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  1. hi, is it now in Summer, from April/May and for few months that fruits and vegetables are the cheapest ? And do you know where to get the best prices ? At Makro or markets ? Maybe the big market on Theprassit road near Supalai building is the cheapest ? And do you know what is the cheapest price possible for Durian, mango and other fruits ? I need to buy a lot for kids charity and animals, so please tell me ? Durian cheapest seems to be 80thb/kilo ? Mango cheapest seems to be 20thb/kilo ? Thank you.
  2. hahaha Can't stop laughing ! Another cheap charlie who never owned anything nice and know nothing ! ALL benz that I owned and still own have REAL LEATHER on seats, door, and dashboard ! Artico is a scam for US or EU where people like you are so happy to tell us that German cars prices are so cheap ! I pay more here but my cars are now loaded with usual $$$hit found there !
  3. There is leather and leather... All jap cars clearly have very poor quality "leather"...
  4. You should consider more that kind of people use this forum...
  5. hi, Is it true ? Car battery volt still above 12v but 211CCA only can make problems to start the car ? Volt is not the only parameter to consider to change battery ? So it's possible that a car need to change battery even if volts are still ok ? https://www.autobatteries.com/en-us/how-to-choose-your-car-battery-replacement/battery-cold-cranking-amps-cca but how to know what is the CCA of a brand new battery ? Thanks.
  6. Bangkok to Pattaya motorway (from Suvarnabhumi airport) all the way 120 kms speed limit.
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