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  1. I don’t know the answer to your question, but have YOU communicated to him that you’re happy for him to keep the 1000Baht as compensation for your terrible inconvenience to him ? And that you look forward to be a return customer on your next visit ?
  2. The Aussie Golden Crumpets don’t really look like they’ve been egg ringed, hence my question... egg ring shopping this weekend
  3. I used tw a couple of weeks ago to transfer 10,000 Baht to my wife, and while the rate was good (better than my bank by 200 Baht) I presume that they are a secondary financial institution and there’s probably no restitution if my money disappears in transit... at this point in time I guess I’ll take my chances. i wasn’t aware of the tw option to deduct from my account ? i too transferred into my borderless acc and then to my wife. how do I set up this deduction option ?
  4. Yes mate, the afore mentioned Golden Crumpets are the go to brand. Guys, are the egg rings really required ?
  5. Golden Crumpets are all that I’ve been exposed to in my poor sheltered life, they have however kept me satisfied until this point in time. Owen, it must be said... STICK TO THE BLOODY BUTTER MAN !!
  6. You should try em with vegemite mate
  7. Maybe this post would be better titled “FORE !!”
  8. Talking about morons... the bicycle was invented over 200 years ago, long before your internal combustion horseless carriage. It was cyclists who championed governments to improve the road surfaces. It’s about duty of care, a cyclist owes this duty of care to pedestrians because of the often sharing of space and a bikes relative high possible speed and the likely damage to a pedestrian. Similarly you and your 1500-200kg of high speed steel and plastic owe a duty of care to cyclists, especially since you are physically removed from the reality of the actual speed and destructive forces that you possess. Then there’s the poor truckie who again is much bigger/heavier than the pedestrian/cyclist/car he owes us all a duty of care. every cyclist is a mother/father/sister/brother etc. Dont be a dick, just let them get home safe mate.
  9. Yeah, yeah... tell me again about the thousands that die every year as a result of cyclists... ? i saw a car run a red light today... ALL CARS DISOBEY TRAFFIC LIGHTS !! Edit: Man you’re a peach Post 26 you are nothing but a bully, what a loser of a bloke
  10. Stop bickering you two clowns, can I have a reciepe please ? I’ve only ever eaten store bought ones and heated them in the toaster, I’m assuming you legends are going from skillet to plate ? that was quick Pagan1
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