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  1. Over 8 million albums sold world wide and a Grammy in there somewhere, but Thai visa has never heard of him. What are the chances?
  2. Given past experiences as a bartender and cleaning oft neglected draft lines, I don't drink draft beer in many places.
  3. If anyone doubted that thaivisa is a culture of fear, this thread is proof.
  4. Or the line may just be shorter, making using that line expedient. If you can get through in 15 mins why would you wait 40 mins with the the rest of the sheep? I generally just head for the shortest line, I don't really care what it says. Not had a problem yet.
  5. To the contrary, he is telling the whole country to sit and spin. Balls of steel more like.
  6. That is what I said, not number of visas, length of stay.
  7. There is no limit on the number of tourist visa (exempt) you can get, it's the duration of stay that they look at. If for example you live in a neighboring country and fly in to Thailand for a few days every couple. Of weeks you will be fine. I entered Thailand around 15 times last year, and never stayed for over 10 days Most trips around 4 days. Never been questioned.
  8. Methinks it's you that is lost, a restraunt is an ideal way to explain to neighbors why folks are always coming and going. Had he been properly documented, he likely would have been ok, though the whole thing screams of a setup, the cops likely knew what he was up to and used thst as an excuse for the search.
  9. While I appreciate the accolade, I must say that Thailand has changed since I started living here full time at 25 in 1996 (albeit with a recent 5 year side trip to the philipines and regular working trips there still). There are plenty of new and interesting bars and restraunts that have come and gone over the years, and the almost exclusive expat enclave sports bar, with a few notable exceptions has died, or is dying, a slow death, as have bar beers and gogo's etc. So, is the drunken expat, and holiday millionaire and the privelges being such an expat or traveller used to entail. While these, in my early years were fun, they soon became a curiosity to visit only when demanded by visitors who wanted to see the legendary Thai seamy underbelly. Far preferable to me and far more common are bars that appeal to a crowd that will include professionals both local and foreign and these seem to be doing well. Balloon buffets have had their day, as have the people that frequent them Now I understand that if you wish to hold on to past glory and nostalgia and a cheap beer buzz amongst like minded folk is your thing, you may be disappointed in your remaining options and find me arrogant, but times change and that time has passed. Ask any traveller 25 to 40 to Thailand and they will tell you that the vibrance and fun that once was Thailand to you is still very much in evidence, it is just not for you. Thailand is no longer a bargain or the rules free playground it once was, but it has developed in to a decent place to live if you meet the criteria. I too am concerned with the current government and their policies of increasing xenophobia, but other nations now have the money to spend on Thai holidays as well, you are no longer unique in your spending power, nor entitled. Just my thoughts over a number of years.
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