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  1. Thanks to all respected members for valuable information. Sorted out.
  2. Thanks ubonjoe Do you have any reference provided by Thailand Immigration.
  3. Advice and Reference Requested (Immigration Rules) My 90 days Reporting is due on 03-Aug-19 and I am on Non-O Visa (extension). I went to Singapore with a Re-entry Visa on 1-June-19 and came back to Thailand on 8-June-19 respectively. Questions: Do I have to report to Immigration on 03-Aug-19 for 90 Days reporting or wait for 90 Days from the date I arrived from Singapore i.e., 8-June-19. And then go to Immigration for 90 Days Reporting. What exactly the rule say? Please provide any reference (Link) of Immigration rule in context to point 1 above. I would appreciate precise answers. Thanks and Regards
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