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  1. Did the seller state a specific logical reason to not move out until the end of the month?
  2. Well you're so perfect, so I guess you've never made a mistake.
  3. Sure, but don't be surprised if the receiver says 'I will check with my bank first'. Why? Because there are so many scams, I wouldn't blame anybody who was wondering 'is this a scam of some sort?' Example; my daughter in laws' younger sister started an online shopping site for kids clothing. First day she got a call from a 'distraught' woman who said she had transferred 2,000Baht in mistake to DILs sister and asked for the money to be sent back to her within a few minutes because if her husband found out he would beat her up. DILs sister is a na
  4. Thanks, very valuable, I've just replied by PM.
  5. So can you please confirm that: 1. Payments stopped when you were out of Australia for extended time during the 2 years? 2. When you went abroad after you completed the 2 year, payments were not stopped regardless of how long you were outside of Australia? In other words you had achieved permanent/forever portability of payment abroad? (But I guess the energy allowance was stopped?) Can you please comment on the very specific scenarios above, thanks.
  6. From above: "... I have the Centrelink app on my phone and my future payments were adjusted, then ceased, when I checked within 5 minutes of clearing border control. I made 3 trips to Thailand during my 2 years in Australia after being granted the pension." Can you please share further details of: - my future payments were adjusted (does that mean the energy allowance was cancelled, or more?) - then ceased, (what was ceased? has it ever been restored???) Thanks.
  7. There are several exemption circumstances to the current travel 'ban'. I showed the gov't agency copies of my PR book and they replied very quickly that in any circumstances where there is family living abroad there is no need to even apply for an exemption, just show some confirming documents at departure check-in.
  8. Thanks, I'm talking about a case where Aussie was out of Oz for many years but fully qualified for the 35 years rule and in receipt of the OAP 3.5 weeks after return to Oz and lodging the claim. Ongoing, almost completed the 2 years to 're-establish home in Oz', to qualify for portability. I'm looking for comments on what others in this situation did when 2 years in Oz completed. On another site one guy commented he was out of Oz 30+ years, returned got the OAP without hassle. Stayed in Oz for full 2 years, departed 1 day after 2 years complet
  9. Oh no, fake vaccines, Donald will be relieved to know that his fake dialogue is not dead.
  10. This message is to Aussies who returned to Australia, got the OAP, completed the 2 years then moved abroad. Can you please share what actions you took to proceed abroad with continuing permanent payments / and/or permanent payments to your bank abroad? One specific question; did you contact the older Australians line (Centrelink) and discuss this subject before you moved abroad? Further on this point, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to complete the 2 years then call the older Australian line and ask for confirmation that I'm entitled to permanent portabili
  11. '... there are no vaccines.' There's been so many announcements about manufacturing (in LOS) of vaccines / offshore ordering / actual receipt of vaccines etc., etc. What is the truth? I doubt anybody has a full clear picture of the real facts.
  12. My bet it that for both of them their next statements will take the whole matter in another direction, new (later) dates, new registrations etc., etc.
  13. They built an AZ plant in Melbourne, took forever (many many months) to get full sign off from the AZ owners in Europe and many more months to get approval from the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Only in last couple of weeks distributing vaccine.
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