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  1. Oh ok, really relevant to the post and subject. Good you know.
  2. Wine deang, As still being drunk obviously. Red wine, red wine. Do not even know how to write this in English.
  3. I just got home, 10 minutes ago, so this is like a realtime report topic: I been drinking all night, finished a bottle of red wine to continue drinking with gay friends at a bar in Loy Kroh. Driving home to Sansai on the highway from Central Festival in Chiang Mai. High speed and half way getting hit on a check point, thinking, <deleted>, my life is really over after 7 years getting away with this behaviour. So I stop right away, put my pilot lights to the left and open my buddy seat for inspection. Next thing is officers screaming faraaaang, faraaang. Big boss comes up, and walks towards me, (meanwhile I am <deleted>ting my pants and thinking im done). What you drink?!!!! I drink wine deang krub, wine deang krub (red wine, red wine). Officer: Where you going? where you go now!!!? I (in thai language) Me: I am going home, Sansai, Sannameng krubbb Officer: Let him go, let him go (roads get cleared and I drive off at the highest speed possible) Me: At home now, confused entirely. Bottom line: They do not hate us all, foreigners do still get benefits, I was a lucky <deleted> for sure, once again. P.S. Everyone else was hold and arrested, including non speaking Thai foreigner (2x), feel sorry for them.
  4. We contribute little to the big money in Thailand belonging to the elite indeed, they do not need it. We do contribute a lot to 'normal' Thais and businesses. Even this would only benefit a few million Thais directly and indirectly, that is a few million Thais having a better life than 200B a day on the farm. A government who would care of all their people, would understand it's value and importance but clearly they do not care, I agree on that.
  5. Got a 2BR house with garden, pool in village, brand new + furnitures complete for 8K monthly and 15 mins out of town. No noise, no dogs, nothing. Rent is inexpensive in CM, always been, one of the reasons I once moved here too, low monthly overhead for the basic needs.
  6. Hence the lower rates and loads of available properties too (aside of visa nonsense).
  7. What are you talking about? Rents for condos in CM has been decreasing as it is less busy, as well for houses. There is loads of offers too. Maybe stop dealing with those agents that only tell you about high priced once, they get a month commission, that's why they pretend so. You can get a 30 sqm ish unit, even with pool, from as little as 4-5K a month already. Newer buildings from 6-7K a month. If you need me to help you sort out, send me a PM.
  8. Forget about Vientiane, you will get bored within weeks. Cambodia might be the easiest, with Phnom Penh leading in P4P girls (in similar ways as Thailand). If you want to split time and easy to get or pay for girls matter, Philippines is gonna be your best friend. Otherwise I would go to Vietnam for sure (direct flight Hanoi too), pretty much sure, the more time you spend there, the more fun girls / places you find too. OR if you don't care to move every other month during the break of Thailand, you could visit each place for a month without getting bored / annoyed, in that case you could easily bring a Thai girl with you too.
  9. Actually in progress of opening a food delivery service for reasonable prices, but no inside seating. No need for a front, will need the staff as I am a terrible cook and my wife is too busy (cooking at home).
  10. Ok Sherlock, glad you bring us the news. However the issue today is, they do not always take bribes for access anymore too.
  11. Remember a few years back, was drinking with a Veteran US marine until the late hours, while walking on the streets got aggressively harassed by 2 dodgy cops. The guy told me to shut up and showed some ID card, not 10 seconds later we were on our way, they didn't even asked me.
  12. Well yes, or like Turkish ice cream. I thought there might be some special arrangements, if doing something specifically from your country that is unique and contribute. However, this is not in the well known areas where those paid off things usually happen, this is in CM. This is also why I am curious about it, as I would have some ideas then too. I really don't mind them doing business, if up to me, everyone can.
  13. That is the only thing that I can think off, if legitimate. Though it would be interesting that those all start to show up recently and be exactly the ones with a shop too.
  14. Vodka makes people have insomnia, IO's forget. The Russian girls have their own ways of keeping IO's happy.
  15. Hehe no, they are really Korean and Chinese / maybe some Taiwanese. I know indeed it is different for those and that is nothing new under the sun for me.
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