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  1. Had to conclude the same, can do it to myself but not to the little one. Considering moving to Naklua or somewhere between Rayong Airport and Jomtien now, as long we still live in Thailand.
  2. He got too comfortable and confident after all the years. One wonders why that other person did not apply in any of the previous years, perhaps the real guy just got released from prison himself.
  3. Go play with the soldiers, seem you would become friends with them easily.
  4. Perhaps because you generally not become wealthy when throwing your money on nonsense visa's and other things. You can start a business with less than that.
  5. It has been very clear Don Muang Airport is there to avoid when living like this in Thailand (and not speak Thai to Thais who studied English as they want to show off their horrible skills). Keeps surprising me people still take the risk, that while there is a direct flight from Hanoi To Chiang Mai as well.
  6. O really Sherlock? That was hard to figure out.
  7. Poor argument. Those millions have nothing to do with the frequent and long stay foreigners, then we are talking about thousands only in this situation. Also I know many people with proper visa's, perfect Thai language skills (written and spoken), work permits and still getting idiot questions from time to time. There is a problem with IO's and nothing has to happen or been done wrong by that person, aside of coming and leaving frequently. Just a shit show country and their minions as usual. And please stop the bloody nonsense about telling people to get a proper visa or elite visa, that is simply not always realistic nor fair to say, also please slip in the bathroom if the next reply is that Thailand should not be blamed if you chose not to get those visa's.
  8. Wonder why it is made so much bigger though, that is not Dutch at all (I am). Just 3 people died and another 5 wounded, that's all. Don't ask me why they blow it up in politics and the news but there is a round of elections coming. Nothing to actually call a terrorist attack or link to serious extremist groups, sounds more like a dumb spoiled Dutch turk who has too much free time on his hands with his friends and came up with this after smoking weed for 10 years.
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