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  1. Only if the price is 200 baht per bag. One baht, 2 baht - 5, 10, per bag, sorry but that won't work as many would be happy to pay that. Total ban as in New Zealand is the only way - I was there for the start of it, and it was amazing to see how quickly people complied without complaining. Big, tough tattooed bikies meekly walking into supermarkets with their little pink reusable shopping bags - lol.
  2. Jumpin' Jehosophats! Religion on the fly. Cut the cord, brothers and embrace the Lord, for he that gives up all earthly pleasures will soar into the heavens. He that is down will be up ... ... and I think I'll stop this tripe before I lose any more friends.
  3. I'm glad you acknowledge that pitbull owners are retards. Lol. But how are you being punished? Some things must give way to the greater good, and there are plenty of other dogs out there looking for a nice owner like you.
  4. Which people would they be, do you think? Dog attack victims?
  5. The devil is in the details. You need to think about the percentage of pitbulls in the US - unlikely to make up 1% let alone 67%. Come on, please, stop this nonsense. It's impossible to control the owners, therefore you have to remove the dogs. If you're walking towards me with a couple of pitbulls, do you really think I'm going to say to myself, "This all looks harmless." No. I'm looking for the nearest fence to leap over.
  6. I'd like a dollar for every time a pitbull owner has said this. I'd also pay a dollar to every pitbull owner who has a solution to the wrong hands problem. Either way I'm not likely to be going broke any time soon. Anyway, if the wrong hands problem can't be solved, then you know what the obvious answer is. BTW, I recall a statistic that pitbulls were responsible for 67% of dog-related human fatalities in the US. Feel free to check it out - I'm not a Yank, so I can't be jacked.
  7. No mate, but I came here this time on an SETV. My trip out of the country was because I'd done my 3 months on the SETV, and I decided to go out and come back on a Visa exempt. Not sure if that makes a difference re what you said above.
  8. I was recently out of the country for 2 weeks. Upon my return, I too was unsure about filing a new tm30 (I have my own house, so no change of address). But I filed anyway - better safe than sorry. I was told (by 2 different staff) that I had 3 days to get it done. Unless it's a serious hassle for you, then you might consider doing the same.
  9. I think it's obvious I'm talking about Thailand purchases. As it's 15 years ago, my memory is a little hazy, but I think I bought mostly from Central Bangna. Anyway, these products are available in specialty stores as well as the big department stores.
  10. I was never under any illusions about Thailand before I got here as I'd read a lot about SEA and had many discussions with experienced travellers. I was also very low-key, so never one with expensive tastes. Still, my biggest disappointments were clothes, which for some reason I had expected to be at least durable. Only after I was freed from the bonds of international school fees () did I splash out a little and started buying Camel Active shirts - casual and smart, I still have them after 15 years and they still look great, though I've had the collars reversed. Hush Puppy shoes have been another great buy, 13 years and still not needing new soles (but don't get worn much these days).
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