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  1. Oh sure, Chris Patten. He was the guy who, after 150 years of British rule, reformed the limited election structure in 1994 to enfranchise virtually all Hong Kong citizens for the first time, just so that the Brits could accuse China of being anti-democratic when they inevitably revoked the reforms, which they did in 1998. Cynical British colonial ruler.
  2. And yet we know from the data that widespread mask usage does work to suppress the virus.
  3. I used the term "herd immunity" deliberately to underscore the equivalence and to point out that what many people take as the sole resolution to the pandemic can actually be achieved more quickly and without a vaccine using no more than the best practices of public health. So, I think I'll continue to express myself as I wish and if that's too subtle for some readers, that's their problem, not mine.
  4. Of course, I understand that is not literally what herd immunity it, but the assertion is that if that percentage of people wore masks it would effectively be the same as herd immunity enough for the virus to die out. Unlike true herd immunity, the mask effect would be short-term only, but the virus would die out just the same. So, the effect could be the same as herd immunity. New Zealand has or is about to exterminate the virus by such methods without ever having had a large enough infection rate to achieve true herd immunity.
  5. I signed up for Part B at 65, but did not start collecting SS benefits until age 70. It was no problem. Medicare transferred the monthly premium out of my US checking account every month automatically. I don't remember exactly how I set that up, but it was not done through the bill pay feature of the bank account. I probably set it up in my account at medicare.gov. Whenever they raised the Part B premium, the amount withdrawn would automatically be adjusted. When I started receiving my SS benefits, the withdrawals stopped automatically and the SS benefit amount was reduced accordingly.
  6. 8 million baht at age 50 is not nearly enough to retire and maintain anything approximately resembling a first-world standard of living for the next thirty or forty years. Unless he will eventually have a good pension from somewhere, his life will sink into misery, probably in the not too distant future. The height of foolishness.
  7. Atul Gawande is a surgeon and public health researcher who writes very well about medical issues. His latest piece about corona is informative in surprising ways. It's a good read. For instance, this observation: Don’t ditch your T-shirt mask, though. A recent, extensive review of the research from an international consortium of scientists suggests that if at least sixty per cent of the population wore masks that were just sixty-per-cent effective in blocking viral transmission—which a well-fitting, two-layer cotton mask is—the epidemic could be stopped. The more effective the mask, the bigger the impact. https://www.newyorker.com/science/medical-dispatch/amid-the-coronavirus-crisis-a-regimen-for-reentry#intcid=recommendations_default-popular_6b34958d-a892-4640-b9c8-96f47a978ece_popular4-1 So, 60% of the population wearing T-shirt masks could provide enough herd immunity to stop Covid cold? Why aren't govts kicking off major campaigns to do this?
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