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  1. It is ignorance, stupidity and gratuitous insults based on age and body image that might irritate some members but mainly stupidity. As a purported young person you demonstrate all the characteristics of a grumpy old lady minus the life experience. Welcome to the forum you crazy old lady....you will fit right in. Lets hope one day you have enough money to come to Thailand.
  2. Due to the listed reporters I find this story lacking credibility. But check out the BBC documentary on Iraq sex trafficking by Imams...
  3. The older we get the more difficult it can be to make friends. I still have friends in the UK but as an expat i find i disagree with their politics. They tend to be pro remain, pro immigration, pro extinction rebellion. The expats tend to be pro brexit, anti immigration and despise the extinction rebellion scum. At home in the UK i do not discuss Islam for example. My friends hardly see how much the UK has changed for the worst because it is gradual but after 20 years away I really notice how <deleted> the UK is to to demographic and cultural changes. So I discuss nothing of importance to me. At least here my fellow expats agree with my world view. But what is a friend?
  4. Not long ago this would have been no issue. Thats why people came here. Great weed and a free and easy attitude. Then the disgraced Nixon started the failed war on drugs making money all round for every corrupted cynic in the world all the way up to the UN. It did not take corrupt Thai cops and judges, using the inhuman jail conditions and the sick laws to see how much they could exhort from young people bought up in more civilised countries who do not understand the medieval drug laws here. Truly sickening. 60% of the prisoners in Thailand are in for drug related offences the majority of whom are women. The depressing thing is that it is due to western influences but as the west comes to its senses Thailand is left in the judicial gutter of failed western polices...because it makes so much money for the narco mafia, police, the prison system, the judges and politicians. And it allows sanctimonious cowards, hiding behind the skirts of corrupt officials to cheer at the misfortune of others who are victims of unjust laws. Not so long ago 26 men and boys were executed by hanging in Iran. Every single male in the village...with the applause of the UN, UNICEF and the WHO. This thread is about a woman being tortured in Thailand. Very sad.
  5. My agent took me to the IO, my 4th retirement extension, took the money off me 25 k passed a portion to the IO behind the desk who noted my photo needed replacing, after i got the new pic i handed it, my pp, and bank book to same IO and the day after, got my docs teturned with stamped extension and my multi entri.
  6. A lot better probably, than driving, statistically that is. We do not know any other causual factor in this persons person's aberrant behaviour but it is clear that 99.999% of marijuana smokers do not behave in such a way. The drug reference is just a red herring to distract from the inhuman treatment, by the police, of a human being who, for whatever reason needed treating sympathetically not teased and goaded by bored police.
  7. Nobody did Mr Sanctimony. It was the murderers who bought up the issue therefore inviting a response. When people make pitiful excuses for the tragedy they have created it appropriate to criticize it.
  8. Child murder is child murder even when the reckless execution is carried out by bored macho cops notorious for their corruption and poor police practices. Its nothing to do with Thailand as the same thing happens in other countries: The USA and the Philippines come to mind and of course china. This kind of murder is just extra judicial killing and is usually carried out against the poor, the weak and the powerless not the wealthy power elites. The military round of ammunition which killed the child could have richoched into any innocent civilian or the car crash could have resulted in serious injury...and for what...a few cases of hooch which the government were not getting their taxes on.
  9. The sooner we see less guns in the hands of macho thugs who shoot first and ask questions later the better. I hope these two kid killers get life without payroll. Their pathetic excuse about thinking they were chasing a drug dealer just highlights how the insane drug laws corrupt all aspects of law enforcement, the community and society at large. The anti drug laws destroy more lives than drugs. In this case excusing child murder which is the worse, the ultimate form of child abuse.
  10. Nice one! A military dictatorship has no moral authority and nothing it says can mask its illegitimatcy.
  11. Hate is a strong word but to be honest the only people I dislike on the forum are the provincial, low IQ contributors who celebrate other's misfortunes especially if busted for drugs, the contributors who are proud of not mixing with girls they like to define as prostitutes and the Thai haters and Pattaya bashers. All these groups seem to have a common saddness, frustration and bitterness and seem goaded by other people's happiness in Thailand. Lacking in real life experience and unused to real travel access to Thailand came to easy to them. Its unfortunate that such mediocre people have a voice on a forum that should be positive and helpful.
  12. If 50% closed We would NOT be losing a variety of choice. I repeat that the lazy formula of footie and hand sup music is NO CHOICE at all. Most Pattaya bars are undifferentiated, mediocre, lazy badly run, cliches. A sad reflection of their clientele. I can think of less than 10 well designed bars in Pattaya.....As for irish theme pubs! Just dreadful...a hangover from 70s Britain. And the constant drivel of black 'dance' music from the MTV charts have no place in a bar. Any bar that closes deserves to close for pandering to the lowest common denominator of entertainment......and driving out discerning customers with money. I view the closure of <deleted> bars as a protest and boycott which is finally beginning to bite. Some idiot bar owners think they must must let the bar girls dictate music policy to keep them happy!! <deleted>!
  13. What a nice idea. Shame about the crass, crude comments. So unnecessary!
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