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  1. I really hope it wont be mandatory to be vaccinated in order to visit thailand the first year at least...
  2. Exactly.. I doubt there will be any restriction once your vaccinated.. I just dont hope it will become mandatory to be vaccinated before you can enter Thailand. And in worst case scenario, that your forced to take the vaccine in thailand if you wish to continue staying.... I wouldnt dare taking the vaccine there..
  3. Haven't you noticed a difference between driving in the daytime and nighttime? isnt it easier to drive during the night time since there wont be as many cars? phuket, pattaya, bangkok? Renting a car is around 15k baht per month so i find that waste of money, unless you know a cheap place to rent?
  4. The efficiency has already shown 95% successfull rate, so im sure the current requirments will be dropped as soon as people get vaccinated before they come
  5. https://www.tipinsure.com/CovidRegional/step_1
  6. Aetna? I found an other link where it was 12k baht for 180 days which is 6 months so 2000 THB per month. But could you give me a link to Aetna just in case?
  7. They must have a certificate as proof that they arent infected before theyre allowed entrance so no reason to worry
  8. I tried to order the health insurance on that website you showed me, but it said this “ For Special Tourist Visa (STV), a separate Health Insurance Policy is required. The limit sum insured for In-Patient is not less than THB 400,000 and for Out-Patient is not less than THB 40,000 ” To apply the Online Health Policy, please click https://longstay.tgia.org So i checked the longstay link, and found many insurance companies, but it doesnt seem like i can order online from them?
  9. It seems like we are nearing that achievement. Im starting to be confident that thailand will open in january as promised
  10. I guess your right about that thats why ive noticed that nobody listens to music when they drive. But all in all i think if you start driving in thailand as your first time driving a car, you would get used to it, and ive heard that thailand was gonna start improving the roads. I was thinking about driving in pattaya at night, which should be easier than bangkok am i correct here? Last time i was in pattaya, there wasnt really that many cars at night
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