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  1. You are right the OP would be wise to take note, I know of some guys came here working as volunteers after the tsunami were made to get W/P
  2. Been allowed for a while with a Fit to Travel notice a friend of mine has been running a minivan service to BKK for weeks
  3. If you are taking about Thai Channa it is not an app it's only a platform however having said that there are fake app's floating around the easy answer is dont download any app referring to Thai Channa they are the ones that can download all your data,
  4. First let me say Airbnb are giving refunds due to covid they were No3 in the world for giving refunds, Agoda and BDC are the same company you need to check online if they are still open I guess many hotels have not updated their calendars they might be showing available and sometimes these calendars dont synchronize all the time with other platforms
  5. They have a promotion on for us Brit's 50 pence a pint jing jing
  6. I think some of these Bank branches make their own rules as they go along, personally I have never had a problem and found SCB down where I live to be a bit more flexible I've seen where one bank say you have to have a WP to open a savings account and another no problem
  7. It's Thai style I was watching a YT video the other day about Pattaya and the guy mentioned about the motor bike taxi guys running around to all the free food places what they were doing with it I dont know. Im sure some stories will come out soon in my local area Gossip
  8. My wife keeps reminding me every 6 months to fix the handle on the wardrobe door
  9. I might just start wearing one on the scooter I dont ride it often but in the past I would get a sore throat because of all the dust and pollution so not a bad idea
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