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  1. Yesterday was my first attempt to extend my O visa which I aquired in Australia on November 27 2018. I was well armed with a reem of paperwork, copies of bank books, photos, bank letter, had everything recomended on Thai Visa and then some. The wife and I entered Korat immigration at around 10 am and we where the only customers there. We were seated at the document check table by a lovely girl (Uni student) who proceded to diseminate my two neatly stacked applications. The TM7 was at the top of each pile and was the first to be flicked, should have used a blue pen, no problem as she filled out another one for me. Passport stamps next and I did not have copies of all Thai related ones so her mate photo copied the missing ones. Bank letter ok but only needed the original. I was scratching my head by this time. Seems I only needed the one set of paperwork, copies of most docs and a sighting of the original for others. They seemed to be having fun so I let them carry on. When the pile was complete to their satisfaction all the docs where stamped for the wife and I to sign, unreal. Then the hitch, " you take and sign and come back with two witnesses OK", we asked if this could be done the same day and yes that was better as they were expecting a lot of farangs next week. So a 35 km drive eachway later we arrived back with two old girls from the village, took our seats in front of the IO for inspection, a few questions asked and she check through her check list signing each piece of paper until all was to her satifaction. Out came the Under Consideratio stamp, photo taken and all duly recorded on the system. She then checked the old girls blue books and ID cards and BoB as they say is your uncle. Stamp is good until the end of March but she told us to call anytime after the 15th March to see if application was approved or just drop in with a box of chocolate. No mention about keeping the money in the bank, bringing bank book again. All in all a very good experience. TM7 Copy of PP, Visa page,TM6 departure, TM30 notice, all thai entry stamps Marriage Cert and updated KR2 Daughters birth cert Blue book and ID card Bank cert and pass book entries Map of house, I gave them a hand drawn one but they produced a computer generated one. Photos, three of showing house number, on the bed and relaxing on the sofa 1900 baht and another 84 baht for Office copy of the application Good luck fellas. Still have to wait for approval but so far so good.
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