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  1. Where do you even get the impression he was off track? The article certainly doenst say anything to thst effect. road cyclists clim hills. From the top, they decend, how is that unclear?
  2. This is what I do every where I travel, my boarding passgets tucked into my passport.I never actually thought about it until now
  3. And that is far more sensible a response than a 1 line cliche.
  4. Every thai I have know who has relocated to canada or the us has loved it. Granted in these cases they were university educated career oriented and spoke english already. In other words the couple were equals, partners and the realtionship was predicated on their similar goals and desires rather than an economic imbalance.
  5. Again, another witty thai visa member with a thoughtless copy pasta post. It would seem that perhaps gm should take the heat here. There is absolutely no shortage of precedent here for gm closing their plants and laying off their workforce they seem to be closing plants almost annually. But make it about thailand if you feel you must despite the fact that their Australia and New Zealand operations as well as any operation outside china, the us, south arerica and south korea have been shut down.
  6. You dont hate to say it at all, you are just being passive aggressive.
  7. cant be bothered to read the whole thread, but pay a living wage with proper benefits wouldn't hurt either. only issue i can see with that is the local teachers would probably appreciate a living wage as well.
  8. im sorry, what exactly an i getting wrong? the definition of incel? well here it is: you will note i did not indicate our shooter was incel. though i suspect there are many that could be considered incel settled down in thailand to buy that which they could not find free in real life. or was i wrong about the male ego being fragile the world over? that i am not even going to rebut.
  9. have you heard about the incel movement worldwide? it is not the Thai Male Ego that is fragile, it is Male Ego period.
  10. At 52, I certainly hope not. That I will continue to age is certainly inevitable, one just hopes that I manage to do so without dedicating my remaining days to posting incomprensible drivel on a forum and imagining I am a formidable wit.
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