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  1. No, HE should have considered the effect on his family. Everyone is responsible for their actions in life. If a person lives a clean life they have nothing to worry about. Simple as that.
  2. And I'm quite sure the entire world is logged on to TV or monitoring happenings in Thailand taking notes on his photo and other info. His life will never be the same. Really?
  3. "Pretty sure"...… It's better to be ABSOLUTELY SURE than PRETTY SURE. With all the great detective work you did it looks like you cracked the case. You should consider asking Big Joke for a job. "If a tourist raped by a Thai, it's not really rape".... this has got to be one of the top ten stupidest comments ever made.
  4. and I finished my thought as I accidently submitted too quickly.
  5. Thanks VF. I'm not sure why there would be age related hurdles as you look in EXCELLENT shape. Not sure how old you are but anyone who can do the splits like you do as well as spend a lot of time biking, hiking and in the gym, well, let's just say many many many are jealous of the way you take care of yourself. I know the feeling about not being "in demand" as I took a break from the working world and then decided to jump back in and found it far harder. In the past I'd send a resume and I'd hear back sometimes within the hour. I've come to the realization that there are more folks who want to be in our "retired" situation rather than the other way around.
  6. Ben - What you say is true for the mostpart BUT there are also good farangs that won't be able to meet the new requirements who live a clean life and support a family in Thailand. Hopefully there will be a way to exempt these good folks from the new rules so they can stay.
  7. Naaa, you are a pathetic liar so enjoy the rest of your pathetic life.
  8. Brit you are all over the map with your posts. You make the claim above yet you also have said that you can't have sex anymore as your "junk" no longer works. Then you say you live in the country with your family and are raising your niece (I think) or another young relative yet you also say you are divorced. Why not try to keep a single lie in mind when you post so you don't look even more ridiculous than you already do.
  9. "What would be the point of living here if you didn't make use of local sexual partners?"  Gee, I don't know. Maybe the beautiful country and culture. Maybe the easy travel to many places in the region. Maybe the great Thai people who tolerate trash (like you). Should I continue?
  10. "Why does anyone need to forcibly rape anyone"...…. because there are a lot of freaks out there that get off on things like that and totally disrespect Thai women. Just because she went to his room (remember she went with a friend and not alone) doesn't mean she wanted to have sex with him. He apparently had other thoughts.
  11. If you keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble then no worries.
  12. "After my thirty years in Bangkok, moving upcountry was definitely a challenge and a major change. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it has all worked out." What were the biggest hurdles/challenges for you VF in your relocation and how long before you felt comfortable with all the newness? Thanks!
  13. While I don't like taking the Lord's name in vain I'll wholeheartedly agree with everything else you stated.
  14. Yes VF. Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Some of what you say about not attending expat events in the past to avoid confrontation is saddening. When you say "I could see his expression change as he tried to balance our conversation with what he had no doubt heard about me" I find it funny. He apparently enjoyed your conversation. I've had many people over the years (mostly at work) tell me how horrible another person was yet when I met that person I thought they were great. I think the lesson is that everyone is an individual with a different thought process from anyone else. Maybe there are personal issues between two folks. Maybe a personality conflict. Bottom line I think it best to not take another persons opinion of an individual as gospel but get to know them yourself and determine your own relationship/friendship/destiny.
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