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  1. Yawn. Sometimes we compare rates and sometimes we compare absolute numbers. Citing one does not imply ignoring the other. If this current estimate is correct it is the first estimate that shows the Covid deaths as exceeding the 1918 H1N1 deaths in absolute numbers. And that's worth noting. Your last point is that since 3.35 million Americans died in the US in 2020, the excess deaths due to Covid don't matter for some reason? Everyone dies anyway? Most demographers would consider a one-third increase in deaths on a national scale to be a significant event, but not you appar
  2. You may have heard that Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, has “No Doubt” that actual toll is much higher than the reported 581,000 American deaths. He agreed with a University of Washington analysis making estimates of “over 900,000” deaths already with a million U.S. deaths possible before we are through this health crisis. Globally, the numbers are even more horrific. The map of total Covid deaths to reported Covid deaths. Both Thailand and China are in the most accurate group. If the new estimate is correct, then US Covid deaths hav
  3. At the start of WWII FDR set up the War Production Board, which included industrial leaders and military people, who directed the US economy. Production of automobiles was halted completely and the factories of Ford, GM, and the others turned over to producing tanks, planes, etc. Industry was objecting since their profits soared during the war, but they couldn't have said no if they had wanted to. After the war the practiced was legislated in the Defense Production Act which enables the president to seize companies for reasons of national security. So, yes, suspen
  4. The US was a late signatory to the Geneva Convention on copyright protection, which was the work of France and Germany. That's the reason that the only place to hear Wagner's operas outside of Bayreuth in the 19th century was at the Metropolitan Opera in New York which cheerfully ignored Wagner's copyright. The US which has for a long time been a free trade advocate was in the early days of the Republic fiercely protectionist. Alexander Hamilton coined the phrase "infant industry" as part of his promotion of tariffs to protect developing US industry against competition with Briti
  5. That's right. Pfizer didn't develop the vaccine. They just do the manufacturing. BioNTech which did the development received $400 million from the German government. So, the patent should belong to Germany, not Pfizer and not BioNTech.
  6. Who said anything about "another person?" Storing your passwords in the 1password.com cloud is safe In the same way that depositing your money in a bank is safe, certainly safer than in the mattress which is what your homegrown method resembles. What if you lose your device? Do you back it up every time you update a password? Where do you keep those backups that is both safe and accessible? Would it be accessible if you lost your device while you were travelling? A well-implemented password manager, such as 1password.com, has implemented and tested solutions to al
  7. Better to store the password safely in the cloud with a password manager like 1password.com.
  8. I had a similar experience which I put down to pollutants other than PM 2.5.
  9. In fact, the success of Operation Warp Speed is an excellent example of a different model of drug development that does not involve granting monopolies to drug companies. The government hires companies like Moderna and pays the cost of development allowing the drug company, say, a 10% profit. But there is no patent and generic versions become available whose price reflects the cost of manufacture, not development. The problem with Operation Warp Speed is that the Trump admin did not retain patent ownership for the taxpayers who funded the development. By the way, alth
  10. Sure is. The cost of the four most popular types of insulin has tripled over the past decade, and the out-of-pocket prescription costs patients now face have doubled. By 2016, the average price per month rose to $450 — and costs continue to rise, so much so that as many as one in four people with diabetes are now skimping on or skipping lifesaving doses. According to a 2017 Lancet paper on insulin price increases, “Older insulins have been successively replaced with newer, incrementally improved products covered by numerous additional patents.” The result is that more
  11. Although some will make money, Bitcoin will end in tears, of course, because it is an unproductive asset like tulips or baseball cards.
  12. Yes, he did unambiguously. Rachel Maddow played the clip on today's program. As far as I know the patent issue is, or can be made, black and white, but vaccine startup manufacturers would still be hamstring by limited access to raw materials and trained personnel. So, the US should lead the way in supplying both and there are some indications that we will, although it hasn't yet been settled. Time is of the essence.
  13. During the campaign Biden promised to waive patents on vaccines and now his fulfilling that promise. What a difference!
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