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  1. I could write a book on the number of times a sitting Prez did things that were unlawful. I don't remember much prior to Kennedy but since that time there is not a single Prez that hasn't taken privilege of his office to do what he wanted to at times.
  2. It's not unlawful for him to do such a thing. Don't you have better things to do Nancy like "try" to repair the broken Dem party.
  3. Putting the words "man hole" and "pipe" could cause some to conclude an entirely different story than what really happened. Why is it called a "man hole" anyway? It congers up the thought of some fat naked guy bending over.
  4. This "saving face" <deleted> is for the birds. Translation of saving face....... "Do whatever it takes to make myself look good even if I'm the nastiest person in the world". Why not call it what it is...... Being human.
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