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    Entering Thailand

    The new passport was needed I’m not silly to think they wouldn’t know history! .. the non imm Ed was advised by the IO after seeing my school papers and after saying 4 visas is too many. Also like I said i have proof of income from outside of Thailand & will have the 3 proofs.
  2. Rose34

    Entering Thailand

    Ubonjoe sorry to open this back up. I now have my Non imm Ed issued, stamped in my passport.. what is your opinion on my situation? Do you think I will be scrutinised? I fly in a few days.
  3. Hi, I’ve been in and out of Thailand for 1 year now, using TR visas, mostly back to back with a trip home back to the UK inbetween. My last visit back into Thailand I faced an issue where I was pulled aside ... the IO flicked through my passport and wasn’t happy. However, I showed them my income with bank statements, (lucky enough I’m an online university student whose parents pay for me whilst I’m studying) had the cash and an onward ticket..it was fine in the end but the IO told me I should return with an non imm Ed visa .. she made a note in my file that I’m a student & no more TR. I will be returning after two months back home with an Ed visa.. I also have a new passport as it was needed which I know the system already has my info.. but I assume it looks better to the eye for the IO - to flick through a clean passport. I know nobody can predict whether I’ll face issues but I’d like to hear what people think in regards to me reentering. I’m flying to Krabi as it was a direct flight but I’m studying in Phuket.