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  1. I think this is a good plan. Sri Lanka is one of Asia's covid success story. You may also check out Macau and/or Malayasia.
  2. I think that's a common sense. Why a tourists would hang out here, instead of trying to find flights back home? I get email from the US embassy few times a week listing all the fights still available to US.
  3. I read they would consider foreigners with Thai families trapped outside before allowing tourists.
  4. Excellent prospective. Otherwise we will see streets of bangkok littered with homeless people, standing in long food lines everyday one year from now.
  5. But for losers who cant make it in the clean developed economies and cant find a bride and travel 10,000 miles to take refuge in Thailand to make a living or find a bride, or engage in sex orgy this is a heaven.
  6. I have checked in/out in a dozen shops but never received any SMS spam. Will download tomorrow and check if it makes easier. Great idea and Thailand wins, though not a new concept.
  7. They must be very careful. Everyday we see repartiated Thais wiht new cases. If they open the border, there will be a rush of bride seekers, sex origy seekers, and economic advanage seekers from the cesspoor of dirty, desease, and infected countries rushing to Thailand. That will cause a catastrophy.
  8. Use two accounts. Give ATM card of one account where bulk of the money sits to your daughter in the UK with PIN. Transfer money from the bulk account to your expense account (another bank account) weekly. THis cn be automated. In case of somehting happens, your daughter has full access to the money from the bulk account and can draw it quickly in the UK.
  9. He may have legitimate claim to a marriage extension but if goes to the immigration office for a retirement extension, his application will be treated as retriement extension.
  10. In a foreign currency account, you don't need to covert to Thai baht. It will stay the same amount in foreign currency (irrepective of currency flactuation). When you want to covert, the rate on that day will determine the amounts of Thai baht you will receive.
  11. Never had to worry about anything else. Of course I'm worried now.
  12. They are still thinking about how to allow foreigners trapped outside Thailand. But the priority right now is Thais, foreigners with work permits, and permannent residents in that order. After they take care of these group of people, they will allow foreigners with thai families trapped outside. But the requirements for the first three group of people may serve as a clue to others also. Foreigners with Thai family already inside Thailand don't need any special treatment as they can always extend their stay to on-year at a time without ever leaving Thailand.
  13. So, if some places can waive it and can do experiment, why cant Jomtian do the same experiment through agent only? Of couse my agents don't posts in this forum he does by actions what he says. And his fees for O-A and O are the same. So I Have to beleive him more than somebody who posts here.
  14. I am not sure about "almost everywhere". We don't know what is OP's requirement for connections. For example I need at least a 1GB download and 300MB upload. Is it avaailable in every corner of Thailand? I doubt very much.
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