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  1. You missed the point about the virus coming into LOS / spread in Thailand by dirty foreigners who refuse to do as they are told to wear masks.
  2. I have no doubt quite a few see that they belong to a different sector of Thai society which is entitled to more and whatever pleases them and it would be totally unthinkable to disturb their entitled life.
  3. "insurance hasn't been made mandatory" Does this mean: 1. The medical insurance which has been discussed broadly in relation to several visa types for several years, or... 2. Specifically In regard to entering Thailand during the Covid 19 situation, with coverage for Covid 19 tests and treatment and a general coverage of not less then US$100,000?
  4. Agree and it's a good strategy. When my Thai son started university his buddies quickly noticed he had a western family name. Didn't take long before one buddy started a conversation about 'borrowing' money. Son instantly responded with 'actually I'm hoping I can borrow xxxBaht from you can you give it to me today?'' The buddy backed off and walked away quickly and the word spread quickly. nobody asked him again. Son did the same with his Thai wife's siblings, soon after they married the requests to 'borrow' money started. His wife told my son 'don't give them anything. The first time his brother in law started to ask, my son said 'sorry to interrupt you I don't have enough money to pay the monthly installment on my car, can you give me 5,000Baht?' One of son's brother in laws did say 'your father is farang so he's rich, why doesn't he take care of you?' Son said 'actually he also needs cash to pay for his car, can you help him?' Nobody asked again. Where did he learn to construct dialogue like this? Mostly from his Thai mother, a Dr. of medicine, educated for many years in Australia, back in LOS she had become well respected for her ability to get grants for hospitals and clinics in hill tribe areas.
  5. I'm just wondering about Chinese immigrants who came down from mainland China many many decades ago. I recall reading* something like after a large number of Chinese arrived into Siam the gov't of the day gave them a form of long-term approval to stay and after a couple more generations their children were granted Thai citizenship. Sounds logical. (I've searched but I now can't find it.) I also recall going to the old Imm. office in Soi Suan Plu to get a new certificate of residence book (white cover) because my original dark blue book was full. This would have been round 2544 / 2001. The day I went the ground floor of the Soi Suan Plus office was overrun with perhaps 100 or more (wild guess) old and very old Chinese folks. They were accompanied by much younger family members and a couple of agents. One of the agents asked me (good English) why I was there above. I explained, she looked at my documents and said 'looks like your well prepared'. Out of curiosity I asked why the large crowd of old / very old Chinese folks. She explained 'they also have PR, it was basically crated for these and similar folks, many got PR 50 or 60 years, they don't qualify for Thai citizenship but their children do'. What documents they were carrying I don't recall. I wonder if the above sits somewhere in the discussion in this thread?
  6. Is anybody suggesting anything like that in the US or other countries? NO.
  7. And I'm having doubts that the bankruptcy/ rehabilitation or whatever they're calling it today will ever really go ahead and be completed. Won't surprise me if somehow it limps along for many more years, partly because the powerful folks at Thai (now and many already retired), don't want the lid lifted/fear the lid being lifted.
  8. Around 22 - 23 years ago, I forget the fee to lodge the PR application, I guess a few thousand Baht, on approval I paid the single rate of 50,000Baht to get issued with the dark blue certificate of residence book, plus 2Baht to pay for the book.
  9. Good advice, and the reality is that it's only you who can activate and accomplish change, keep positive, take it day by day and fight like hell to ensure you don't go backwards, and good luck.
  10. Good points. Another option is to always use mcy taxis when your in LOS.
  11. It has been mentioned that they did both work as bouncers at the same club but they had very little contact with each other.
  12. Could have has 3 arms, could have been a secret multi-billionaire, could have invented an invisible smartphone, could have is not relevant because puts ideas into peoples minds which can remain and actually build unfair process. Once it's said, even if the judge says 1,000 times 'the jury will disregard the comment, nothing can actually erase it and there is a chance that it will subconsciously sway some jurors and the public. It someone deliberately set out to influence people to think I am a mass murderer etc., then I would be very angry, what about you?
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