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  1. I think I'll have bunch of ladyboys dancing at my funeral
  2. De Gea AWB - Lindelof - Maguire - Shaw McTominay Fred - Pogba Bruno Cavani - Rashford No Dan James please
  3. I can see Arsenal playing 5 at the back be interesting to see who plays for united
  4. Alex Telles has assured Manchester United fans that he is feeling fine despite testing positive for coronavirus.
  5. That should be interesting, Overtaking on the left side of a vehicle how do they plan to implement that?
  6. According to my wife Thai people are not totally happy with Thanathorn she says he is just a replacement for Toxin and the family comes with some history
  7. I did backfire on some I know who have lived here for years one family I know had gone back to Nakorn nowhere and could not get back to Phuket after the lockdown because they couldn't prove they lived here, Most of the migrant workers left the island they say around 50,000 left the island
  8. Somebody should be charge with paying 30 million for them
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