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  1. Excellent advice. Worth a medal.

    Thanks. We actually expected some volume of criticism for this post.

    But we are frequently approached to do asset recoveries for cheated business partners and as a rule it's far too late once the controlling partner has made his move. After-the-fact, the only thing we can do as a rule is to advise getting a lawyer, and quite often the senior partner's moves are entirely legal, and if not, the legal fees would exceed the value the junior partner is seeking to recover.

  2. With so little information given by the OP it's very hard to advise on what steps are either practical or legal (though not necessarily both...)

    Is the 49% shareholder a Director of the company? Does she have signing authority on corporate documents, and very importantly, the bank accounts? Does she have an ATM card drawing on the company accounts?

    Does she live in Thailand? Does she access to the moveable non-cash assets of the company?

    Most importantly, would she prefer to lose 100% of her investment and remain in Thailand, or retain most of her investment and live elsewhere?

    It might be practical for her to rent off-site storage in the company name (not her personal residence or other property she privately controls) and begin moving valuable company assets to that location. The rental contract and the keys should then "go missing" for the time being.

    If she has access to company funds she might want to consider tapping them to buy investment grade gold and store this in a safe deposit box again rented in the company name.

    If she's an employee of the company as well as a shareholder she might wish to authorize for herself a large advance on her salary.

    In all cases she should cover herself by laying out a trail of memos addressed to the other partner and dated appropriately. Something to the effect of "per our meeting on such-and-such date, I've taken the following steps as we jointly agreed".

    The goal is to lay false trail if the activities are later called into question, justify her actions or at least turn it into a he-said/she-said situation, and by doing it all under the company name she may more easily allay or refute suspicions of theft.

    (And if she's got the authority to do so, she might want to start cancelling company-paid services from which the Thai partner draws benefit such as the lease on his car or apartment, if applicable.)

    Make no mistake, if the Thai partner really is preparing to do this, then their personal and working relationship is at an end. The proper response is that she strikes first in her own defense, but couches all her activities in terms of meeting company objectives for which she alone creates documentation.

    Once the Thai partner sees that he has a choice of owning 100% of nothing (except the taxes and other liabilities) or coming to a reasonable accomodation in wrapping up the company or buying out her interest at a fair price, the matter can be settled favorably.

    It's all well and good to talk of consulting attorneys and this should be done so she has a refresher on the finer points of her partnership agreement. But most likely she's involved in the standard sort of deal where the junior partner has no power or recourse, especially if a foreigner.

  3. By the way, Fox News just said that the King supports the coup!

    ... that would be one of my strongest reasons to believe he is actually not,

    coming from Fox News I mean...

    Fox wasn't able to articulate the difference between the coup leaders voicing their support for the Monarchy versus the converse. Most people outside the Kingdom do not readily understand how important it is for any Thai political actor or group to reitierate their intention to uphold the Royal Tradition even in times of great crisis.

  4. 4 am... still no cut...

    surprise surprise. they can't find the switch.

    That "official" from the new airport must be in NYC with Thaksin... :o

    Was just informed that a member of the Privy Council had appeared on camera and expressed cautious support for the coup. Can anyone confirm this?

  5. The lives of the one or two foreigners killed in this latest atrocity are certainly no more or less valuable than that of a local Thai or Malay. But given their nationalities as citizens of desirable tourism market nations, this bombing could touch off any number of different chains of events.

  6. I was under the impression that they do check the blacklist automatically when your details are

    entered on the computer.

    This has been true for several years, even before all the terminals were on-line.

    The black list was on the local hard disk.

    The web cam is probably a second check, where they find someone has changed their name and received a new passport.

    Mind you I doubt they run photo recognition sw against all the images, not yet anyway. :D

    The "web cam" photo is not used in real time in any way. Nor is the data from the swipe of your machine-readable passport (or manual entry) except to check you against the blacklist and also confirm you against a passenger manifest when entering Thailand at an airport.

    Your particulars are entered into Immigration's "who's in-country?" database from your arrival card. This is done behind the scenes at a data processing center. The backlog can be from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on the season.

    That in itself is frightening from a law-enforcement perspective -- one can do a whole lot of crime and be gone again before ever appearing in the database -- but there's no practical alternative if Immigration queues are going to be anything like a reasonable length.

  7. When one is in doubt as to where one's flight will land or from where it will depart, doesn't it make more sense to call the airline for information than to inquire on an internet message board? Confused travellers and clueless travel agents are one thing, but given the scope of the undertaking you'd expect the air carriers know where their staff and equipment will be.

  8. It will be interesting to see exactly how the counting of stamps and days for persons arriving without visa is done. If it's a matter of Immigration inspectors examining every page of a passport then obviously you can expect very long delays at the entry ports. And obviously just as easy to circumvent the process by "losing" your passport and having it repleced with a new one.

    If instead Thai Immigration attempts to put together a database, it will almost certainly turn into a full-fledged clusterf***. They cannot manage to keep their present criminal blacklists complete, accurate and up-to-date; there's no reason to expect them to do better with many tens or hundreds of times larger lists of names.

  9. The Seoul-based GnB English institute said it never employed Karr and that the Web page on which he posted his resume was open for postings by anyone looking for teaching jobs.

    "We have never even interviewed him," said Um Dae-jin, an official at GnB in Seoul.

    The resume was posted June 22, 2005, and has a photo of Karr in a blue and yellow sweater crouching down at a table next to a young girl.

    Indeed you can find the page if you so desire. Do a search on Google for:

    "John Karr" GnB

    Trying to access the page directly from here doesn't seem to work. Either the content has been hastily taken down or the server is swamped with requests.

