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  1. I, for my self, paid the maintanace fee already,...and also the other owners i know personal. Our problem is that we want a good management, not a management working for the developer, we want a management working for us, we pay them..... ! Since the old committee resigns they behave like "half-gods", they make what THEY think is good, dont ask the owners,.....- and of course we are not happy with this. Many owners complained that there is no EGM, but they did not make one, even there is no committee. So we want the AGM that brings a strong Committee- the owners live here have a "Team" already in plan,....and of course we want a JPM working for us , too.
  2. Hello, i live in a Condo in Jomtien, i bought 18 month ago . Last December we had the first general meeting and elected a committee , 5 owners. Because of the problem with the management we got , step by step all committee members resigned. They even post in a Facebook "Owners- Group" that there is no committee anymore. So i asked via e- mail the manager to make an extraordinare owners meeting, to elect new committee members. The manager wrote me back, that we have still a committee of 3 persons. One of the "ex-members" went to the Jomtien land office and asked if he is still on the list and yes, there are 3 members who resigned at the list. Today i was in office and asked them why resigned members are still on an official list. The manager answered that we will have the AGM end of March or April, and the Land Office says this is ok. I dont believe this. Since we have no committee anymore taking care of the problems it gets more and more a pig stable. Any advice how to go on ? Thank you in advance Chris
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