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  1. fouryesrs

    Thai attitude to foreigners: An all time low?

    eroding happens only if there was something there that could erode ..
  2. if they come your way to do the "search" tell them to <deleted> off best in thai...see what happens next...once four or five of them want to struggle you down try to grab theyr gun and use it at your disposal to get the "face" back that u deserve...later you know" i did it my way"...that later might be twenty or thirty years down the lane after they release not you but a sure a different version of that you out of a thai max prison for multiply murder...but in these years of learning and growing you will enjoy the respect of hardened man once they learn that you had a few thai cops on your plate....after all life is a transient experience full of mistakes and dreams and struggling..people always give too much importance to that idea or should I say illusion of that "I"....and what happens to it along its way....enjoy the land of smiles
  3. I believe he speaks the truth...but also true is that not EVERY THAI COP involved in this kind of scam ( more than once I met the good guy who helped when I was unable to mind my own business without taking even one bhat / but the good does not have a stage as journalism worldwide seems to follow one rule too often : bad news are good news ) ...sure a few will make a living of this...other may extort businesses, street vendors, or prostitutes. etc.... some might deal w. guns or run / cover gambling dens or child prostitution ...remember a thai cop receive a very minimum payment 5000 to 10000 bhat from which he has to pa y uniform and gun and car etc...but every year thousands and thausands apply to this jobs....a friend if mine includet..( but he is not the jai rai type so he did not like it and could not make it )...a chinese business associate told me from this scam, often rich chinese sons gets picked and scammed for hundret thousands of dollars ( not bhat ) which change hands in minutes late night /early mornings .... other country other rules....before to critisize.. remember who choose for you to live there in the middle of all this and more ( payed wifes, child porn and yaba in most houses ) but there is also the very good ...the jai dee , the smiling old lady in a market , the waving and laughing children, the good and honest familys....the honest monks...all in the middst of the worst...anyway pom rak thailand but always need to be aware what happens around ...and if a cop sticks his fingers in my bag I stop him respectfully but firm with a smile in my face and open it myself I take out all things piece by piece best in front of other witness ...
  4. We followed the story all along in the news and was happy when all of them was rescued ... a wonderful job of the rescue teams...once they say the boys going to swim by themselves and they will teach them how to dive I was surprised but once all of them was out it did not matter ..now when this version surfaces it seems more logic than try to teach somebody diving after ten days without food in the dark...well I wonder why they went into this cave the first time and if their trainer will receive some punishment...
  5. well I think big joke said i cannot catch anymore overstayers ( reached his limit of ability ) and because of that asuming that there are no more... but reality check show s different...more and more rats to crawl out of their holes only thai cops are unable to do anything else than taking bribes
  6. it is ridiculous to cut students hair by force...in which kind of backward country we are living...sounds like in victorian times...the dark age of humanity...they should improve on the teaching quality which is more often lousy...not on students hair length...