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  1. @Jackdd and also @Agusts, Thank you very much for taking the time to explain it. So I understand that the bottom line - if I purchase the aftermarket shocks, there is a good chance (being over 70kg) that I will feel the bumps less. however, there is a risk that it will be less comfortable because the shocks are harder the small bumps more noticeable. Is that correct? If purchase shocks that have adjustable preload and rebound - that mean that I can adjust it in a way that I will not feel the small bumps and therefore remove the risk? Is it important to have shocks with adjustable compression as well? Is there any solution that works well with medium bumps and small ones? right now the bike is shaking when I drive, I would like to achieve more stability. Thanks again, really appreciate your effort.
  2. Thank you for the replay. Im sorry but i do not understand too much about this. Make it harder means i will feel the bamps less right?
  3. Hi, Leave in koh pangan and i own a 2019 pcx. There roads here has lots of bamps and in many cases i drive on dirt. I am about 70k and my gf which i often take with me is about 50k I would like to purchase suspensions that will make it feel more soft when i drive on the bamps and tayers that will have good grip and feel safe both on the dirt and the asphalt. I hope to find them all in lazada (i know they have ybb an Michelin) Please recommand, Thank you
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