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  1. Not sure if you'll find agents down south, as most agents are/were in Patong and Phuket town... I highly recommend TMT in Patong, there's European guy Peter working there, very professional, they have very good reviews online.
  2. Among listed visa options there is also "Tourist Visa" too... is this means that now all foreigners can register (including those on Covid extensions), and not only those with working & retirement visas?
  3. Great comment and completely agree... But they are just dragging it too much like a dead horse... I've seen genuine tourists on FB pages (those who are not on this forum, and has no clue about Thai rule changes and bureaucracy) eager to book flights & hotels, or even booked but then cancelled, disappointed with all the changes and decided to travel elsewhere... Yes returning expats will come anyway to avoid ASQ, but if they want even few tourists to come, they should set clear rules first, and THEN announce opening date, not fanfaring "July/1" for months without any clue, just
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