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  1. Ok I understand..this is the result of the new good guy in immigration policy
  2. well at least there is the bmw the cops can take for the trouble to handle a dead man..
  3. hey, why worry, dont like it ? move to aussie or nz pretty clean down under .. if they dont get it not my problem
  4. well is your local drivers license valid in thailand ? if u have a local license for car is it valid for bikes in thailand ? even if you have a bike license in ur country and did not extend it to an international license ( done by the car association valid one year ) it is not valid in thailand...!!! well the question number one in los do u have money ?? everything else we worry once we scratch ur remains out of the gutter...enjoy ur holidays. .
  5. many thai familys life on 20/30 k a month w. kids but owning their own house..to spend 200 k in isaan ? there must be something seriously wrong here...
  6. well ..people had set up there life in thailand at a time when even a hundret tourist visas where no problem...a lady ...nice friends expats and thais alike maybe some investments...and now when times changed every time u go out u are not sure to come in again...I think the one year visa is a good option..even nobody know what after this one year will happen..but at least u are covered for that year
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