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  1. Zerotier is pretty good is you need a kind of local network between different network.
  2. Just got a mate 20 X. Worst case scenario is to unlock the bootloader and install something like LineageOs with gapps and problem solved. https://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-20-X https://opengapps.org
  3. I buy then from PaleoRobbie online store. They don't look clean and are stored pointy side down. The yulk is dark orange. Best eggs ever.
  4. Use a floating vest so you can get confident swimming around. If the water is still you should also learn to float on your back, it can be very usefull. With a good snorkeling kit I can swim forever in the sea.
  5. Was denied with SETV at DMK. Entered via Nong Kai then left via DMK. No questions asked at any of these 3 steps.
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