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  1. Not only you, smart ass comments, also bashing and instant negatives. Also comments about the way it's done / the concerned laws etc., etc,. in other countries Par for the course on an open forum anywhere I guess. But many times I've directly received or read in other posts quite valuable and helpful information.
  2. My Thai son is very protective of his 3 young kids and he watches continuously where they are and who else is there with them etc. And for good reason, a middle aged loud mouth full on ladyboy in the family was caught having undressed an 8 year old girl and was giving her a bath. Further checking revealed her parents had not asked him to give the girl a bath, it had happened 4 or 5 times before, and each time the bath took well over 1 hour. Son has made it very clear to the ladyboy to stay well away from his kids. On many occasions my son has asked his cousins / friends 'where are your kids?' They don't know 'maybe they went to town with the lady from another house.' All vague answers because the truth is they don't know where their kids are and they don't see any need to know where their kids are.
  3. This is an English language forum, why not use the English word wai.
  4. Just one point. Most people have dream of things they can and dreams of things they can't / can never afford, very normal. No doubt there are some folks who are quite interested to live in another culture on retirement, not certainly not everybody. No doubt many of these folks realize retiring in another country has monetary costs which will amount to quite a sum. Some also folks do their sums and know that can afford it, including all the unforeseen bumps etc., and they move. And others realize that they just can't afford it and get on with life as it is and stay happy. Some folks will say I'll just have to keep dreaming about the top of the line BM, that's life! Others do some sums and then realize they can't afford it but they move anyway and eventually they run into very big bumps. Others do no sums, just move and quickly run into big bumps then insurmountable bumps. Some folks will realize that after buying the BM the running / maintenance costs have increased so much they can't afford it any longer and they need to change the situation to what they can afford - and quite possible a painful downgrade.
  5. Agree, looking forward to knowing how the visa monetary requirements fill the government coffers.
  6. So what. And what's your next world shattering post? 'It's hot.' "This isn't an isolated incident, it has happened many times before in a similar setting." So what is the setting, does the reason for the dinner connect to the girl making this statement? And are you conveniently not mentioning this point? I've been here 30+ years and I have never once seen someone stand up and exclaim that she "...loved her country so much..." Are there not many many other countries which have regular ceremonial events to show pride in their country?
  7. "I'm so proud of my county Is a phrase I hear regularly from many young Thais (mostly between the ages of 20 & 40)." "My questions is, what are these people so proud about?" I rather doubt the supposed comment from a Thai as in the OP is in reference to Pattaya, Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy .... Thais' have a lot to be proud about, same as any country, and they don't need to explain it or justify it to anybody. Mods would you please consider closing this thread.
  8. Yes, and that's human nature, nothing to do specifically with Thailand.
  9. So you now say your situation revolves around your eye problems / potential eye problems, but your initial post goes on forever about a dozen or more subjects. I wish the mods would close this thread.
  10. Couldn't agree more, look around Pattaya you will find some pleasant, intelligent, polite, respectful and sincere farang and you'll also find the dregs of the earth, who have behaviors which are just awful and they do have some influence on how Thai folks think about farangs.
  11. Thanks for your message, The oxidization (almost like fine powder) needs to be removed and I think this will bring back a good gloss / appearance, so I guess that means apply wax by hand, let it dry and then polish it off by hand or small polishing machine. Take care. Alan
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