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  1. So! - 38 million retired expats living in Thailand think this is a great idea? That 38 million figure is the guvmint's - not bad for a country that has a total population of 69.5 million! Immigration shows the 2017 number was 73,000 - that means 37,927,000 more retirees settled here in the last 18 months - Thats 2.1 million A MONTH or 69 thousand per day! ANND the "38 million" coughing up 440,000 baht/year is going to put OVER 16 THOUSAND BILLION baht into Thai banks? That is on top of the average 1 million baht/year they bring in as income - 38 THOUSAND BILLION ! - All according to the Minister and his health department. Show me a hospital that let's you out the door without paying. Show me a retired ex-pat with a bad hospital debt. ANNND - now the really hard one: - show me some honest figures Mr Minister - - - - - - - - -
  2. Inaccurate? - That's an understatement! - It took me 10 minutes research to find out this ranks as Thailand's best ever attempt at rubbery figures
  3. Absolute garbage. It took me less than 10 minutes research to cut them to pieces. Here's just one item:
  4. OK - who is telling the biggest porky ever! 38 million retirees? - The WHOLE Thai population is only 69 million? ANNND - the 2017 stats by immigration puts retirees at 73,000. This is a big forum - I would like to see a post from ANY RESIDENT RETIREE who has skipped a Thai hospital leaving a bad debt
  5. ANNND - how many "shares" does the Minister for Health have in hospitals and insurance companies?
  6. A poll with insurance company bias written all over it? Has to take the prize for the weakest fake news try of the year!. This is absolute rubbish! "Joe Blow said - - - - - - " How many times do we read these sort of garbage statements in advertising - - - The first Thai visa news item is now up to 77 pages and there is a very large majority hating this guvmint rule - - - - -
  7. Perfect vehicle for civil unrest - - - - - - - - Just sayin'
  8. Bushfires, bullshit and panic everywhere so far in 39 odd pages of posts. A Thai minister has made a vague, unworkable statement based on bias and ignorance. My FIRST question is - just how much do resident aliens cost the Thai government in medical expenses. My guess is - bugger-all. You go into hospital here and get held to ransom unless you pay. I have YET to see an instance (except for the "Phoenix" disaster) where the Thai guvmint has bailed out an alien. That alone kills the minister's justification for his insurance scheme. My NEXT question: Just how many aliens are retired in Thailand? Think about all those 800k baht deposits being used by Thai banking - Then think about all those 65k baht/month incomes flowing into the country. I - alone - am worth over 1 million baht/year to this economy. How many more are like me? I think this Minister should do some sums. I also think this minister's thinking is being "steered" by insurance companies - with the predicted results to suit him - - - - Nothing new about that hey!
  9. Thailand needs to realize this. I - for one - put over a million baht/year into this country to live here.. I'm not a burden on the country. I am an asset and I'm not alone. This moron for a minister needs to do his sums or get out of the chair - - - - - - - -
  10. Get bank statements from your local bank showing your monthly income - need to be stamped and signed by the bank for submission to Immigration MAKE SURE your statements show minimum 65k baht EVERY MONTH. Getting quarterly dividends doesn't gel with some Immigration officials who think that monthly means EVERY MONTH and nothing else!
  11. You are retired. You have the time, what's the hurry?. You have the financial requirements - generally the biggest hurdle. All you need to do is to make sure you have all the required paperwork - photos less than 6 months old, medical certificate less than 7 days old, proof of where you live. Why throw 10-20k baht at an agent?
  12. Agree - It was a police checkpoint - Nothing illegal or wrong with stopping cars - One had a judge in it - so what? And now it has blown up - Loss of face in high places. Nobody should be above the law By comparison: In Australia one of my colleagues (a traffic constable) stopped a government car speeding and issued a fine. The driver mentioned to my colleague who he was chauffeuring - no less than the current Prime Minister. My colleague looked and ordered the PM to put his seat-belt on or he would also get a fine. The episode went to the Commissioner of Police who upheld the offenses without question. End of story.
  13. Never happened on my watch - It always went like this: "Can I see your license please" "Do you know who I am?" "No but if you give me your license then we'll both know - And if you don't give me your license I will charge you with failing to carry out a police directive"
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