashier but farang will believe anything. Dating websites are loaded with girls who are sick and tired of Indian gang bangs and also looks starting to fade and need farang to rescue them.
  22. How when a minister a few days ago said tour packages 150k baht 7 days. Are these packages being sold already?
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