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  1. Fragrance chain: Good value for around 35 sings dollars, easy to jump on the MRT to and from the airport (five minutes walk to hotel from Aljunied station). And as Jingthing mentioned great and cheap food "ethnic food".

    If memory serves me right, takes about 20 min with the MRT to get to Orchard.

    Correct on all counts. This area is called Geylang ("Gay Lung"). The Aljunied, Kallang and Paya Lebar MRT stations are all just a few minutes walk. To get to Orchard involves one transfer underground at City Hall station. If you miss the last train, the taxi fares to get back aren't bad at all.


    Fragrance hotels are very good value for the money and our staff use them exclusively when on assignment if a prestige room is not needed. Fragrance Emerald on Lorong 6 provides the shortest walk to MRT (Kallang stn.) and lets you avoid almost all of the nightlife, if you wish.

  2. problems arise when tourists ask to be taken somewhere and taxi drivers cant make head nor tail of what they are trying to pronounce.

    someone new to thailand would have great difficulty in pronouncing "meuang"

    my - ooang , me - ooang , mairng , me - wang.


    "Me" like "It no longer amazes me the Post wastes time on such trivialities."

    "U" like "R U 2 lazy 2 type 1 simple 3 ltr word on a msg brd?"

    "Ang" as in "angry this post couldn't be a bit funnier."

  3. YOu have to wonder how often buses do catch fire without being reported, there was one yesterday on the expressway. Not sure of the company but it was blue and white.

    I guess the blue and white bus was the ones that run from Pattaya to Ekami Bangkok. I have travelled this service regulary over the past 9 months.

    On the 20th this month my GF and myself caught a bus with this company to Bangkok. 30 minutes into the trip the airconditioning system failed. The driver pulled up under an overpass bridge, ie in the shade, and used his mobile to call for a replacement. The replacement bus arrived 40 minutes later.

    Now this driver cared for his passengers!!

    Did his loss his job for these actions!! :o

    Yes, it is nice when things go the way they should (or at least the way we think they should). But Roong Reuang Coach Co.'s operations, especially on the Pattaya-Bangkok route, are a bit of special case. This route is a true cash cow and the company is going to be very protective of it, the equipment and the passengers. Those same considerations don't apply to other operators flogging decades-old buses for 12 baht fares between Nakhon Nowhere and Khwaibpuayburi.

  4. Back to my Question:

    Do you prefer areas that provide a Transgender/Transvestiti free zone over places like Soi Kateoy on Bangla Road?

    You mean zones like the Nazis in WWII wanted for Europe -and did-...free of Jews? :o

    If you don't like Thailand/Phuket as it is, why don't you move back to SF ?

    Have some respect for your fellow human beings who are different than you are ! :D


    " How do I vote, let the LB's have their space but stay out of mine! "

    What the heck do you mean.....your space ? It's their country not yours !


    It may be the "country" of this person or that, but the essence of private property is the right of its lawful owner to decide who enters into it and who does not. If the owner of a bar or a bar complex wishes to exclude a group of persons so as to maximize their benefit, economic or otherwise, and can do so without violating the law, so be it. If you disagree, feel free to advocate for change in the marketplace of ideas and may the zeitgeist be with you.

  5. Hi all,

    I am quite new in bangkok. Sometimes I go back to my place quite late. So that I would like to carry pepper spray or stun gun. Carrying these are legal or illegal in thailand? If legal, where can I find it?

    Legal issues aside, never carry gear that you're not fully qualified to use. Keyword: "retention".

  6. We compared notes with some other interested parties tonight. Let's just say that the ultimate monetary value of a few minutes of Christian-focused video is higher than most people surmise; no direct cash donations on the street are required.

    If you watch the real-world activities closely, you'll notice a few things: rarely does Brother Tony make an appearance without a videographer in tow (the videographer is often dressed down as an inconspicuous farang backpacker male with a farang girlfriend, but they all leave using the same transportation); rarely will he and his entourage stay in one place longer than is necessary to deliver a single sermon (why move on if all need "saving" from their vices?). There are many other inconsistencies from a genuine "calling" to be seen by a trained observed.

  7. Can't help but wonder if Brother Tony would have the courage of his convictions to speak out publicly in Thailand about the "sin" of idolatry, worshiping before certain golden statues and icons, animistic behavior, etc. Absent that level of commitment, one can't help but wonder if he isn't just picking the low-hanging fruit...

  8. OK hold up posters.

    You have to be mindful when lodging complaints to the Immigrations about this Low Life.

