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  1. If you are interested in a closed end fund for income you might take a look at the Templeton Global Income Fund, ticker GIM. Income yield is currently 5.49%. I like them, because they don't leverage which means a lower risk and their expense ratio of 0.68% is low for the sovereign sector. Currently selling at a 16% discount. https://www.cefa.com/FundSelector/FundDetail.fs?ID=2679 The other good payer is the open-end fund, Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Fund, ticker VWEAX, i.e. junk bonds. (VWEAX has a minimum $50k investment. There is also an "investor shares" versio
  2. So, neither reading comprehension nor history are your strong suits then? The Jim Crow laws came about, not because of Reconstruction, but because of the end of Reconstruction with the removal of federal troops from the South in 1876. In any case my discussion was not about Reconstruction, but the power that the Congress has to exempt its laws from the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, which happens to have occurred during Reconstruction. Sheesh.
  3. So, the crisis of the Supreme Court can be rectified readily, consitutionally, and without restructuring the Court itself. Assuming that Biden wins, the Dems take the Senate and keep the House, and that the filibuster is promptly dispatched, the Congress can pass bills by simple majority signed into law by President Biden that re-establish Obamacare with improvements and legalize abortion in the fifty states and the territories, for instance. And each bill can include a provision that states that legal cases brought under these laws are exempted from the appellate jurisdiction of the Suprem
  4. I agree that Bork should not have been seated on the Court, because of his retrograde judicial opinions. However, his firing of Cox during the Saturday Night Massacre is surprising not such a reason. When Nixon ordered Atty General Eliot Richardson to fire Cox, Richardson went in person to the White House to resign instead. Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshouse to fire Cox. Ruckelshouse refused and so Nixon fired him immediately. The third in line in the Dept. of Justice was Robert Bork. Now Bork didn't want to fire Cox and discussed with Richardson and Ruckelsh
  5. Now that you understand the necessity of collecting data for the same period of time, it's time to introduce the concept of statistical significance. Your personal sample, while no doubt vivid to yourself, is too small to use as a basis for extrapolation to population size. The former director of the US CDC stated in Aug. that Covid was by then the third leading cause of death in the US. Since the UK's 671 Covid deaths per million is only slightly less than the US's 684 Covid deaths per million, the Covid probably has a similar ranking among causes of death in the UK. Between your anec
  6. Here is the graph of the changes in the corruption index for Thailand from 2012 to 2019 published by transparency.org. I am looking for the improvement in the current period of military rule, but having a hard time seeing it. https://www.transparency.org/en/cpi
  7. Truly the worst possible advice with all the depth of a Hallmark card. The OP should carefully analyze the pros and cons of life in each location. He should consider worst case scenarios as the couple ages, also. It's fine to take into account feelings and preferences of both members of the couple, but feelings and preferences do not override the hard realities of limited resources. As an American I think Canada has it all over the US. The health care is a huge plus. The Canadians themselves are like Americans, except they're not nuts. I hope I never have to live
  8. But those are cases you have encounter throughout your long and innumerate life. The relevant comparison is how many such cases do you personally know of that have occurred in the past eight or nine months?
  9. That would be your own highly idiosyncratic reading of the Constitution. The Congress explicitly has the power to regulate the courts including the Supreme Court.
  10. You misread the Constitution. The proposed Supreme Appellate Court would be above the various district courts of appeals as just another layer of appeals courts the creation of which is left entirely to the Congress under the Constitution. The new SAC would not be superior to the current Supreme Court since it would not have jusrisdiction over any cases to which the Supreme Court still had jurisdiction. It would be superior to the district and appellate courts. It could equally be called the Superior Appellate Court of the United States to avoid confusion. The key provision is
  11. It is now much more likely that the Dems will pack the Court, probably with four more justices. However, the much-needed reforms of the Court need not stop there. According to the Exceptions Clause the Congress can make exceptions to the jurisdiction of the Court and can regulate it. So, Congress could pass a law making abortion legal in all 50 states with the explicit proviso that cases brought against this law are not within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. But my preferred solution goes further. The Congress can create a new Supreme Appellate Court of the United Stat
  12. I was considering the US, not the whole world, but if one-by-one the governments lockdown for up to 12 weeks, then the epidemic can be licked even without a vaccine. The truculently anti-science governments like the UK and Brazil will be left to themselves.
  13. Most would. Mask-wearing is overwhelmingly supported. For the rest, that is what the National Guard is for.
  14. So, fine. The Spanish Flu last from Feb. 1918 to April 1920. So, which is worse 12 weeks of expensive, total shutdown or another 14 months of the current, out-of-control pandemic, which also has a high economic cost? China is Covid-free, including Wuhan. The Wuhan lockdown lasted from Feb. 2 until April 8. In 8 to 12 weeks life in the US could be normal or the death rate and economic costs could continue as they are right now.
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