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  1. When I was a kid we still had the last legs of food rationing after the 2nd WW. We very rarely had butter (often not available and more expensive than the majority of families could ever afford). Every kitchen had a lard tin, often a mixture of beef, pork & lamb fat, from cooking roast dinners. The lard contained a lot of the scrapings in the bottom of the roasting pan. Family snack was often slices of bread (or toast made on the coals in the kitchen stove) plus a cold layer of the lard and scrapings above. Totally unhealthy and totally delicious.
  2. So your opinion is that all farang men are perfect and never do anything naughty.
  3. Many recruits can go home for long periods if they sign over their monthly salary to their OIC. Been in the media many times.
  4. Here's an example, several times cops have set up the capability for cheating at police entrance exams. Well documented and covered in the media.
  5. Good discussion however let's not forget the right to justice.
  6. How does PR come into the picture?
  7. Are you saying that trump always tells the truth and nothing but the truth and never tells lies and never issues fake news?
  8. Just read on another website that Trump is pushing people who have already voted, for Biden, to go quickly to a polling place and change their vote to Trump, and he told the media it's totally possible and legal. Is that true?
  9. All depends of course whether there are international flights operating at all on a commercial basis, to/from the loctions of personal desire.
  10. I wonder if this comment has partly changed / now 'out of date', if you catch my drift. It certainly is in my family.
  11. Point taken, but also true, he/his party didn't break any laws at all so why should he/they try to conceal anything?
  12. Quote: " However, whilst my wife was in the UK the new policy of allowing those booking ASQ to use commercial flights was introduced so we considered booking ASQ and using the Etihad flight. " Would you please where to find the new policy you mentioned. I'm interested to know if this is possible Sydney to Bangkok.
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