    I hope forum member are well aware of how Immigration officials can possible can change visa rules for the WRONG reasons overnight.

    The appropriate venue to address your complaints is the Dutch ambassy. Write directly to the ambassador to get his citizen off the streets of Bangkok.

    Lets hope alarm bells have not been set off at Thai Immigration.

    It's the responsibility of each foreigner to keep himself in compliance with Thai law, especially Immigration law.

    You'll find that no (Western) Embassy will take the initiative in tracking down their citizens in a situation like this or doing much to track their citizens at all. They don't have the time, the money, the staff or the interest to do so; in most cases the home country's privacy laws explicitly prohibit them from doing so. Write to His Excellency Mr. Marres if you wish, but you'll get no result except perhaps a form letter explaining that there's nothing they can do.

  9. There seem to be some misunderstandings in this thread.

    You can in fact top up a Thai mobile phone while the phone is with you in another country (although perhaps not all countries) with the code from an ordinary scratch off card. We've done this frequently in the past for staff members, clients and friends of the firm.

    In some instances it does seem that certain card values don't earn as much validity time as they would if reloaded within Thailand.

    The best solution is to call your service provider or send them an email, and ask for specific guidance. This would make a good start:

    "I am taking my Thai phone home with me to 'country X'. Can I top up my phone from there if a friend emails me the code from a top up card? If he sends me the code from a card with 'value Y', how much extra time to do I get".

    There are just too many variables such as the foreign country involved, the provider and service plan you have and the amount of the top up card to make any definitive statements.

  10. What about dignity?!!!!!!!!

    Have we (as farangs) not more than enough disputible excamples of how Thai people look at farangs.???????????

    And "sometimes" quit rightly soo.

    The man is a discrace to himself , my Country and me and my family

    I am a Dutchman too.

    It shows how much the policeforce in Thailand is disabled to function as it should according to the Thai Law.

    only 1 advice.....................

    get him of the streets......and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Would it be possible for you to call your Embassy, and ask for their opinion on a matter such as this? And ask particularly if they have a program to send home Dutch people who are out of money?

    It would be useful to add some facts to this thread which is now just mostly speculation and opinion.

  11. Hi Loke, i'm sorry to say mate but i think youv'e missed the point, what a lot of people are saying is why dosn't he go to his embassy and then on to Holland were theres a system which will look after him. The reason the guys getting bad press is simple! the Thais in this country who are really poor don't have an option but this guy dose! :o

    You Just confirmed what I've just said... You don't have a clue, if you think you know anything about this guy or about his options.

    Don't talk to me about poor thais, as if you had some special knowledge about those... Your ignorance shown to this guy tells it all.

    Poor ppl doesn't need your "simple bad press" just because there's ppl in existance that are more poor. This guy seems to me to be one who rather bend his pride than to steal, mug or bother anyone really - and he's on his knees begging from english-speaking thais/farrangs fortunate enough to ride the skytrain. BTW: Intoxicated or not - he might just be dozed by the heavy smog ;o)

    - Get real and mind you manners, mate!

    You are IMHO talking out of your @rse. The days are over when you just went to the embassy or consulate and had a free trip home, dude. The begging guy doesn't seem to be too bright, thus almost demanding anyones pity. For one: he too think he could just go to the dutch embassy and get a free ride home - only if not that they then would find out, that he actually should have been in Holland the last whole year looking for work - and second: the poor guy sees no problem whatsoever in admitting it all ON TAPE ment for YouTube. With all those selfappointed police-informers, like in here, then he'll probably get in serious legal trouble upon his return to Holland. Justice served, I'm sure those prick$ would say.

    Listen up and think for once; straight all right narrow-path following individuals DONT NEED ANY COMPASSION... It's the somewhat crooked guys who are in the gutter that does.


    You are wide of the mark on a few points.

    This guy seems to me to be one who rather bend his pride than to steal

    But that is precisely what he is doing. As has been pointed out, he passed the point a long time ago when he would have had enough money to go home. Yet he still asks for more under the pretext of needing money to go home. This is taking money under false pretenses, which is the same as stealing.

    The days are over when you just went to the embassy or consulate and had a free trip home

    Almost every western Embassy has a form available to its citizens which they may sign which gives them a temporary loan for their ticket and a small amount for maintenance. Even America -- which does perhaps the least of any Western government on behalf of its citizens overseas -- offers this emergency service. (It's US Department of State form DS-3072 "Emergency Loan Application and Evacuation Document".)

  12. Some one said this happens everywhere. Unfortunatly this happens here to often and what happens after the deed? Usually not much.


