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  1. Which brings the question whether, at 83, was she checked / asked by a dr. or a nurse about other conditions including BP? Further, upcountry (and in Bkk) I suspect there will be many many older folks who are very frightened by anybody in authority / in a uniform so they don't speak up and/or they indicate that everything is OK because they don't want to appear to be confronting the authority persons.
  2. Chaos. Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Seems there's much fake news. Way too many people making comment, much of which is personal wishful thinking, mostly for personal gain. And some which is not aligned to or supporting safety. Media not checking anything and publishing things which contradict what other outlets are publishing and have no basis. Some politicians making comment about subjects which they are no familiar with. The news reporting/media meetings/announcements re the supply of vaccine a total mess and causing more and more confusi
  3. Fully vaccinated, negative tests before and on arrival and 7 days before any further domestic travel now suddenly not enough, remain in Phuket goes to 14 days. Seems there's a desire for more and more chaos and a lack of any logic.
  4. Give you one guess, a repeat of same flavor...
  5. Agree, 'The Age' doesn't publish looking for sensationalism, nor do they publish conspiracy theories, they publish from facts and from expert proven opinion given by recognized/accredited experts.
  6. And more, 4 governors and numerous TAT executives, and probably high level folks from numerous other ministries/agencies. And hey they all need accommodation and meals and transport, and all of that needs a big budget. - I wonder who owns the seminar venue and the hotels used for accommodation? (Each minister, agency head etc., would no doubt have 2, 3, 4 staff with them, plus personal drivers plus personal security staff - wow the number of hotel rooms is in the many dozens.) - I wonder who owns the restaurants used and the transport companies? - And I wond
  7. And I wonder what the budget was for this seminar and what it was spent on/who owned the venue for the seminar and just got the money? Is there a public reckoning/accounting of the spending?
  8. Whatever. Sure some tourists want to dine at places operated by foreigners, many don't and would be looking for cheaper meals, and looking for 'authentic' local food, very probably operated by Thais. Many tourists are single and want girls, my guess (repeat guess) is that the majority of these venues are operated by Thais. Many tourists want day trips/sight seeing trips, seems to me that many of these would be operated by Thai owners.
  9. The jabs were conducted in groups of 5 people at a time. All 5 in each 'group' sat together (with social distancing) for about 30 minutes. When we sat in the 'group' of 5, the nurse asked each person if they had blood pressure issues, everybody said NO, and no blood pressure test occurred . Then she gave everybody a well prepared card with simple/relevant questions on both sides, all with YES / NO boxes. She came back about 10 minutes later, politely asked if anybody had ticked YES to any of the questions or if anybody wanted any explanation of the questi
  10. OK, however their Thai employers are no doubt putting the pressure on in respect to their business revenues / personal fortunes and were talking about a lot of owners.
  11. I had my first inoculation of AZ here in Australia about 6 weeks ago, no side effects whatever, I'm 76 yo. In my very big village just Nth of Sydney most residents are 60 and older. Many have had their first AZ jab, a very large % of folks have had no reaction whatever. A few have had minor reactions, all cleared within 10 minutes to a few hours. There's no mention across the village residents or comments from the dr. and nurses or the village management of any clotting reaction.
  12. I hope you pay her a decent salary plus: overtime, meal allowance, uniforms and accommodation provided etc.
  13. And I'm criticizing the media outlets/the reporters for their very poor reporting practices, no reporting/journalistic professionalism whatever. Many time for well over 30 years I've seen many very critical comments aimed at the English and Thai newspapers for their very very poor reporting practices; they never ask for clarification of the media handouts they receive, even when they car see obvious ambiguity/possible ambiguity in the handout, even errors in that numbers quoted in paragraph 1 are different to the numbers in paragraph 2. They just go right ahead and publ
  14. What's very possibly pushing the government is the realization that Millions of Thai folks who work in many aspects of tourism have been out of work for a long time and are struggling to survive / struggling to provide basic food for their kids and the country desperately/very urgently needs to get these folks back to work before there is a humanitarian disaster on their hands or even violent revolt.
  15. First time my grandma bought them, they were used (uncooked) as a Christmas table decoration. Grandma was very proud, none of the neighbors had ever seen them before.
  16. Quote: "It's up to the authorities to investigate, and make a proper determination to the cause of death. " And it's up to the media to ensure that any reports/any further reports they publish give very clear/focused comments, gained by asking questions at the media conference/media release!!!!
  17. And meantime they do nothing to fix their negative image: Example; refuse to help with luggage, at time give no support whatever to customers in wheelchair, try to touch female passengers, claim payments which don't exist (e.g. 'Re the 50Baht airport surcharge, it's a printing error, the charge is actually 500Baht.' Again recently a visiting professor was asked by the driver (speaking limited English) when travelling from the airport to Bkk 'first time to Thailand?' Answer 'YES'. 'Do you want air-conditioning, extra 100Baht from airport?' Answer 'YES' and on arrival taxi driver quickly wrote
  18. Are these ideas his or do they come from knowledgeable experienced water management engineers? Let's guess; another 25Billion Baht?
  19. Where does it say he gave his details to the OZ Embassy/ Maybe he just stopped at the security hut on the footpath gave a security guard the passport through the passengers door window and drove off? Did they record the rego. No; who knows?
  20. Moving in then defaulting on the rent for an expensive condo in their own country would be less than scrupulous. But they went one further, they moved to another country, rented an expensive condo then didn't pay the rent. What were they thinking?
  21. But perhaps check the land title document first to ensure you have very correct & up to date information of who is currently recorded as the owner on the land document. Take smartphone photo if the LTO won't allow you to have a photocopy of the document. Then show a copy to the village head, and then seek his/her advice. Good luck.
  22. But what about Thai folks who are just managing to save enough money to get a repatriation flight back to Thailand (e.g. farm/factory workers). Many/most of these folks have with very limited resources, how can they pay approx., 30,000Baht for 14 days quarantine on top of airfares? Or perhaps the gov't would prefer they stay where they are abroad with no work and no money?
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