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  1. My understanding too, but in a call to the department in Sydney seems they're not so happy about this point. The officer said 'residence' is meaning owning a home rather than permanent resident immigration status in another country, however I'm not convinced she knew what she was talking about. In my case I don't own a home in Thailand, the name on the chanut for our family house is my Thai adult son. But she did mention this item will probably become more relaxed in the next few months. On a different point (but probably connects to my para. above), quite few returnees are testing positive in the 14 day quarantine period on arrival in Aust. and given the very recent outbreaks it seems the Aust. Gov't is becoming more serious about 'don't go out of Aust. in the first place'. In fact not all that surprising. One advantage I would hold is that my departure and return location would be Sydney. NSW is being very serious about monitoring the 14 day quarantine in Sydney and many of the monitoring team are defense forces personnel.
  2. Perhaps I should mention my Thai son is 36 years old not a little boy and understands all the documents. He's well educated and very capable of polite/focused discussion with the RED book policeman.
  3. CM has one policeman handling this at a main station, he mentioned before there are 12 PR holders in CM province. When I got the PR approval letter my agent, who was aware that those approved had to get everything documented quickly, went into instant 'high speed' mode to: - Get me to the old Imm. office at Soi suan Phlu for the dark blue PR book, and the next day... - to the local major police station to get the police RED book. I recall my agent mentioned 'PR and RED book must be issued within 7 days of the date on the approval letter and the days in the postal delivery process and week-ends/public holidays are counted in the 7 days'.
  4. Thanks Arkady and Michael, in fact that's why my son is going to CM police station 1 month early to test if they will accept/hold the copies of the documents and the fee. If not he will fall back to me sending the original book to him by courier or EMS, which should take only 3 or 4 days unless there's any slowdown because of the current circumstances.
  5. I need to get the 5 year police RED book renewal on 12 August this year. However I'm caught in Australia with difficulties to return to Thailand because of Covid 19: - Cannot, at the moment, get permission to leave Australia. - Thai PR book re-entry stamp expires 17 November 2020, already spoke to Thai embassy in Sydney they advised I might be allowed to join a Thai repat. flight but dates of the flights unknown and next one not for at least 60 days. Plus Sydney embassy said I need to apply for repat flight much closer to 17 November, not now. (There is of a course an extension of 12 months on the re-entry date.) - I mentioned to the Sydney embassy that my Thai police RED book needs the 5 year renewal on 12 August. Officer at embassy had no idea what I was talking about, neither did his boss, but was keen to listen and build his understanding. Boss did suggest that I get a family member in Chiang Mai to take copies of every document to the CM police station which handles this and seek advice. He also said that PR books etc., are immigration matters and must always be totally correct, whereas the police requirements probably have some flexibility because of the current situation. Luckily the policeman who handles the RED books at CM police station is very pleasant and welcoming. Last time my Thai son came with me and the policeman privately said to my son, your father is getting old if he has health problems next time and difficult to get to the station they no need for him to come, just bring all the documents and new photo and the RED book and it can be renewed without difficulty. The difficulty this year is that I will in Aust. because of Covid issues so my son will go to CM police station about 4 weeks before renewal date with copies of all the documents (but of course not the original RED book). The plan is for my son to ask the policeman to accept the copies of all the documents and new photo and also pay the fee (last time 800Baht) with a promise I will bring the original book to the station very quickly after I do return to Thailand. Hopefully the policeman will agree.
  6. With most of the ultimate financial benefits in the profit & loss accounts of the ultimate US brand owner.
  7. I hope it's a 'no-name' but apple buyer, rather than a sale to a giant existing Thai company (example CP) so that there is still competition in the market place.
  8. I believe he would clear them out, but of course it will take time. And note, in the past nobody has made any attempt to clear these leeches out of Thai politics.
  9. Perhaps other organizations should demand proof that trump is a credible and focused leader contributing outstandingly to the advancement of the world.
  10. True of course however there are many long term residents of Pattaya who have seen countless major projects, most touted as 'the answer' but achieved nothing. Again, you are right very heavy rain cripples many cities everywhere but the massive corruption amounts of funds used but with no effect is saddening when it could have been used for improvements in education, hospitals and many other infrastructure items.
  11. Agree, over the last 30+ years countless major projects, many billions of Baht spent, nothing achieved. Some heads should have rolled many times but of course there's no checking, no accountability and probably won't be until the likes of Thanathorn and his replacement get into the PM etc., roles. But of course there seems to be other very big influences, not only national politics, which won't in the foreseeable future allow thanathorn and his followers to make any gains towards power. Sad for Thailand.
