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  1. moreem

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    nestle its not mineral water minere is pure water from source, no mineral added, I wonder what make you think so wrongly ?
  2. it seems to me that half of the cars have this problem ! and they always are cheap lowso japs cars, I never found a benz that blinds oncoming trafic.
  3. You definitively have a problem and it's as funny to think that anybody needs 16go as when the idiots who have nothing important on their computer think that they need antivirus and firewall....
  4. heat is the main and it's so ridiculous to think that only software deteriorate, you guys really know nothing and do not seem to want to understand.
  5. This is the main reason why this decision is stupid. Only people who know nothing can think that it's okay to let kids dress as they like/can. And people working/managing international schools were supposed to be smart, let me laugh ! By the way, I come from a stupid country where people believe in freedom (no uniform at schools) and where idiots (most people in my country) think that not wearing a uniform is a human right !
  6. moreem

    Donald Trump serves McDonald’s feast after White House chefs walk out

    he is the best I love him more and more
  7. Don't do it ! Or you will be one more of these idiots driving old car with too bright lights that blind car drivers coming from the opposite way.