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  1. I went to Chao Lao beach in Chantaburi some 15 months ago on my way back from Koh Chang. Huge disappointment. Big beautiful beach ..... full of plastic refuse. Lots of Thai tourists enjoying the beach among the garbage as if there was nothing the matter. Near Bangkok Koh Samet had a good beach by the name of Ao Cho. Hotel Grand View Hideaway. No idea whether the island (or the hotel) is open for business.
  2. You can get kicked out of Thailand, or more specifically locked out of Thailand which amounts to the same, when there's a pandemic like there is right now and the requirements for being allowed back are difficult to fulfil and costly. This of late has been the biggest "kicking out" of expats in the history of Thailand.
  3. It suffices if you get it in Pattaya through an agency. Also, I forgot to mention the Bangkok Bank I opened my account with back then was in Pattaya (2nd road opposite Soi 6). In Thailand branches of the same bank tend to behave like they didn't belong to the same outfit. That's why (correct me if I'm wrong) if your bank account is with a branch in Pattaya and you move to Bangkok, you will pay a small ATM fee even if you use the bank's own ATMs in Bangkok.
  4. I opened my account in late 2017 with Bangkok Bank while I was on a tourist 30-day visa waiver. A letter from my hotel was accepted as "rental contract". I had been told other banks would reject me.
  5. I think you must apply for a new CEO. In my understanding any change in your flight, your day of arrival or your ASQ requires a new CEO. This is, of course, the biggest deterrent to going to Thailand. Any mishap in your travel plans and everything was in vain. But if you're only changing your plans long enough in advance it's not too bad.
  6. If I must download it to my smartphone I would try to keep it on a short leash. Anyone knows which authorisations I can deny the app without it malfunctioning?
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