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  1. Should have just took the 20 grand and flirted him off, if thats what he was trying to do,
  2. Border Force boss warning it could take passengers 15 TIMES longer to get through customs because of Covid checks and the price of flights has doubled, as far as the UK is concerned Thailand is on the amber list and could go on to the Red list
  3. Big problem now is getting the staff back here and getting them vaccinated
  4. In the UK the government are giving a list of countries you can travel to, Thailand is not on it
  5. Stay safe, Im going nowhere it was reported in the small tamboon I live 20 cases
  6. I think the idea is to isolate Phuket we only have one exit via the bridge or a flight out
  7. French woman amongst two reported dead today https://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/citynews/covid-19/french-woman-amongst-two-reported-dead-today/
  8. The most expensive private hospitals dont want you dying it's bad for their image
  9. Im amazed that has never hit the headlines or they not telling us?
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