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  1. Only if it is an *acquired one*, not your natural citizenship. As in kicking you out.
  2. Would only be wrong if you did not pay taxes on your pension income ... so please stop throwing around words like "wrong". Being three years *on the same visa* is definitely correct. No idea about other requirements.
  3. First of all: I'm German. "The only time it would be if by revoking citizenship, you are making the person involved stateless, which wouldn't be the case here." Technically correct. Because that is the charta of human rights clause. Incorrect in the sense: *I am German* No one in Geramany can revoke my citizenship. If you become a german citizen, there might be a way to revoke your citizenship. No idea. Never dug into it. "When applying for a new German passport one is asked if one holds a second citizenship." Yes, and then you say: indeed I do. And get your german passport. Can't be so hard to grasp. Technically, you never lost citizenship. You only declared somewhere else that you are willing to relenquish it. I have a German birth certificate: I'm German for ever! Regardless what other citizenships I acquire.
  4. No you don't. No idea where you get this retarded idea from. You can not "lose" *any* citizen ship in the world, well, except the greek, I think. Germany does not care at all how many other citizenships you acquire. However: it used to be the case that if you wanted to acquire the german one, they asked you to release the other one. But in that case you simple released it, and went to the embassy and asked for a new passport. In real life it never was a problem to have multiple citizenships. Neither in German, nor Turkey, nor Thailand or Japan.
  5. Yes, 20 years ago. Law situation has changed. We have dual citizenship in Germany minimum since a decade. And as your parent pointed out, you could have it before, it is just a matter of how to tweak it.
  6. The rule for PR is living 3 years *on the same visa* I never heard a retirement visa would be an exception.
  7. Well, try Kho Lanta if you simply want to chill. Basically every restaurant - in Thailand - has vegetarian dishes. So why you are seeking an explicit "vegetarian Restaurant" is beyond me. If you are serious about being a vegetarian, I suggest to try India or Sri Lanka. Honestly: living in the country that is attested to have the best food in the world, and not eating it, that is a sacrilege. It is actually blasphemy too, regardless what religion you follow, unless you would be a Hindu from a pure vegan caste.
  8. Then don't go to a tourist zone? Can't be so hard to find an all you can eat for 200 baht or a normal restaurant with dishes for 40 or 50 Baht. Regarding houses and rooms: yes there are plenty of cheap houses too. My Ex GF had a small house for 4000 Baht per month. Somewhere far out in the outskirts of Phuket town.
  9. Most enjoyable thread since a while. I had loved to read the troll posts to laugh my ass off. If you are interested I can post some animal and landscape pictures from Issan, I spent the last 5 month there, just back in Europe since monday. But craving to get back ... probably the most rural town you can imagine. Well ... there are smaller ones, obviously. Nakoo, Nakae District, Nakhon Phanom province.
  10. Last harvest, around November, on a field like that, the workers of my wife caught a single snake. I guess the other *two* or *three* got away ... it was the only snake I noticed over a course of 5 month. But I have a 40cm big Tokay in my house, if that counts. A wild one obviously, I guess he thinks it is his house.
  11. Erm ... you left out the interesting part!! How do you get back to Bangkok? By hitchhiking?
  12. Thanks. I did not know that posting photos of meals is teenage like, only for girls and only on FB allowed. I enjoy seeing meals ... and I post many of them, too. Especially my self cooked ones ... so be warned and put me on ignore if this site supports that.
  13. No they don't. Did you ever read up how funky complicated it is for a married Thai woman to come to europe to meet her husband? The safety net in Thailand is the same as in Germany, just not on the same level, you have health insurance, unemployment insurance and pension funds. Exactly the same as in any European country.
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