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  1. That's a very aristocratic username with a Hapsburg like appeal. Maybe if you added a "Von" in the middle, it would complete the package. In fact there is not a single water front hotel in Copacabana (all separated by road), let alone one that can match the quality of that Panama City place.
  2. The whole myth of the Rio beaches being filled with supermodels in bikinis was long ago debunked as a tourism publicity stunt based on that Ipanema song. Amazing that many still fall for it. The reality is much more a favela surrounded, sewage plagued beach filled with obese people, living the dream. Many of them are retirees from Sao Paulo. Lots of thieves target the beaches as well. (check reviews on tripadvisor) https://www.ibtimes.com/obesity-rates-soaring-brazil-prosperity-flourishes-436768
  3. Very well put. The sense of entitlement of these penny pinching and loitering economic free riders is unbelievable. A workable and fair solution based on free market economics would be to make the area a cordoned off paid seating area. Paying customers with receipts from shops who have purchased more than xx baht could also be entitled entry for a set period of time. Exceptions for special cases could be made.
  4. Sounds very unhygienic and museum-esque.
  5. Watch the Home Alone movie and the sequels. You will never fear burglars again.
  6. Might be time for you to become a franchisee of the adult diaper market! I be smellin a winner, literally!
  7. Wasn't it the legendary Dicaprio who said "money talks and bullsh** takes the bus"
  8. You may be onto something. A real money maker. After all toilets aren't free on Walking Street either.
  9. The first good idea you have ever had, and definitely overdue. I remember the good old days of pay toilets and this classic poem from the day, Here I am sitting broken hearted Paid a dime But only farted Yesterday I took a chance, Saved a dime and crapped my pants.
  10. why would they want retirees? They do not pay income tax, use social infrastructure for free and are a net economic cost to the system. Would be interested to hear your proof for this outrageous claim.
  11. Try and snatch the pebble grasshopper, is the best advice I can give.
  12. From the credible Deutsche Welle or DW is Germany's public international broadcaster. https://www.dw.com/en/rio-residents-protest-favela-violence-on-copacabana-beach/a-39515273 Rio residents protest favela violence on Copacabana beach Hundreds of favela residents have rallied on Rio de Janeiro's world-famous Copacabana beach, weary of the violence in the city's slums. https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-favela-near-copacabana-rio-de-janeiro-view-brazil-image39549604 View of favela near Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil
  13. Panama City is a fantastic beach city, recognized and acknowledged as such by credible sources. https://internationalliving.com/top-5-popular-beach-towns-in-panama/ “In Panama, even those who choose to live in the bustling capital can enjoy the best of both worlds…city and beach.” The address of the beach in the photo below is….wait for it….. Playa Bonita Panama, Panama City Panama. Only a few minutes from Downtown! In fact Copacabana is almost 1 hour from Rio business district, but close to crime ridden favelas. Panama City is truly a wonderful coastal beach city. There are also options all around the city. Taboga Island of Flower, is one great option. If people want to spend hours commuting to go sit in front of raw sewage in crime ridden Rio suburbs, or Lima and call this a beach experience, then that is their business. Teaching moment over.
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