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  1. Not long ago it was normal for men to support their family and the women to take care of the children and the housekeeping. I have no issue with this and even enjoy it. I basically have nothing to do except managing the familly income. If you want independent women then it comes with trade-off. If she has time maybe she will want children but you will need to help. You will be expected to clean the dish, vaccum the floor and probably cook Saturday diner if you want your once a week/month sexy time. There is plenty of these relation available in developed countries.
  2. Why say it is salt when it could likely be oxidized vegetables oil or simply a lack of exercise? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3226610/
  3. Reminds me of the buzzword "cloud". It is simply one or more servers and in one or more datacenters providing high availability centralized solutions.
  4. They could use AI to charge the maximum foreigner price possible. It's a good investment.
  5. It's just another tax. The food company usually absorb these "health" tax to stay competitive.
  6. I used them 1 time for emergency. I think the fees were too high but service was quick. I did cash pickup without account at Bangkok Bank. Now I use Everex since bx.in.th has closed.
  7. There is 0 in the village where I live and everyone has 1 pickup, 1 tractor and 2 motorbikes. They sit on the ground. I probably have the most luxurious computer chair of all the town and I paid like 5K.
  8. They don't ask for bank statement for non-o based on marriage at HCMC.
  9. Never saw a Thai with a leather recliner when virtually every western home has 1 or more.
  10. The USD will keep going down. They can't stop printing more: https://cointelegraph.com/news/the-fed-just-printed-more-money-than-bitcoins-entire-market-cap
  11. Waste of time going to immigration. It would be easier to change passport. I was denied and deported at Don Muang airport with a tourist visa and I have a denied stamp in my passport. I came back 3 days later via land border and the IO did not even said a word. Since then I crossed the border again 2 times but I switched to non-o after that adventure. A denied entry stamp is worse than your void visa yet I got a non-o visa and came back 3 times.
  12. Don't forget most of that pollution is in fact subcontracted from the west. They do invest heavily in renewable energy. https://www.forbes.com/sites/dominicdudley/2019/01/11/china-renewable-energy-superpower/#3d08f6b6745a
  13. Simple there is less demand so higher production cost per unit since manufacturers can only purchase smaller batch of raw material at a time.
  14. That's not a giant air filter. This is a giant air filter:
  15. https://coinatmradar.com/city/14/bitcoin-atm-bangkok/ But I think I get what you mean
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