    It does not happen everywhere. In America, one could expect to be a victim of a violent crime once evry 213 years. I don't know what the statistic is for a violent crime at the hands of a law enforcement officer, but I would expect once in several thousand years. Here, those that ought to be looking out for the welfare of the citizenry are the people most likely to commit felonious acts. In America, certain laws, if broken by law enforcement officers, have a much harsher penalty than if a civilain does it.

    Yes, in most American jurisdictions an assault be a sworn officer is termed "abuse under color of authority" and the penalties are roughly triple that for the same act committed by a civilian.

    There are two fundamental problems that will make police reform in Thailand very difficult. One is the wide discretion that the cop on the spot or his sergeant at the station have in interpreting the law, assessing fines, etc. The other is the near total absence of civilian oversight of police affairs.

  13. Why not give the generic URL for the new version rather than just the one for "Friends of Bill G."?

    All languages and OS options for Firefox are here:


    Hi Thai-Spy,

    Those links are for Firefox mate not Thanks for the links to other OS's though......shame on you george! Not everyone uses the big W :o



    Jimmy, refresh your browser or dump your cache. is there. (Unless, maybe, the site detects your system or browser language which may not be be en-US and there isn't a for it yet, so you're sent to the latest version for your language which may be

  14. It's clearly stated from more than a few sources in this thread that the bus was overloaded. Would you get on a plane where there was no seating left, but the flight attendants said, don't worry about it, pile on in! Do you want to wait a whole hour before the next flight? Yes, it would be easy to blame the airline (who is also at fault) for one's own stupidity.

    airlines are bound by international regulations.

    thai bus companies are bound by nothing.

    and the chances are that if the 9.00am bus is overcrowded , and you choose to get off , then the 9.30am bus will also be overcrowded , and the 10.00am , and the 10.30 etc.etc.etc........

    you cant blame the passengers for what happened to them. they buy their tickets and get on the bus.

    if they change their mind , do they get a refund ? ............

    as i have said , the public here are treated terribly by each and every service provider in the country , from the government down to the most local shop. people are taken advantage of , cheated , pressured , and there is just no accountability built in to the system , those with any power can wield it ruthlessly. there is nowhere for the oppressed to turn to to air their grievances and gain some redress.

    what i cant understand , and heng , you as a thai might be able to provide an answer , is why have the people put up with such frustrations and being taken for fools for so long .

    in most countries there would have been violent revolution by now.

    Call it an unregulated charter airline then. Believe it or not, everyone can still control their own destinies without having to blame or depend on the next guy/gal higher up the ladder.

    As a Thai, I'd venture to say that most folks are just a little more content (broad generalization as there are plenty who aren't) with what they have (whether it's a little or a lot), than folks in "most other countries."


    With all due respect, it is a "contentment" which is largely rooted in ignorance, apathy. and perpetual disenfranchisement. Strong words? Perhaps. But how else to represent the general lack of awareness among Thais that change is both possible and desirable, at least as far as safety and health standards and on consumer protection issues in general?

    When every bus going from point A to point B is to one degree or another unsafe; when the alternative of private transportation is unduly fraught with peril because of lax enforcement of traffic law; when government, industry, and the general populace all adopt an attitude which values money and personal convenience over safety, then how can the individual "control their own destiny"?

    The overall problem of safety in Thailand has many causes, many of which formerly existed in the West and were overcome. Unfortunately, Thailand largely lacks many of the traditions that lead to those solutions in the West. Effective labor unions for one. Self-empowered advocates (Ralph Nader for example) for another. And as a third, politicians who are willing to act effectively in defense of the public interest as vigorously as they do in defense of business interests or their own careers.

    Certainly every Westerner has felt at one time or another a victim of too much regulation in his home country, very often in the workplace or on the roads. But there's definitely something to be said for being able to go one town over without taking your life in your hands and for living long enough to draw a pension with all limbs intact as well. That just proves the point that it's possible to be both free and safe. Here's hoping the Thais arrive at the same awareness and demand change before too many more tragedies like this occur.

  15. Indeed, to get to the bottom of this, it's going to take more information. Please find out precisely where the ID was issued and when it was issued. Also, was it her first ID card?

    I thought all thai nationals must have an id card,if its been revoked then i assume its logged on computer.

    Yes, the girl in question does still have a national identity file. Thai identity cards have a maximum life of 7 years and then must be renewed. Unless they took the extraordinary step of removing her entire record based on a fraudulent registration of her birth (nearly unheard of) there's still a record.

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