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  1. It may eat some mosquitoes, but it also <deleted>s like a Chang !!
  2. E -V -E -R -Y D -A -Y !!! out of nowhere, some random word is fired at me, or worse S-P-E-L-T to me… totally out of nowhere, totally unintelligible… and I’m supposed to understand what she’s saying, comprehend the context and give a definition… she doesn’t get angry, but the frustration is shared
  3. If “turning a profit” is your justification for something being a legitimate investment then we should be still investing in tulips.
  4. Mrs HP says for eg “Darling, I drive today and man come close behind in big truck and I see him say “Give “fork”” to me ! I don’t correct that, I find it too cute, but I’m a “illegitimate child” like that..
  5. Mrs HP is also a fan of grandma undies, much to my disgust… ps And I very much appreciate Mr Owls salient warnings about being banned, said the kettle to the pot…
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