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  1. Agreed, but I still have two questions. What is the purpose of the "new" form that Bangkok Bank is giving out if not to facilitate the the use of the correct format? What does SSA do with the money on a deposit through Bangkok Bank NYC if it gets rejected because of the incorrect code?
  2. OK, so in Chiang Mai you never had to deal with the Embassy in Manila. Did they confirm that these deposits would be in the new mandatory IAT format? This would sure make it easier.
  3. Check the flight path. If it crosses the Russian border at any time, don't do it.
  4. Sorry, please define "they". Is it the bank or the Embassy in Manila?
  5. Does anyone know what happens to the money if, after April 1st, it gets rejected by Bangkok Bank for not being in the correct format? It seems like a possible nightmare including breaking the 65K deposit continuity.
  6. What method did you use to set up your deposits so they were sent in IAT format? Did you just use the old common way of using the NY routing number and the local account number? Is so, what is the purpose of the April 1st thing?
  7. That is true. It is just that you have to start off by seeing if your ISP is actually giving you what they promise. What you get for the more "realistic" measurements is informative but there isn't much you can do about it if the local test is good. It could be useful if you measured a current ISP and a new different one. Measuring both Ethernet and WiFi gives you an idea if your router is behaving correctly.
  8. Were you using WiFi or Ethernet when you got those results? Speeds are decent but that Latency is terrible. I always try to use Ethernet and the ISP's test site to eliminate extraneous stuff. In the case of 3BB try again at this site: https://speedtest.3bb.co.th/
  9. Were you using the VPN when you did your speed testing, the speeds you gave are very slow for fiber?
  10. What difference would that make? This was a reply to someone complaining about Thai society. The reply indicated that all societies have social issues. I could have as easily cited road rage incidents in the United States were nearly 400 people per year are killed by gun fire in road rage shootings.
  11. If you have to file a TM-30 every time you travel, what is the purpose of the TM-28?
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