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  1. And by the look in his eye he's holding his next meal. Yummy!!
  2. No worries. Just a little BOOM BOOM action from a few girls on the floor below. A girl has to make a living afterall and these girls are earning their money for sure.
  3. Taya - What's the cost of a 20 year elite card?
  4. Yea, I'd like to hear their spouses opinion of their "flirting".
  5. No disrespect to anyone's responses here but the only persons opinion I truly trust on this matter is UbonJoe. I hope he responds to this.
  6. Did you try calling George himself? He probably has a few extras in his garage.
  7. With a diet like that you must be 350 lbs and a diabetic by now not to mention all the other health related issues. Did you not have parents that regulated your intake of junk food? I'm assuming that the "cold drink" wasn't a beer but if it was more power to you.
  8. This sort of thing happens all the time and many times the parties involved are married. Nothing to waste time on. It was a "tit" for "tat" sort of arrangement.
  9. Are you surprised it's called a "Bullet" train? Both can kill. With one you need a gun. With the other you need a Thai driver.
  10. You have around a year to wait to see it happen and it will.
  11. More than half of the Miami Dolphins football team had been spotted in Thailand? No wonder they've only won one game this year. The rest of the players are exhausted.
  12. Most of us will be dead before that ever happens so who cares? Millennials are already ruining the world. Previous generations have created electricity, the locomotive, the telephone, solar power, the internet, the cell phone, the computer, NASA and trips to the moon, satellite communications, eradication of many diseases, etc. What have the millennials created? Bitcoin and Social Media. The latter is ruining the world and the former will never amount to anything. Thanks millennials. Get to work doing something important for the world.
  13. "I guess the taxpayer will bear the burden of annual loses!".... that's always the case but the politician who came up with the idea to fund the project in the first place will be elected again and again and keep coming up with more and more things for the taxpayer to fund. It happens in all countries.
  14. In reference to this Subject line -"Thailand hopes to have bullet trains running by 2023"...... You can "hope" in one hand and take a dump in the other and see which one is filled more quickly.
  15. No spin. Simple fact.... the impeachment will fall apart and Trump WILL be re-elected. Folks will have to start getting used to that fact because it IS indeed a fact.
  16. "I never get bored now as I have more to do than I'll have time before I peg it.".... Considering how much time you spend on this forum I'd say you'd be extremely bored if you'd take a break from it for a month or so.
  17. Please explain to all of us how you have been able to discern which posters are white. Don't be so silly.
  18. To be more clear she was fired from her previous position. You knew what he meant. She is bitter over losing her position so anything she says is indeed suspect.
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