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  1. You still need to comply with financial requirements such as having 800k/400k in a Thai bank or transferring 65k per month, every month even when you're not in Thailand.
  2. Yes. I called him on Friday because I am leaving this week and wanted to make sure I wouldn't have any problems when I return.
  3. The attorney at agency I use said it is only for Non O-A Visas and "not" Non O visas and "not" for extensions of Non O visas. I trust him over any other law firm because he deals with Immigration in Bangkok every week and he would know if his clients would need to start having insurance next month. Having said that, the gov't could always add that requirement in the future to other classes of visas, but that would only be speculation at this point.
  4. I private messaged you with the agency I use in Bangkok. It's against forum rules to post those details on open forum. You should think about letting O-A expire and then get a Non O visa for 90 days and then get 1 year extension based on retirement. That way, you won't get caught in the insurance issue. The agency can certainly help with opening the bank account and take care of the new Non O visa & 1 year extension. Wish you luck...
  5. JimmerJJ, check your messages by clicking on envelope at top right of your screen... I opened bank account at KBank & Krungsri without having to have certified copy... Also, if you're worried about the O-A, you can get a Non O for 3 mths then get 1 year extension based on 800k in bank. No need to extend on the O-A especially if they may make you have insurance.
  6. I wouldn't worry to much about hearsay. You never know who the pool guy talked to at IM or whether the person understood the question or even understands the new police order. I will believe it (mandatory medical coverage for retirement & marriage extensions) when a police order is issued. I don't find it worthwhile to waste time worrying about something that hasn't happened or may never happen. I'm on a marriage extension anyway, not retirement, which is what the pool guy asked about. I also have an employer provided international medical policy, so I have coverage. I also have a backup plan because I wasn't planning to live here the rest of my life. I didn't buy a house or car, so me & the wife can leave whenever. I know that's not the case for everyone. Let's just hope for the best for everyone's sake...
  7. Seems to me what the gov't is doing (be it intentional or not) is making O-A visa holders buy in-country medical coverage because those visa holders are not required to keep 800k/400k in a Thai bank. If the O-A visa holder leaves and returns in an attempt to get an additional 1-year permission-to-stay and his/her medical will expire before that 1-year stay is up, he/she will be denied entry or will have to extend medical coverage. When the O-A visa holder's visa is about to expire, he/she can apply for a 1-year extension-of-stay based on retirement with the 800k/400k or 65k monthly and then he/she shouldn't need to continue buying the medical coverage. Just my thinking... I could be wrong... but that's how it looks to me. Good luck to all...
  8. Just fyi... Posted Friday at 03:09 PM by roo4 Also, be aware that Samut Prakan Immigration insists that the 800,000 baht be lodged in the bank for 3 (three) months before applying for a retirement extension for the second year and all subsequent years. Officials there only accept the 800k on deposit for 2 months in the case of FIRST TIME applicants. I had personal experience of this anomaly, to my cost, in May this year.
  9. To be safe, I would do 3 months prior to when you apply for your next extension. Maybe someone could post the rules. Seems like I also read 2 mths, but that may be only for first extension.
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