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  1. You need to check with Ubonjoe. Last he published said 2 before and 3 after for renewals. Not 3 before.
  2. Let's start from beginning. You probably need to sign a 6 to 12 mtg lease first, then, go apply for 90 day O visa. Then you can open a Thai bank account after showing your visa & lease agmt. Then you will need to transfer 800k into new account or start your monthly transfers. Then, before your 90 day O visa expires, you need to apply for your 12 mth extension. You can ask Ubonjoe on this forum. He can probably give you the correct steps if mine are not quite correct. That is basically what I did and it worked.
  3. I think he was just talking about getting cash using his US bank card while in Thailand, not about making transfers that qualify for immigration extensions.
  4. Does your US bank card swipe show up as a FFT foreign transfer on your Thai passbook for immigration? Probably not. Are you just posting about the way you get cash from your US bank while in Thailand? The person you responded to was talking about transferring money to qualify for his retirement extension, not about the cost of just getting cash using a bank card from an ATM.
  5. You mean going thru an agent if you don't meet the requirements and are trying to circumvent the law, right? I know several people who use agents legitimately for the convenience and because they can afford it.
  6. Yes, was referred by a friend to an IO at Immigration (not CW) for the initial 90-day O visa and 12-mth extension, both were done same time. 2,000 for 90-day, 1,900 for 12 mth, 3,800 for multiple re-entry and 12,300 for expediting, was 20k total. Did my next renewal myself, fees only (1,900 + 3,800). Wish I could find an IO that could expedite at CW in BK now that I'm living in BK. Would gladly pay extra not to have to sit up there all day long.
  7. Citibank Thailand has raised their minimum required deposit amount to 1 million THB. It used to be 200k when I signed up in 2016, but no more. So, your idea of opening an account with Citibank Thailand for international wire transfers will not work unless you have the 1 MM, and if you did then you wouldn't need to do the income method.
  8. I agree... no need to keep 800k if you xfer monthly unless you just want to have some readily available cash here anyway. But, it will take time for some of us to get the 65k xfers going. I was doing 3 x $15k USD xfers per year so I won't have 12 mths of xfers by Sep. Luckily, I had moved extra over when the rate was 33.5, so I have the 800k to fall back on for this year's extension in Sep. I will start monthly xfers this week and ask them if that's acceptable when I go in Sep. If they say no, then at least I will still have the 800k in the bank. Then, hopefully next year I can use the income method and not worry if I spend down some of the 800k.
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