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  1. Yes, because amnesty ends on weekend, so Monday will not be considered as overstay. (I asked this question in another thread, and UbonJoe confirmed this as well)
  2. My parents will apply on Monday (just in case of new amnesty weekend news like last time, saved them 2 days of hassle and 6k cash). If apply on Monday, they will not overstay (since amnesty ends on weekend), correct?
  3. If you're on amnesty, and got your embassy letter, then you can apply for 30-days extension (starting Nov/1) for 1900thb, or, apply "affidavit" 60-days extension (without embassy letter) for 3900thb... if I'm not mistaken?
  4. Thanks for update... Did they told you that you'll get 60-days? (until Dec/22-ish if you applied yesterday, right?)
  5. This thread got quiet... Are there any successful stories or any experiences with this new 60-days extension with "Affidavit" application (attached)?
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