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  1. it also very much depends on how you handle the trouble and how much you can pay...
  2. Totally agree ! And I am a drunk dope user ! but never outdoor and never drive after...
  3. scoupeo


    to be sure to never use it ? how ridiculous when people are old and still don't know that very few of us are able to train at home ?! time to learn old men !
  4. can someone help to calculate 24h aircon sot for 18000 btu ? thank you.
  5. Supporting the white is racist now ? How this world has gone is so incredible. Hope that Trump will be here 4 more years !
  6. In Thailand and I do it as much as I want ! I am too smart to be caught after cheating laws around the world for 20 years, so I am sure that it won't happen in the land of idiots.
  7. Maybe the first that met the court was French, but clearly the word farangset comes from French, anybody with a brain can understand this I think ?
  8. hello, they did it again, it's so incredible ! Pattaya Jomtien immigrations refuses again to start all visa extension from november 01, we should really find a way to fix them, it starts to be so ridiculous !!! Even when showing them this
  9. hi, i found this gym that seems nice, pattaya fatburn fitness gym, is anybody training there ? i cannot find if they have full time aircon ? i saw also fun gym but the location is not good. any other gym is open now ? please tell me all
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