  12. But it was reported before that many of the specifications are way outside of the laws and regulations and it would never get registration and be allowed to operate again.
  13. I seem to recall a very loud protest demanding that the ship be broken up for scrap and sold and the money used to support training of boats crews etc., as a display to the Chinese that action was being taken to improve safety.
  14. Your post is off topic, I didn't mention anything about internships or zero hours contracts, in fact I'm aware that in the 2 companies I mentioned all staff are paid full salary and benefits from day 1, they are on typical 3 months probation on full salary and benefits. In any event if employers are taking some sort of advantage of employees by making them attend an internship for no reward whatever (free) then I would agree this is very wrong and should be investigated and redressed, and it's also true that in such case the 'employees' should be very wary of accepting such positions. I repeat, these were not interns. Some search will find other companies, worldwide who have had problems with the so called 'millenials'. One example; a major car manufacturer which employed a young millenial in the US because the company was interested do a one off case to see if it was true that outspoken 'I want freedom to be creative' young millenials did add more creativity etc. In a major mistake they posted the young millenial (YM) to Thailand causing serious problems in that the young millenial was yelling at his team of young Thai engineers demanding that they rebel against old companies processes, including making a demand they be allowed to come to work at whatever time they wanted (in a production facility). The YM was quickly returned to the US, but wrote an e.mail to a such more senior person in Germany complaining at the lack of leadership in the company specifically for millenials.
  15. You can't supervise many/most millenials (Thailand and many countries), they know everything, they spend all their money believing they are magic and nothing can disturb their lifestyles and they believe they are entitled. In the last 15+ years in Thailand a large% dropped out of uni, often with very poor attendance and poor & rude attitude, arrogant, no respect for anybody/anything, but professor I only missed 2 lessons (but the reality is probably came 2 hours late every lesson and never handed in any assignments) so why is my grade not A? I'm aware of several very large Thai and MN companies around Bkk who had so much trouble with this age group they made internal policies to not employ new staff under 28/30 years old.
  16. I certainly hope that's true, I have PR, and I have a large credit with AirAsia.
  17. Many hospitals but check the price first and assume that the so called 5 star hospitals will be expensive beyond belief.
  18. So the law says they can carry weapons* so therefore, in your opinion, shooting and killing people is OK and shouldn't attract comment. (*And let's not ignore that in many countries citizens are not allowed, by law, to own nor use weapons in public places or anywhere and that's the way the vast majority of the citizens totally agree/want such laws.)
  19. "Thai army confirms US army agrees to abide by Thai anti-virus regulations" And they go right into shaking hands and break a rule.
  20. "...who then has to book their own flight with any airline (if they haven’t already got a flight)." That's very interesting news, mid last week I called the Thai Embassy in Sydney on this point, they told me to call the Thai Ministry of Health, who told me that was not allowed, Work permit holders and PR holders have to use an actual repat. flight and have to join the repat. flight queue and in some locations might have to wait for 2 or more repat. flights for a seat to be available. So, good news.
  21. "I will be peeved if I travel back, endure the quarantine and the same week I leave quarantine all travel / entry restrictions are lifted !!!" And I wonder if there will be big changes and not too far into the future. There seems to be some 'playing' with ideas about more testing before departure and more testing on arrival. And reduced restrictions stuff re folks coming from bubble countries / agreements with bubble countries. Plus I'm guessing there is already big pressure on the government by powerful ruthless millionaires to quickly open up tourism without quarantine, aided and abetted by politicians who are keen for for big envelopes. Thailand 101...
  22. Wow, way too expensive, IMHO Thailand should be more supportive of the costs in this current situation.
  23. Totally agree, but perhaps there could be very valuable learning about modern farming methods, farming technology, modern dynamic global marketing methods etc., which from my understanding are pretty much absent in 99% of Thai farmers. However lots of angles with this: - Are Thai farmers ready for all of the above? But that brings a dilemma, when will they be ready? And if they wait much longer to 'develop' all of these factors there's danger other countries will pull further ahead. - But more debt is not a good idea. Plus if the loans come from lenders in the 1st world, those lenders might well be very hesitant if they are/become aware of typical Thai lending in this sector, more loans to pay off other loans etc., etc.
  24. This needs to be checked carefully, some insurance companies are open about your country location when you buy the policy and/or start the journey. Others have a different attitude, e.g. policy cannot be bought in a country different to departure country. Also, for Australian citizens at the moment it's still necessary to get permission from Aust. government to leave Australia (not sure about about Australian permanent residents).
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