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  1. Thanks all for a lot of insight & appreciate your feedback. Bangna was not a choice for shopping mall proximity but just accessible to highway being on the fringe. But yeah I do realise the travel is not easy - so still looking up options. Thanks again
  2. Thanks Bredbury, Infact we are at oakwood sriracha for few weeks now as our temporary accommodation plan. We are kind of liking & adapting well to sriracha & prefer this town over pattaya for accommodation options! But for our own reasons related to large shipment that we got from our last home country thinking getting spacious nice houses in Thailand is not an issue is now becoming an issue to accommodate... as most properties are fully furnished & often fitted furniture - owners unable to accommodate our request to remove their furniture etc... So we got to know about oakwood Bangna which is now garden tower.... Nice spacious apt willing to accommodate our stuff & so this dilemma begins... This prompted us to explore Bangna & Lat krabang areas as they were bang on highway /motorway access. Also, my wife has been a professional all these years - she is enjoying her time for now in sriracha but I wonder with not many English speaking people /activities if she would sustain this place too long - so BKK seemed a good option as it seemed doable 2 hr 15 min away!! Anyways, appreciate your feedback-thanks. guess we need to make some decisions . Cheers
  3. Hi, Considering daily commute as an option instead of moving to sriracha /laem chabang area. What is your experience with it, considering to drive /have driver and use motorway 7 or Chon Buri trat highway. Tried a couple of times & it took about 1hr 15-20 min say 1.5 hr Any recommendations on expat housing near the motorway /highway! No school going children - so international school is not the deciding factor here. I don't think there are any reliable & efficient transport means for daily commute to that Area other than self driving. Appreciate your feedback if this is workable solution wrt monsoons, road safety etc... Still settling in & some advice /feedback wud help. Cheers