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  1. Yep and perhaps he could stay there long-term and set himself up as a political consultant and take his sidekick with him.
  2. All true plus the paper / manufacturing quality of the book is not that good. Mine is enclosed in a thick plastic done by my DIL who is great at crafts, to give the book some protection from wear and tear.
  3. true, because the check point staff will be rich and move on, from bribes.
  4. Could be true our family know all loud mouth mid aged ladyboy insists that Germany is just above Thailand on the map, just before China. And he insists that the atlas and the big globe we have at home for the kids are wrong.
  5. Best post this year, he visited CM and demanded the local authorities stop the fires and the pollution in 7 days. Nothing happened.
  6. Further, if/when the blue book is full you visit immigration (in Bkk at CW) and get a replacement issued. The replacement is white colour. There is no re-application for PR, nor any re-approval process and no interview or similar involved, just a mechanical replacement of the full book.
  7. At homepro and other stores I check many details myself. Example, found an office desk lamp, I liked about 300Baht. More strongly disrupted 3 nearby staff who were chatting and had initially ignored my requests for help. I asked re the lamp 'what colour do you have?' All three replied in unison 'see deow, see deow' literal translation 'this colour only', then they instantly went back to their chat. I looked further and found they had stock on the shelves 3 different colours same lamp and I opened the boxes to be sure there were 3 colours I went to the service counter with a smartphone photo of the lamp on display and asked 'what colour do you have?'. Disinterested girl said abruptly 'ask the floor staff', pointing towards the shelf direction. A man walked out of an office and got his attention, thinking that he was possibly the manager and he was. I made it plain I was dissatisfied, and he followed me to the lamp shelves and I pointed out 3 colours but the staff said 'see deow.' I had noticed that the 3 staff who had indicated 'see deow' were hiding in a nearby aisle and I told the manager. He went there quickly and told all three to go to his office and wait for him. The manager then apologized in English and asked how he could help any further. I indicated what colour lamp I wanted and he took me to the cashier and waited until the payment was all done and the lamp was in a plastic bag then he instructed one of the young staff who help at the cashier counters to carry it to my car. Later same day an apology letter from the manager was hand delivered to my house.
  8. And a bit more checking might well reveal it was stolen and then sold to the car yard...
  9. Soaps, gels, creams... I get great shaves from: - Very small amount of shampoo mix with a little water and wash my face well, rinse off. - Same mix of shampoo and water apply and leave on my face and shave, rinse off.
  10. " The beauty of this is they will not know it was you behind the complaint." Don't be so sure about that. A young rich Thai boy decided he would take over our village pool and start a swimming school (his dream). He told the security guards to allow anybody, without question, to drive inside our village and park anywhere. Didn't take long, the internal sois near the pool taken over as a carpark, cars parked across entrance driveways to many houses, rubbish from the cars just thrown on the ground etc. I was waylaid by a group of village housewives (all ThaI) they were all angry at the situation but too shy to go to the office and ask for something to be done about it. They had several issues (as above) but their main concern was that the village now had no security - anybody allowed enter and leave with no check, no ID deposited at the gate, nothing. I went to the office along with my adult Thai son (who is well known because of his university status), we explained that we were there on behalf of a large group of Thai owners who were concerned about the parking and rubbish but above all the total loss of security. The office manager listened and said she would try to fix the situation. She went to the security cabin and said 'the farang has complained about .....'. Result: - Nothing changed about the outside cars coming in and out without any check. - The security guards blocked my car entering the village and said to me why farang always make trouble. My son found a contact at the HO of the development company who were still involved in finishing their work on the just opened village. The Swim school owner was asked if he had any qualifications to operate a swim school, none, and was asked to demonstrate CPR. He couldn't. The developer and the office manager sent a letter to every house stating the details in the paragraph above and stating that the security guards had been instructed to return immediately to the proper security system but they continued to sideline my car etc., eventually a general meeting was called about several issues, an all owners vote dictated that the school be closed and that a new security guard be employed / old one dismissed.
  11. In every country people marry and end up in divorce and settlements etc. Some also get lucky and meet a lady / a man and they have a very happy and stable, caring and devoted life together. I wasn't looking but suddenly right in front of me was a wonderful Thai lady, a doctor of medicine, we spoke and we clicked on the spot and had a wonderful caring partnership together, sadly she has passed away.
  12. Never mind he'll ask his little fat buddy buddy in NK to support him and hold his hand.
  13. Pedestrians are well respected / protected by law in Japan. Cars etc., caught not stopping at pedestrian crossings are punished severely. But the twist is that bicycles (not motorcycles) are expected to travel on the footpath so you will regularly hear bicycles bells from behind you to ask you to take care and allow the bicycle to pass.
  14. Make the realization it's not going to change and confrontation with the factory owner / staff can be dangerous. Tell your landlord your moving on after you have found another suitable house and your all organized to move your possessions. Take photos of the house / property with a time / date stamp, etc.
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