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  1. Tried do first 90 day report one today would not work. Message came up must go to office, I assume they want check my bank balance. Ok in the car Mondays. ❤
  2. Nothing will happen except a hard on if real stuff. ❤
  3. Lazada buy TX6 4gb ram 4ddr and 64gb rom. Great value 1550bht delivered. You won't be disappointed.
  4. We brought our mattresses from home pro. Ours a Sealy king extra length, wasn't cheap but buy far best ensemble I every owned. Guest room sealy king everyone who stays always comments on how good bed was to sleep on.
  5. We never felt at Ontai, when in Rabaul PNG was a daily occurrence. ❤
  6. You can get caps here easily not sure about ampules. 60caps 900bht. 1 a day will help heaps.
  7. Don't think it proper wine, alcoholic beverage? You could try Rimping if they haven't got it some real red wine from Australia.
  8. Check with cruise line you can email. Leaving ship on cruise day tour could be different to terminating ship. If all too difficult don't leave ship relax onboard. Australian Visa would be hard to get for a casual thai friend I would think. Happy sailing.
  9. Be some interesting reading mid November when we have actual cases. I have retirement and keep 2mil in bank to cover extension and med if needed. I tried get health cover 2 years ago and rejected due to stent. I am married so if retirement becomes compulsory guess switch marriage extension. Let's see how it plays out.
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