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  1. Has it been officially confirmed and applicable from an announced date, or it is announced it's under consideration?
  2. " Well, what concerns me is I do not trust the site. It is not a financial institution or anything alike. They might use a photo of my passport, my DOB, passport number, or other information to open a bank account or for other purposes, etc." I don't know if it's still happening but several years back scammers were using passport front pages to open bogus health insurance policies: - Start policy using stolen copy of passport. - Pay the premium - Wait a few weeks - Start submitting claims for long hospital stays / major surgery, all bogus, fake medical reports bills supplied by doctor / nurse part of the scamming gang. - Get massive reimbursements, well in excess of the original premium paid. - Wait a month or whatever, start the whole process again.
  3. Power trip. I'm a teacher I'm entitled to power trips.
  4. To some extent true, on the other hand work in India or Pakistan for a while and see and be the target of racism. I took 3 Thai senior business consultants, all very knowledgeable and well experienced, perfect English to an organizational change project for an Indian conglomerate, in Delhi. The client company was given a one page profile for every consultant we would assign to this project before the client signed the contract. On site my Thai consultants were treated like shxx. On day one the Indian lady assigned to run the project (24 years old, favorite niece of the patriarch, just completed her MBA, no work experience) told my consultants they were responsible to clean the office before we returned to the hotel. Company car came to our hotel every morning, driver had instruction to pick me up and bring me to the office but not bring the Thai consultants, tell them to organize their own transport, Miss India, 24 yrs old, smacked the face of one of my Thai consultants because he didn't reply quickly enough to her question (she regularly did the same to many local folks in her office, all of them mid management / senior management staff. Such nice people.
  5. scorecard

    Big talk but little action on Rohingya

    'Needs Assessment Team'. What does that mean? Assess how many kids need shoes>>>>> Seems to me the first discussion need to be totally about stopping the violence etc., and finding real workable answers to citizenship, location etc
  6. Another twist of this - I'm aware of a group of students who could not complete their 5.5 yr degree (because of uni admin. mistakes, not because of anything the students did or didn't do and the uni refused to fix the mistakes they had made, other than 'start again'). As a group several of these kids went to one big school upcountry, and explained their situation. End result, they were all offered 'teachers' assistant' positions to help the unqualified 'teachers' at the school. They refused. Most of these kids became very disillusioned and went into other industries / professions.
  7. Not quite true, many Thai universities offer a B.Ed. degree. The degree was reworked a few years back and is now a 5.5 yr degree, it has more / better focus on child psychology and childhood learning, it includes some study of different pedagogy systems / methods including student centered learning / project based learning, and it's an easy path to an official teachers license. And students complete many trainee teacher / work assignments throughout the 5.5 years. As can be expected (in many countries) the value of this aspect can be valuable or can be a waste of time, all depending on the attitudes of the headperson of the school the student is assigned to.
  8. scorecard

    Promenada - The Beginning of The End?

    Good news, great food, reasonable prices, nice people.
  9. scorecard

    Time To Call It Quits.

    no comment to troll stuff.
  10. scorecard

    Time To Call It Quits.

    Don't expect any logical replies, he's a troll, again and again.
  11. scorecard

    Time To Call It Quits.

    "....Thailand has the capacity to become like North Korea...." What rubbish,
  12. scorecard

    Time To Call It Quits.

    I tend to believe ' all the hardships' as you call it ' are mostly matters that should have been fixed, upgraded, modernized etc., 10, 20, 30 years ago by various governments of the day, but weren't and now suddenly lots of these things are getting some belated attention. Is the belated attention well planned, smooth? No it's not, it's got lots of bumps and to and fro, but to me that's to some extent from the fact that the seniors in many government agencies are there through nepotism, collusion, cronyism, etc., and it shows in the ultimate levels of professionalism (unprofessionalism) we see. Hopefully in the near future (1 year / 20 years) this subject will also get some attention and serious improvement is/when a new breed of political parties does emerge. On a perhaps different but aligned point, I don't subscribe to 'they hate us'. I also don't subscribe to the notion that LOS won't survive without the funds / pensions monies received monthly (by farang folks) from abroad. Will we all be deported, seems to me to be very very very doubtful.
  13. Which is why I support selective price controls, especially food and other essentials of life, and government subsidies. Also, people / parties can come up with hundreds of tweaks for farming but the reality is that today farmers just survive. Seems to me farmers grow our food essential for survival but they are the poorest sector of the community, this is not appropriate, seems to the time has come where farming needs ro be subsidized so that farmers can enjoy a decent quality of life. Also public transport, we have mass transport systems and a lot more coming. But there are still large numbers of Thai who cannot dream of taking BTS or similar to work and home again, the cost is way beyond their means. Why not, whilst LOS is still a developing country subsidize BTS etc., so many more folks can use it, also helps to reduce massive waste of fuels and reduce pollution, increase productivity etc. And later when appropriate switch to 'user pays' policies.
  14. scorecard

    Donald Trump serves McDonald’s feast after White House chefs walk out

    Or he could instructed some more junior WH staff to organize 'Italian' of whatever, rather than waste his own POTUS time to call people for food.