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  1. I am British and I understand the system. However, many of my compatriots visiting Thailand are arrogant, or chancers. I have seen it often. In this instance the customer left the bar without paying. He left the bar without paying his bill.
  2. There are two genders: Men and women. This statement of science has now become a crime.
  3. What are going on about? Go back to your mam's and calm down with a glass of warm milk. The only brown envelopes you have any experience of contain your dole cheque.
  4. My adult male colleahue was neither but hospitalized for two weeks and nearly died. Recent studies link adult mental instability to exposure in Childhood.
  5. Cat scratch fever can be terrible, even deadly. A colleague of mine rescued a kitten. It died ofvsone kind of feline flue or distemper but not before scratching him. He nearly died and ended up in hospital for weeks. interestingly enough recent studies are indicating, when infected in childhood, it can lead to violence, mental instability and aggression in adults.
  6. These ancient khymer scripts could be incorporated into the field at the back of the passport in the notifiable dependants pages. This would be OK I think.
  7. People who refuse to check links are as dumb as people who refuse to open a book or a newspaper. The WWW IS links.
  8. The no hand clap rule has been around for over a decade. Its been green party policy for years. The two alternatives are jazz hands or finger clicking, the latter is common in woke USA universities. Its not funny. Its sinister.
  9. Many arabs sit in the Knesset the Israeli parliament! The Arab bloc prevented Netanyahu gaining a clear majority in the recent election. ISRAEL IS THE ONLY country in the Middle East where Arab citizens get a democratic vote. Don't let your anti Israeli ant anti semitism get in the way of the facts. Ha ha ha.
  10. Its also very rude in Thailand that's why its used in the police/ criminal photos. Its why go go girls wear numbers so when you choose them you dont have to point. Just tell the mama san the number.
  11. Watch the aussies leaving the bar when its their round!
  12. I enjoy the issan cities. Roi et city is pretty and has excellent nightlife. The surrounding towns have excellent rocket festivals. Nong Kai is sweet, on the Mekong and well designed. Udon is fun too. All these I enjoy visitng and many more. But I return to Pattaya because its easy to live, good transport, excellent restaurants, good entertainment and nightlife, near the countryside, lot of municipal festivals music, food, dance, art, culture cooking, parades, fireworks plus I enjoy the girls. Only mugs moan about Pattaya, mugs and losers.
  13. Thai culture is Thai people, Thai food, Thai nightlife and entertainment, Thai gardens , Thai Temples, Thai Landmarks, Thai shows, Thai costume, Thai religion, Thai dance. What do you think culture means: classical music and opera? Of course a city can be cosmopolitan yet typical of a host culture. Barcelona, London, New York. I understand you do not fully understand the nature of culture nor the imagination to investigate it in Pattaya. Try and open your eyes a bit. Stop trying to be clever.
  14. He is bearded and dark skinned and looks like an Arab. I worked in Kuwait and I cant say how sorry I feel for this guy!
  15. I use switch all the time but never seen this. I would ask the bank
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