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  1. senegal isn't the usa, has no oil, no useful minerals like coltan or cobalt, so who cares?
  2. if we are talking about songkran, well i'd like to see the "strict disease control"!
  3. to care for HER mother? i didn't know caring for one's mother-in-law was a part of the husband's responsabilities in thailand!
  4. if the world wants to help the people of myammar, well, in that case, there is only one interlocutor: china!
  5. the decision is taken, all right, but it'll lead nowhere! it isn't secret and the israeli know they've got nothing to fear.
  6. why will? promote the knowledge and advice NOW, instead!
  7. maybe he has got many girlfriends and can't afford to buy so many underwears
  8. sure? let me count, because this isn't the first time i read "the U.S. expected to sanction Russians" over this or that
  9. why? cannabis isn't illegal in thailand and if you are a no smoker, get high by eating it mixed with some isaan food (can't remember the restaurant name, but it's well known...)!
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