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  1. I am interested in availability of so-called 'smart drugs' or nootropics in Thailand, with or with out prescription. One example is Piracetam, which is reported to help with memory and concentration. Another is Modafinil/Modarliert/Provigil. I'm currently in Bangkok. While doctors have advised I cut back on my original 'smart drug' (coffee), they're not very forthcoming with alternatives (possibly because they don't know.) I'm not getting any younger and I am noticing memory and concentration problems at times, er, what was I asking?
  2. I was diagnosed with active TB at age 21. I was put on Isoniazid for 6 months. (It made me hallucinate for 6 months also, but that is another story.) I will also always test positive for TB with the skin test, just like people who had the vaccine. As a health care professional, this is what happened from both sides of the interaction: Exposed to TB first 'tine test' antibody test showed exposure to TB second test to rule out sensitivity to chemical used in initial TB 'tine test' chemical chest x-ray (baseline for comparison) IMPORTANT: productive cough (coughing up blood, frothy sputum, etc.) tested for active infection medication regime 6 months follow up chest x-ray in 6 months to determine if disease progressed or was suppressed If you are otherwise healthy and not symptomatic (fever, chills, night sweats (this is abnormal sweating - not soaking the sheets because it is 38 degrees and the AC is broken!) and a few others - you are generally considered OK. If you feel sick, then you probably are. TB hides in the bones, spinal column, spleen and anywhere else it can hide.
  3. Understanding legal concepts and government is alot like studying Black Magic. Don't confuse Residential Address with where you sleep. You don't register with the authorities every time you go on holiday. The government wants an address from where they can reasonably start to track you down if they need to find you (if you are an accused criminal, or next-of-kin to a deceased lottery winner, etc.) Nothing worth getting too excited.
  4. Depending on your birth country, your nationality is determined by that nation's laws. You would benefit from study should you decide to research the concepts below: Jus soli Jus sanguine All modern nations are organized as corporations. As such, they have internal laws which are not required to be harmonized with other corporations unless some external framework or agreement (a 'treaty') is created and enforced by involved parties. How these legal approaches are applied in the countries will impact your citizenship status. In your case, you will have to look at how Thailand, Suriname and the Netherlands apply these principles. (Also important is to look at how the Dutch Kingdom approaches your status if you are not a corporate citizen, but a royal subject outside the corporation, or a Free man born upon the Land under so-called Natural law. Or all of the above.) The more you know, the weirder it gets. Your school teachers have no idea what they are teaching, but simply parrot what they were told as it seems to work for everyone else. Thai law may require you to register and report for the draft (conscription, military service, national service) but you may be able to do this from outside Thailand via a consulate. You may be able to obtain exemption by entering a monastic order (Buddhism is not at odds with Christianity if one approaches it as a training institution instead of a religious institution). Once you realize that most of the components of our shared reality are fake (or imaginary) constructs, your options expand and clarity is easier to find. This tends to irritate people who do not actively pursue spiritual study, but there is nothing I can do about that. Seek and ye shall find, it is written. As a training institution, monastic orders enforce discipline and subjugation of self under a greater whole, just like military institutions. I enjoyed the military lifestyle, but did not particularly like most of the people whom I served under, nor those with whom I served. I tend to pick better neighbors when left to my own devices. The secret is to avoid fear. Don't be scared. Be prepared. The other secret is to realize that puberty is a very bizarre time psychologically. The brain is changing while the body is changing and we are expected to act as if nothing is happening by Society. If our brain hormones were fluctuating in the same manner in our 30s as they do in our teen years, we would be diagnosed as clinically insane. Anything that happens in this period in your life is really not worth worrying about. Focus on getting through it without making any huge mistakes, like getting in trouble with the law (or getting anyone pregnant) and you should make a fine member of the human race.
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