    You may however view the page as it appears in Google's cache.

  10. Hi

    Having run (and still do) a UK/Thai internet site I obvioulsy have a biased point of view. Yes having come over here especially to Pattaya you almost cannot fail to meet a beautiful young Lady but unless you have kept your brains with you when going through the airport you could become another statistic.

    If you are in a foreign country where can you meet ladies, at the pub? well this is not to everyone's 'taste' or ideal place, with a reputable agency the ladies are checked and always remember these ladies can say no as well. Not all of us have the chat up refered to, beau-thai

    "Checked by whom?" we're tempted to ask. And for what? I hope you'll let us know what sort of vetting you feel a dating agency should do and what yours does.

  11. Here's an early stand-alone article that ties into the case. We may expect many more.


    In countries such as Thailand, child sexual exploitation builds on a long-standing and vast prostitution industry, and thrives where law enforcement is weak or corrupt. That sex with young teens is not a strong taboo in some Asian cultures makes fighting the problem even more difficult.

    However, earlier in the same article:

    U.S. officials identified the suspect as John Mark Karr, a 42-year-old American, and said he was already being held in Bangkok on unrelated sex charges.

    Since we can't place the American authorities above attempting to try this case in the press, we should wait to see if the Thai authorities confirm it.

  12. Police said Karr had been living in a dormitory-style hotel called The Blooms in a neighborhood of massage parlors and travel agents that cater to expatriate residents and sex tourists. The nine-story hotel offers rooms for as short as three-hour rentals.

    anyone ever heard of this place? is it in kao sahn?

    It might be this place:

    The Blooms Residence

    203/1 Soi Sribamphen

    Yen-Arkard Road

    Chongnonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok

    It appears in quiet a few hostel and hotel guides.

    It's in the Thung Mahamek police district, and west of the railroad tracks, south of Rama IV Road and east of Sathorn Rd.

  13. private investergator in thailand?

    no thank you as we all know how the thais go balistic when loss of face is concerned. :o

    This is one of the main reasons we resist providing too much detail when giving interim reports to a client. Although we give absolute confidentiality to every client, may clients don't perceive that it's a two-way street. If they act on the information before the active phase of an investigation is concluded they can place our investigator at serious risk.

    Tracking down "giks" is risky - the biggest worry for the investigator is having his cover blown.

    Investigators also often do not get paid, Chana says.

    This is either because investigations are "incomplete" or customers act on preliminary results and manage to get their cheating partners to confess, he says.

    It's a fact of life in private investigations that if the client reneges on a promise to pay, there's very little the investigator can do to recoup the loss. Even when dealing with a dead-beat, breaching confidentiality is not an option, so what leverage does the investigator have? This problem is greatly compounded when the client is off-shore.

    Under our current business model we tend not to accept cases of very long duration. Instead we'll break the work down into discrete phases, usually of 2 to 5 days, and always pre-paid until the client has proved himself and payment terms may be given. (It also allows us to prove ourselves to the client, with whom we generally have no prior relationship.) This protects both parties financially and allows the client to decide whether to continue or terminate the assignment as he or she prefers. Everyone's interests are better served this way.

    Fees varied depending on circumstances.

    If the target is an "influential person" such as a politician or policemen then the job is considered "high-risk" and, therefore, can cost more.

    The only time fees should vary is when additional resources must be dedicated to the case, usually in the form of multiple investigators working the same case at the same time. This is rare in a simple surveillance (which encompasses most loyalty and marital cases.)

    If the investigator isn't confident in his ability to complete the assignment, he shouldn't take the case in the first place. And charging a premium rate isn't going to help you if you slip up and make the wrong enemy in the VIP caste. Those few extra baht probably won't get you out of lock-up and they certainly won't get you off a slab in the morgue.

    You can surmise that the premium rate is charged because the client is likely a member of the same social class; we view charging variable rates on the basis of perceived ability to pay as unprofessional.

  14. 2. If you had 1,000 people WITHOUT guns and they all got into an argument with someone, what are the chances of a tragedy???

    Answer: NO CHANCE AT ALL!

    As I said before, it's not rocket science!

    You've never seen a real Thai-style street fight? Thai culture definitely does not proscribe against kicking a man while he's down. It's not uncommon for a defenseless or unconscious combatant to get many more minutes of abuse and suffer permanent injuries such as brain damage or ruptured organs.

  15. So is it really that high? Is it really 99% ? Somehow I think that must be an exageration, but I haven't been there is almost 30 years. When I visited there 30 years ago I was a round the world backpacker who had been in India for six months and just wanted to see the next exotic place. I didn't even know Thailand was famous for prostitution, although I found out about it when I got there.

    Maybe a large percent of the single men over 40 who come there are sex tourists, but could it possibley be as high as even 90%, no less 99% ? Is sex tourism the thing that drives the whole Thai tourist industry?

    99% is certainly an exaggeration, but you'd be safe to guess at least half and probably more. You can either work it out from the TAT tourist statistics, or just get a rough number of working girls in farang bars and how much trade they do and work backwards. Still there are the backpackers, temple-gazers, golfers, surfers, sailors, retired gents alone on group tours, etc.

    If you loosen the definition to mean foreign men who will have sexual contact at least once with a Thai woman in any compensated (define as you wish) relationship, then 80-90% is probably right. Which probably maps pretty well to the percentage of Thai men who have contact with a Thai woman not their wife somewhere on the mia noi <-> brothel spectrum.

    Does it drive the whole Thai tourist industry? Certainly not. But take away sex-tourism and you'd see fairly substantial losses in some sectors and locations.

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