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  1. In simple English, you had better start making deposits in a Thai bank because you will need it next time..
  2. If you are doing it at the embassy in DC, there is no need to have it notarized nor to have dated the day before. If it is done at a consulate like at LA or NYC it might be.
  3. If you don't actually have ฿ 65,000 each month to deposit, you are kind of screwed. But the idea here is that some may have had it but didn't deposit as prescribed. They are just giving those people the chance to sort it out and get the deposits coming.
  4. At one time, while the embassy letters were still being issued, I emailed the US Consulate in CM. I asked what proof I had to provide them before they could issue the letter. The response was that I didn't have to provide any. How is that "cannot be scammed"?
  5. Make sure you put "ka" at the end of every sentence.
  6. AAArdvark

    Appointments at British Consulate Bangkok

    Long trip but if you are desperate you could always check with the consulate in Chiang Mai.
  7. How would that even be possible? He would have to get off the plane and immediately go to a bank and magically open a bank account and deposit 400k, otherwise it would not have been there for 3 months when the 1st 90 day is due.
  8. They have a small list of countries for their debit card. You can check but I don't thing Thailand is one of them.
  9. In the same thread, there is a post where someone was denied an O-A from the same Embassy because he was not yet 65 years old. So, it looks like relying on the London Embassy for anything is questionable.
  10. What he had meant to say was that there were no more overstayers who had not self reported.
  11. AAArdvark

    Are You Ready for the Hordes of Chinese Tourists?

    If Trump can build a wall, perhaps Chanocha can build a Great Wall.
  12. I recently bought a throw away ticket from Krabi to KL for a total of 1150 baht on Air Asia.
  13. I just received my O-A visa from the Thai Embassy in Washington DC. I got the visa back 7 business days after they received the applications and documents. Their website says "minimum 15 days". I had made 3 phone calls and 2 emails to the Embassy prior to mailing the applications to them. All of these were answered promptly and courteously. Make sure you are in an area that is supported by the Embassy and not by one of the Consulates like Los Angeles or New York City. For some reason the Consulates have different, and harder, requirements than the Embassy. As per their website, I sent the following documents, original and (unsigned) copy. Passport with at least 18 months remaining Visa application (for entries I used "Multiple", for "reference person" I used my hotel and their phone number) Additional application (I used my hotel for "reference person"). Medical certificate (I was able to get my primary care doctor to order a couple of the tests and he then signed the certificate. My insurance paid for it) Two passport photos (I wear glasses, my pre-2016 passport had me with glasses and my new photos without. Not a problem) Bank Statement (see below) Criminal record check (this has to be at least at the State level. I got mine in Florida from the FDLE online and returned certified in about a week) Money Order for $200 (no checks, got mine from a post office) Express mail self address and stamped envelope (I used a larger USPS flat rate envelope. This size was not needed, since the only thing returned was the passport and a receipt. I used a larger envelope in case they needed to return something for clarification) I also sent a copy of my flight itinerary. (Consulate says yes, Embassy says no, so to be sure I just sent it) Bank statement details: I had both the $ amount of 800,000 baht and the $ amount of income for 65,000 baht. The bank could only give me a typed and signed letter showing my current balances. For the income statements, they provided me with literally 3 inches of signed statements. I called the Embassy and they said what they needed instead were (unsigned) copies of any retirement statements. So I provided them with a copies of my Social Security "new amount" statement which is sent out each year. This did not reach the 65,000 baht amount, so I provided them with originals and copy of each of my 3 annuities for each month of the last year. This was a single page each. I have no idea which of the two methods they accepted, the total bank accounts or the monthly retirement income. They Embassy suggests that the visa application not be sent in "too early". The reason is, they enter a "Valid From" date of the date they receive the application and a "Valid Until" date of 1 year after that. I chose to mail mine 2 months prior to my arrival, just in case there was an issue with my application or documents but in doing so I lost 1 1/2 months. You decide when. I have seen references to a "Enter Before" date. The was not on my ME visa, when does it come into play?