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  1. None of the vaccines prevent you from getting COVID-19, they just prepare (educate) your immune system which then reduces the severity and time of the infection. You can still be infected and in the time between infection and your immune system fighting it off you are contagious, and can spread it to others.! Thus the quarantine, although 10 days is probably all that is needed..!
  2. Totally agree with Kanada. A wise man was once heard to say 'question everything'.....................
  3. Good advice, Thai or Thai smile. (same-same) Thai vietjet and NOK are also flying but NOK goes to Don Meuang. Definitely do not book AirAsia, guaranteed the flight will be cancelled and they are so close to going bust there is no way you will get your money back, only vouchers and if they do go bust, vouchers will be worthless.!
  4. Don't know, (maybe-don't often go to Makro/Big C), here are the prices (above) to compare.
  5. Known as Ratanakorn markets. Behind the 7-11, opposite Supalai Mangos 35bht Mangosteen 25bht Dragon fruit 40bht not sure about Durian.
  6. Whilst I've no idea what's available in France, the Thai screens are very similar to what's used in Australia (known as fly screens there) where the glass sliding door system has an extra track for a light weight sliding screen door. That is three tracks in one (for the entire jamb) from the inside to the outside, first is the fixed glass panel (basically a sliding door that doesn't slide) then the sliding glass door, and finally the sliding screen door. The fixed glass panel (door) and the sliding glass door have heavy strong aluminium frames, but the screen door frame is at least h
  7. In light (no pun intended) of the extra information provided about the large lamps functionality (with or without the remote) the fact that you can get it to stay on at night suggests that the battery is OK and charging during the day. Perhaps the issue is in the electronics, or possibly more likely it is programmed, and it has a glitch. Yes you could reasonably expect it to come on automatically at night. Whilst I don't know how many control functions or buttons are available on the remote you could try pressing and holding the on button for several seconds, sometimes this access
  8. There are batteries (as many have already said), just not obviously seen. The big one is trying to charge a dud (dead) battery, thus the green/red LEDs during the day. But if the battery is a dud and no charge goes in during the day then no charge will be available at night. There's usually a fix it shop in most villages, just take it there and ask if they can put a new battery in.
  9. Growing up in Australia as a baby boomer we had the 'Don't litter Australia' campaigns (clean up Australia grew out of that) and it was mostly successful. Now, when we see someone throwing rubbish on the ground it sticks out, it looks obvious, someone will usually say, 'pick up your rubbish', even 'don't be a pig' or anything to suggest they clean up their own rubbish. This is helped by the proliferation of rubbish bins, certainly they are not everywhere but usually you only have to look around where you are to find one, with the exception of a long way from anywhere places like isol
  10. Lufthansa/Swiss showing as the cheapest options to me, depends on dates of course.!
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