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  1. Probably 10 years.! I had to send my passport to Canberra for the 90 day visa, that was 2012.
  2. You can legislate against many things, but not stupidity. And so the process of natural selection continues, so sad they take out other people along the way.
  3. No.! Exhaust gas recirculation is just to control the nitrous oxide content of the exhaust fumes and the slight increase in their levels would not be noticeable to anything else but a gas spectrometer.
  4. Ah but the nail would short circuit all the speakers, not just the one on that pole, guaranteeing that someone would eventually find it and fix it, whereas if just 1 of say 20 speakers in the village was not working any more, maybe they'd never bother looking.!
  5. Simple solution, as the speakers are usually below the electricity wires, just get a ladder, a pair of side cutters or scissors and cut the wires going to the speakers (not the wires continuing on to the next pole or from the previous pole), you can't get electrocuted as there is no voltage on the wires if the speakers aren't functioning, and even if they were it's only 100v max but less than 1 amp. Or even pay a few baht to a local youngster to climb up and cut them. If you just cut the speaker wires only, the next speaker further down the road and the previous one up the road will
  6. You may wish to check a little further. There is an airflow sensor on the air cleaner, also another on the intercooler. And another related problem is the exhaust gas recirculation valve. To comply with pollution laws there is a large amount that is recirculated, this can be a problem as soot builds up in the intake manifold, effecting parts within the intake system. Often improvements can be achieved by inserting an oval disc with 3mm hole between valve and manifold. The restriction still recirculates exhaust gass, just much less, thus slowing (even stopping) things g
  7. Sorry misunderstood your question. The water strainer has a 1 metric cup capacity, 250ml/8.5 oz. But as I previously indicated, you may add more hot water to the strainer if need be after one pass is completed for filling super sized mugs..
  8. I don't know the actual maximum, it's personal choice. I like strong coffee, so I use 3 tablespoons of grinds in the filter, that's more than normal, the water strainer just sits above them, so I suppose that could be very close to maximum, but there's no reason why you couldn't put more and hold the water strainer up after filling with water. The purpose of the water strainer is to distribute the water over the grinds evenly. Filling the filter with grinds and pouring water straight on to them doesn't work. You could fill the filter with as much grinds as you want, doesn't
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