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  1. Well thanks for the unfortunate comment but IF these are "have nots" how are they able to live in a far more expensive country like the US? Your "opinion" holds no merit. Considering ANYONE a have not is sad commentary. How exactly do you "rate" a "have not"? If they are happy, content, safe and are living the life they want in what way are they a "have not". You seem to be full of yourself.
  2. Thanks Gary. You make my point for a person staying put in their home country. People living in high tax US states with high real estate costs can find another part of the country to live far more cheaply. Why move to Thailand when you have the ability to live a better life in your homeland? Some might have to downsize. Some might have to relocate to another part of the country. Some might have to work a few more years before totally retiring BUT isn't that better than moving to a place overseas that has ever changing rules and a dysfunctional govt that can't get things figured out let alone the corruption, pollution, etc. I think the idea that retiring overseas to "greener pastures" isn't what it once was.
  3. The reasons for retiring outside of a persons home country are diminishing. It might be more expensive in a persons home country but you can adjust your lifestyle to make it work. That way you have freedom, national healthcare/medicare, no language barriers, no visa requirements for bank deposits, no regular "check-ins" so they(the govt) keep tabs on you, or any number of other items. Whenever I've asked Asians in the US who are not citizens yet if they will ever move back to their homeland almost every response stated "why would I leave the greatest country in the world to return to my home country?" They state they will never leave the US. It's interesting that so many in the West want to retire to Thailand, the Philippines, etc yet the folks from those countries that make it to the US never want to leave even tho they have nowhere close to the wealth of those going the other direction. They are happy in the US and will work until they are nearly 80 to make ends meet as they aren't eligible for social security. Asia might have been a great place to retire to in the past but not so much these days.
  4. So he sat on an overturned bus and didn't get off until help arrived. I guess the wreck didn't knock any sense into him. Still stupid.
  5. What happens when a person reaches the 70 - 75 range and can't get health insurance? Is this a way for the Thai govt to get rid of the elderly farang? Looks like it.
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