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  1. Dear Thai Visa Forum, will you be posting an update to this story for us to read? Only a small portion of the overall story was told to us readers. Thanks.
  2. I totally disagree with you 100% on your perception of Thai education. My Thai stepsisters legally emigrated to the USA, California, both were 19 and 18 years old, had received primary education and graduated high school in Bangkok, and had limited English skills. They each enrolled in Community College. Their math courses, I'm not certain which level (i.e., Math 101, 105 or 107), were not up to par with the level of math they had recently learned in school. Community College math was so easy for them, they each had to take the most advanced math offered by the college just to ensure their education went forward. The each completed their C.C. studies and graduated from C.C.; beyond C.C. I don't know their academic resumes. My sisters now work as a Q.A. Inspector for Thermal Fisher, and as a logistics manager in the electronics industry, respectively. I guess their Thai education had prepared them well for their continued education in the USA, which led to good career jobs. I fail to see how their Thai education failed them, per your perception.
  3. Does a non-censored transcript of this meeting exist for us forum readers? Can and will the original poster, or another poster, provide it here for us to read? I'm curious about all the questions which were asked by the audience and each reply to the same. Thanks.
  4. @Chazar, thanks that was helpful information for someone asking a legitimate question.
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