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  1. tabarin

    Chiang Mai check stops

    Nothing new and relatively easy to avoid: 1) On the corner on huay kaew road (kad sun keaw mall). 2) At the intersection with MAYA Mall towards Doi Suthep (the most stupid one as it is after the traffic lights). 3) Thapae gate (inner moat) = Most famous and daily now it seems. 4) Elsewhere around old city but easy to spot on distance, sometimes corner moat of the park or outside where you turn left to the airport. Most times they are gone by 2-3PM (3PM is my safe time). They caught me 3 times only last year but each time it was my own mistake for ignoring above. I told the Australian guy to piss off (he threatened to fine me double and I explained he can't). It is a big money machine focused on tourists who can't be legal, also immigration says you need a 2 month valid entry / visa to get the paper for the driving license making it virtually impossible for tourists to be legal in time.
  2. Having been here 5-6 years and still being under 30 it is pretty much getting too much hassle. If it wouldn't be for having a son now (which basically gives me a visa until retirement age), I would have left Thailand for Vietnam or elsewhere already. Have to conclude that the EX rates are bad, prices locally inflated a lot, girls are asking much more in the (in)famous nightlife and all the raids and visa crap + costs. Also rarely see people that are left from the moment I came here as a new expat generation / online worker. Mostly new people or the ones that are here for around 2 years now and then eventually go home or elsewhere again. Doesn't always got everything to do with a visa though, most of them simply can't sustain and grow their business here. Last but not least, the new generation often just goes to a visa agent and doesn't bother being on an old school forum.
  3. BX.IN.TH is fully licensed and approved by the Thai government since 1-2 weeks too.
  4. No (but they could, chances are low so only book a bogus ticket or greenbus ticket if they request it at the counter).
  5. If that would have been my daughter the teacher who did this would end up bold and shaved with my oldest razor blade that I use downstairs.
  6. You can do this safe via BX.IN.TH (Create account, verify passport and bankbook). Withdrawals are near to realtime except in the evenings, then they will be processed the next day 8AM. (Company is founded by a farang and you can also create macro's to auto-sell or auto-withdraw if you would like that, I use it daily for my trading as well and have good experiences but perhaps inform with them when doing large amounts at once and don't forget AMLO / Tax in your case). Horrible timing to sell now though, hope you got much more than what you intend to sell.
  7. tabarin

    Overstay 16 years

    When I overstayed and got blacklisted for a year it took little afford (suvarnabhumi airport). I told the airline right away at check-in and then they gave me some sign showing 'Overstay' which allowed me to proceed to the Overstay desk right away instead of lining up in the queue. Few words were exchanged and 10 minutes later I got in free duty. Came back a year and 1 month later without a visa and the same passport with blacklist stamp (hiding or renewing passports is pointless) in Phuket, 15 minutes interview and back in the country. As a few people said, I would take a direct flight to KL from CNX as well but in both cases nothing to worry about if you leave without being arrested.