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  1. Bureaucrats everywhere are ordered to follow the rules, not to use their personal judgment and that's mostly what they do since they want above all to avoid punishment. Some people will certainly do so, but no one should let that happen in the belief that an immigration officer might overlook it, even though that is possible.
  2. Here is a simple way to determine how the new restrictions will be interpreted by Thai immigration. 1. Take all the interpretations proposed by the posters on this thread 2. Add in an arbitrary additional number of different interpretations that will not have occurred to the posters, but will seem quite reasonable to the Thai immigration officers. 3. Each of the resulting large set of possible rules will all be applied to some applicant at some TM by some immigration officer. The safest approach, if you can afford it, is to choose the most stringent interpretation and remain strictly in conformance with that.
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