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  1. If anyone is going to be celebrating it would be The River Market or the US Consulate.
  2. Agreed but most already have a large amount in the bank which can be used as self insurance.
  3. I cannot agree. In 1898 the Philippines had very little to offer. Maybe port access and of course air access was unknown. Any security concerns could have easily been met by the occupation of Guam. Japan was not considered a threat until 1905. The US had no concessions in China. The US also conceded that the Philippines would become independent in the relatively near future. More likely the US simply wanted to show they could play with the big boys. Your YouTube link is mostly about the threat posed by China. No one at all considered China a threat in 1898.
  4. Question, Since June 1945 until now (75 years), what country is responsible, directly or indirectly, for the most conflict deaths? Clue: the answer is not Germany, Japan, Russia or China.
  5. Calm down everyone. I see no left wing conspiracy in this article nor do I see any blame put on any one side. There were atrocities on both sides. That war was horrible and never should have happened as evidenced that the Philippines had their own president in 1935. And full independence was granted in 1946 after the WWII. The US at the time was completely new to being an imperial power and just didn't know what to do. Filipinos had been fighting for independence from the Spanish for a long time and were just not content to work things out. Over 200,000 Filipinos died in the war. Being just after Philippines Independence Day, it is completely understandable to have an article like this. "Those who do not learn from history....."
  6. Isn't this similar to what they have been doing in Cambodia, just with a higher minimum insurance.
  7. Except that only applies to a few countries (Australia, New Zealand) diplomats and overseas workers. Also visa on arrival is suspended. No bars open yet, at least where I live. Some dien in restaurants open with contact information demanded. Who knows next week.
  8. Please tell us the countries that are not paranoid and allow free inbound travel.
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