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  1. I remember giving my daughter a tenner and she said what's up dad you skint
  2. We were so poor as kids growing up in our house... If I didn't wake up with a hard on on Christmas day, I had nowt to play with.
  3. They dont know the meaning of the word "Poor"
  4. Why not just give a life sentence with no possibility of parole?
  5. I can recommend Food for Foreigners and they do ship all over Thailand every so often they have special offers Look on FB search feature FFF Food For Foreigners they have a group
  6. This campaign targets the population with higher purchasing power Most Thai's I know with spending power have realized there is a big wide world outside of Thailand, That where they are spending their money.
  7. The only benefactors will be the elites just like they need it
  8. The UK used to do it I did it for a friend of mine albeit a long time ago, I arrived home from work late one night and there was a letter from the Foreign office asking would I pay for the flight, not sure now
  9. Thailand used to pay your fare to get you back to Thailand and then keep your passport until you have paid it back, not sure if they still do
  10. 7 Shots only one on target wouldn't like him in the trenches with me
  11. Thailand’s tourism industry to the top of global competition. You've got a long way to go yet sunshine I would say it's going back wards
  12. I dont mean to go of topic but I had a friend who got banged up in that IDC place and he said there is people who have been there years
  13. I think I would be reluctant to give him that amount of money in case he did a runner again
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