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  1. HK airport had two days of protest issues which will not happen again. I have booked with Skyscanner multiple times without issue. What problem were you having? They do not actually do the booking themselves; they use other companies to do the booking. One problem is that most search engines compare prices to other search engines. These other search engines pop up making it hard to see which engine you are looking at sometimes. Below is a sample flight of BKK to CNX. You will see the skyscanner cheapest flight and then a list below of places where you pick who to book with along with their prices.
  2. Total rubbish. Computers use ones and zeros models do not. And the data being modeled is much longer than 30 years. The only inaccuracies have been underestimates. There are literally thousands of highly educated scientists who know what they are talking about versus a few shrills paid by fossil fuel companies.
  3. It does but I was thinking that this is a tourist boarder crossing where many thousands of people, most of whom are on SETV, cross for an hour and come back, and just maybe there was no Thai immigration there.
  4. As well as the US and Europe. I know multiple Filipina nurses in the US, who if they don't mind the hard work, earn a veritable fortune.
  5. My Thai GF and I am doing a tour to Chiang Rai and to the Golden Triangle. There is an optional tour to " Mekong River boat trip to the market on Don Sao Island, Laos" which I am not particularly interested in but the GF might. There is a small fee in Laos but what I am interested in knowing is if anyone knows if there is Thai immigration involvement upon return. Since I am not really interested in this optional trip, the hassle of having to do another TM30 is not something I look forward to.
  6. 430,000 second hand deaths. 72,000 smoking deaths, non second hand.
  7. You didn't say that you ticked the box that says "I have read and fully ......". Not ticking that box will cause the accept button to be grayed out. If you did tick it, it indicates that you need to try a different browser.
  8. They are people who have the cash to pay for their medical care or are prepared to return to their home country for advanced care if needed.
  9. The prices have already been available a while now. For older people they are already known to be VERY expensive especially for very limited coverage.
  10. No agent needed. You can use the airlines website or just use a search engine such as skyscanner. I just booked a flight to the Philippines from CM. Skyscanner made it very clear which flight combinations were code share/alliance flights and which were not. On their website they will prominently list list non-code share flight combinations as "self transfer" and require two separate tickets. In my case, I used Cathy Air Dragon flights with a layover in HK. The flights were actually listed three different ways with a small difference in fares but they were all the same physical aircraft. I actually booked directly with Cathy Pacific. It cost me a couple of hundred baht extra but for me the convenience and peace of mind was worth it. Other search engines will list the "self transfers" differently but they make if obvious, in one way or the other, what the combination actually is. Caution has to be used when using the "self transfer" option. I was offered significantly cheaper flights with transfers in Hong Kong, Macau or Taipei but the layovers were in the 2 hour range. The problem is that I would have to collect my checked baggage, go through customs and immigration then return through immigration and security. I did not believe that 2 hours would have been doable. With a single ticket code share, this would be a simple transfer and automatic baggage transfer.
  11. I am about to book a ticket through TPE. Thai AirAsia and then Philippines AirAsia. This has to be two separate tickets for some reason. I have 2:39 to self transfer my checked bag and probably go through immigration and check in again. Can I make it that time? My other, nearly same price, option is a 9.5 layover with one ticket. Return is not an issue.
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