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  1. The first person listed in the Tabien Baan Book (Household registration book - the dark blue book) is 'the house master' - the person responsible to ensure the book shows all people who are registered as having that address as their primary address and up to date. The house master is not necessarily the owner. Foreigners who hold Permanent Residency for Thailand (a Thai Certificate of Residence) are recorded in the same book. Foreigners who have obtained a letter showing their place of residence from Thai immigration etc., to get a drivers license or similar
  2. And the posts includes a logical/valuable reply from Dr. Sheryl, perhaps you should reply and get some professional information from her. Her advice is always well focused.
  3. And dismissed, but we all know, dismissed doesn't really mean totally dismissed.
  4. Correct, the point is doing work that could be done by a Thai citizen. IOs - management of this subject falls under the ministry of labour, not immigration. But if immigration discovers your working on say a tourist visa then you have broken the law in regard to your visa and there could be consequences.
  5. Perhaps the speed limit where the camera kicks is deliberately confidential. It's been mentioned before that the total numbers of 'camera' tickets issued for speeding and for going through red lights is utterly enormous, so maybe the cameras now work on a random pattern to cut the number of tickets down a bit?
  6. Pool supplies companies generally have a dye that you put in the water and it quickly highlights where there's any outflow happening.
  7. Two bottles of gin and about 20 cans of tonic water and 4 lemons. Make ice in the mini-bar fridge or just get the gin and tonic very well chilled in the mini-bar fridge. Easy.
  8. Already lots of reports in the local and international media re vaccine certificates/passports now in place in many countries. Plus many reports that the numbers of folks with new positives is going down quickly in countries where mass numbers of citizens have been vaccinated. Thailand desperately wants large numbers of tourists to come in and the tourism industry is already pushing hard for quarantine to be cancelled for folks who have vaccination certificates.
  9. There's also the point that the scheme was obviously very poorly planned in terms of ensuring only those eligible could register and others couldn't interfere with the reg. process.
  10. Yes, if they have been working in Thailand for at least 3 years with a work permit and can prove they have paid their Thai personal taxes for the same period. Gaining Thai citizenship, therefor a Thai passport is also possible.
  11. Well said, these folks can't be convinced, I have one living in my village, his claims are laughable, not logical, can be shot to pieces very easily, but he still believes. Also true he looks for opportunities to spruk his conspiracy theories especially amongst very old ladies living here in my village and making them upset, making them cry. He no longer comes into our village restaurant because he cops such negative and severe abuse from many diners. Earlier when he was making claims about Bill Gates living in luxury in a cloud and directing the dropping of virus drops all over th
  12. Sure, and I wonder if there's another angle. Right now many are promoted to general a few months before they retire to give them benefits plus to give them a chance at the 'glory' of having the general rank attached to their name on documents, plus wearing the general insignia on their shoulders/their uniform and on they officers caps. Very very important in a society obsessed with status. But what happens when (as part of reducing the numbers of generals), some officers don't 'get their turn'? My suspicion is that they will rebel and claim 'unfair/disrespe
  13. "What’s wrong with these people?" I wonder why credible agencies don't talk to these people and try to discover exactly what drives them, push them for proof of their claims, challenge them to give deep credible logical insights into their claims. And dig deep to find the specific source of these claims and ask the conspiracy spreaders for permission to publish their names. And listen and learn. And then in non judgmental reporting publish what they have learned. Example: Anti-vaxxers who are claiming it's all a deliberate ploy to alter everybody's DNA.
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