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  1. I've been waiting for the knock on my door. I feel ignored.
  2. May I suggest we use the term loving, guiding, parental overseer.
  3. Can you please tell me where in the article it says she is "flaunting" her sexuality? It just says she chose to dress appropriate with the gender she identifies with. Should we all be required to dress in an androgynous way?
  4. We don't have enough information here to know what has actually been the basis for the low rating, so speculation is meaningless. There are ways to determine whether discrimination has occurred. Some questions that need to be answered: how long had she been a teacher's assistant?; during that time had there been any performance conferences where problems with work standards were discussed?, etc.. I know that there's a lot of joking around on this forum, and I participate in that regularly, but mean-spirited, off-the-cuff comments in this instance and others like it regarding somebody's civil rights are distasteful.
  5. If he does live in Thailand it begs the question, why?
  6. Not much of a rukus. No punches, no weapons, no pulling hair or ripping off clothing, just one-on-one clazy lady yap yap yap.
  7. Actually, upon reflection, they did serve a purpose. You would sign an MOU and put it in a file. Then, when someone called you out for not doing anything about a situation you could pull it out and proclaim "but we signed an MOU". A benign way to CYA!
  8. I worked for the government. We signed MOUs. Totally worthless, but makes people feel oh so good that they accomplished something.
  9. How about starting out small to get your feet wet...stop local officials from stealing the school lunch money.
  10. Yes, he is a Nigerian Prince, but his millions are tied up in an international bank and he can't get access to the money to claim his crown. Now, if you just send him 10 million Baht, so he can pay the bank fees owed, he will send you back 100 million as a royal thank you.
  11. Don't get stuck in the past....**but don't forget that we can roll in and take over anytime we want**.
  12. When I was back home and heading out on a long drive, say six hours or more, I would smoke a joint before heading out. Put on some good music and I really got into the driving. I didn't suffer any road rage, and didn't get pissed-off if stuck in traffic, drove safely. It actually made the time seem to go by quicker, and voila I was at my destination.
  13. Hope you get some rain soon. We've been getting some small pockets of rain here in Hua Hin, but not anywhere near what we should be getting. Today had dark clouds all afternoon hovering overhead, but no wind, and no rain. Good luck to you up north.
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