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  1. This is the thread of the lunatics...i'm off now...have fun guys and don't forget to vote for Biden the fake news spreader.
  2. Exactly, i also stopped after the first...trade deficit of 80 billion and Trump called it 100...oh boy what a lie. After reading this thread i lost ALL respect for americans here in Thailand...what a load of brainless people they are.
  3. The answer is: you don't see it. Good enough. No, go on and give us examples....and if you can't then you stop demonizing here in public.
  4. My point is that many on both sides have no problem lying when it suits their purpose. Do you seriously not see that? My point is that i would like to see examples of your bs-claim. Don't you seriously see that? I'm still waiting.
  5. Trump is great for the americans. He's right and the msm/e-tech should get stopped. What about sweden, are they also great for the swedes?
  6. Once i was on an Emirates flight in the A380...i reclined my chair and suddenly the airhostess came to me and asked if i would move it straight up again because the passenger behind me had complained to her..i told her that i wouldn't do it, only during dinners. The Thai boy behind me was angry and asked her for another chair, which he got...He wasn't fat at all so i don't understand why he had to ask about it.
  7. We got 2 times 1000 baht off the bill....during march and april we used aircon all day long and the bills were around 2500, so it became 1500 after the discount.
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