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  1. If you can't even feel slight sympathy for her then you probably buried your soul at some point in your life as well.. This kind of attitude will simply lead to cases where young girls will find suicide as the only answer, and the end result will be much worse.
  2. Maybe you should educate yourself by going to the more remote villages and see their standards of living and employment potential before you call them degrading names..
  3. Whats your point? "the pay isnt a good" is an understatement And They DO want to work in this industry as they can't provide a decent life for themselves, their family and children doing a low paying job. Obviously the ones who can provide or rather have a different job do exactly that..
  4. How about "Responsible women who will do anything it takes in this harsh land to make sure their families and children have a decent life" ? ? ?
  5. Cynicism aside, Don't forget being able to send your children to receive higher education so they can avoid the life you had..
  6. With all sympathy for your ailment, You could have spared us the high resolution pictures of your hairy pus infected foot.. Just saying..
  7. Read my original post, I was not referring to Thai women. And for that matter, Japan, Korea and Taiwan should be praised as well for providing safe environment for these women.
  8. The Sad reality is that there are two types of solutions to this problem, The Bad Ones and The Horrible Ones... Making women work underground where criminal organizations can easily hurt and exploit them is definitely from the Horrible ones.
  9. You may misread it at your own pleasure.. The women are forced to work at hidden places or move to other dangerous countries as working in a safe and regulated environment is something these countries do not permit.
  10. Indeed one should praise these countries for not taking the Hypocritical stand of some Scandinavian, European and north American countries that force women to work in hidden and unsupervised places or migrate to much more dangerous countries.
  11. What rubbish.. This was done to avoid them being exploited by the bar owners who gives them no health insurance and no resting days. And If you want to make an analogy with your drug addicts(Stupid as it is..), then how about Handing free an sterile needles..
  12. Highly unlikely under democratic regimes.. Maybe at specific aspects like financial credibility, but not on every day to day activities like they are doing now in china.
  13. The average looking Issan girl looks much prettier then here... ( NO plastic surgeries required ! )
  14. I suggest you look deeper within yourself.. Old and Lonely people can be easily scammed as is unfortunately happening in all rich and poor countries.
  15. I'm sure the first book will be a collection of "Returning happiness to the people" speeches made by the Honorable General.
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