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  1. Get Lucky, all you need is a harp. I like heaps of different music but I for one do not believe more is always better. Enjoy a soft rendition of the Daft Punk number.
  2. I saw a little stunner at Korat immigration just last week, volunteer I would think, she had the shortest skirt I have seen on a uni girl for ages. Outside 90 day report room. The wife elbowed me in the ribs, I think I may have been staring.
  3. No problem at Korat for the past 2 years, filled in a TM47 once and after that no more forms, just hand over Passport. Anyway the IO is very near Makro so I do some western shopping. 90 km round trip. Also I do not remember my address the wife wrote in Thai so I have steered away from the online report.
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