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  1. Today I received WD external disk 4TB (shipped by Lazada, sold by Powershop), but after I (unfortunately) opened it - I realized I need 5TB instead... Seller replies terribly slow, first they said it's not their item, later they said I should just send it back following Lazada return procedure (which firstly stated that return due to "change of mind" is not accepted "if packing and seal are opened" (it's just transparent tape, see photos). But now when I open this order, Seller is changed to "WD" (very strange, I even have screenshot from delivery info with "Powershop" as Seller), and now when I submit Return option there's no "change of mind" option, but "item doesn't suit me"... I went on, wrote my description and added these 3 photos, and submitted return (with 7-11 drop off option)... Will this work? Has anybody returned the product which was unpacked before? Thanks, Alex
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