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  1. my legal oil seller is always happy to see that new legal oil will be produced soon
  2. yes champion, you know real life experience, tight ? so funny, read again your post, you should laugh also !!!
  3. is there a way to test the oil ? if I get high it means that it's good THC ?
  4. I walk in areas with dozens stray dogs DAILY, and at night. Never been threatened...
  5. I went to Pratunam again, the obese biatch Leena is still a monster...
  6. They never catch you if you use Waze, but if you don't use it it's always above 120 km/h, never under, ANYWHERE and WHATEVER signs display.
  7. If you think that more expensive italian restaurants are better when they use exactly the same ingredients as the expensive ones, you must be a real champion and expert !
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